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August 2016 Newsletter

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Atlas API Training Provides Online Training Solutions for the Petro-Chemical and Power Industry Disciplines

Presently offering API 510API 570  and API 653  exam prep courses.  We are developing courses in API 1169, API 936, CWI, NDT, Basic Geology, Advanced Geology, Process Heater Fundamentals, Introduction to QC, and Introduction to the Oilfield.

Atlas API Training video introduction
Atlas API Training video introduction
Industry Alert - Atlas API Training's "Introduction to Quality Control"

The professionals at Atlas API Training will be offering a very comprehensive online course titled: Introduction to Quality Control. This course is aimed at those new inspectors looking to gain the advantage over other new inspectors. The course syllabus reads like a Quality Managers wish list, and it turns out that is exactly what it is. Introduction to
Quality Control was put together by a veteran Quality Manager and Welding/Quality Department Trainer specifically to give new Inspectors the skills and knowledge to function effectively from day one on the job. The fact that this is an online course, students can take the class in their own timeframe, wherever they are, even on a smartphone or tablet.

In reading the course's table of contents it covers topics such as: Inspection Packages, Reading and Interpreting items like Isometric Drawings, Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams, Inspection and Test Plans. It covers making and filling out Weld Maps, Flange Maps, and Inspection Travelers. You also get information on reading and understanding ASME Section IX Welding Procedure Specifications and Welder Performance Qualifications.

Once you have completed those topics, it goes into detail about skills such as How to Perform: Welding Inspection in the field, Inspection of Flanged Connections (including Torque Inspection, Gasket Identification and Inspection, Flange alignment, and proper Stud and Nut Inspection), and performing Inspection of a Hydrotest of Piping and components, Proper Valve and Instrument Identification using the Iso's and P&ID's, and even first level coating inspection of newly painted piping. Introduction to Quality Control even gives you a course in Testing Welders and things to look for while giving the test.

Beginning in September of 2016 new inspectors will have this class available to them at a fraction of what actual classroom led instruction costs, all while gaining an advantage over their competition. If you too want this advantage, check out Introduction to Quality Control at the Atlas API Training website,
The next API 510 exam will be given in the last two weeks of September. The next API 570 exam is scheduled for the last two weeks of October. The next API 653 exam window is in the last two weeks of November. 

Remember, when the job market in the petro-chemical and power industries starts to dry up, we all become very aware of how important certain certifications and advanced education qualifications can be.

When it comes down to several candidates and only a very few positions, these certs and qualifications become extremely important in determining if a candidate will be chosen to fill an available position. Investing in a certification or continuing education is an investment in your future. You can greatly improve your marketable knowledge and make your resume look better to employers at the same time. This will be the difference in working or not during the lean times.

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