February 2020 Edition
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David Yungmann
Howard County Council, District 5
Monday evening I moved to table CB-1, the bill to increase the length of time a new residential project needs to remain on hold if one of the schools servicing the project exceeds the utilization rate set forth in APFO (referred to as a closed school). “Tabling” means that we will consider the bill for another month during which we will hold additional work session(s) before voting on the bill. We had a mere one hour of group discussion with each other in a work session with HCPSS, BOE and DPZ. Many questions remain and it’s more than reasonable for us to spend more time evaluating this policy change.

Many people new to this discussion may be unaware that major adjustments to APFO, which changes would have prevented most of the overcrowding we have experienced over the past several years, took effect just 7 months ago. In 2019 our County Council also approved a 550% increase in the fee charged on new residential construction, which funds are used to add school capacity. The results of these and other policy changes are an 80%-95% decline in two leading indicators of future construction activity. If slowing or stopping residential development is an important for you, your advocacy has generated some significant positive results. As with most things in life though, that good news comes with offsetting consequences.
Neither the Council nor other government agencies can concede to some “do it now or else” approach without trying to balance all competing and interconnected priorities. We must now evaluate ways to fine tune APFO, deal with the consequences of what has already occurred, and try our best not to create new problems or make existing problems worse. I encourage anyone who wants to learn more about the issue in depth and see how we approach these challenges to attend or tune into our next work session, which will be open to the public, streamed online and on TV.

I co-sponsored Councilman Jones’ CB 8-2020 to require fiscal analysis to be available to the public for any future county bills. If passed, the Council will release the fiscal analyses for each county bill before the legislative public hearing. The public should be aware of the fiscal impact of county legislation and understand the need to balance policy and fiscal considerations. CB 8-2020 was introduced Monday evening and will have a public hearing on Tuesday, February 18 at 7:00 pm. 
Council Meetings
Pre-Submission Community Meetings:

Project: Savage Property
Proposed Request: Three single family detached lots, one build-able parcel
Proposed Location: 2730 Jennings Chapel Road
Meeting Information: February 19, 2020 at 6:00 pm
Saint Michael Catholic Church
1125 St. Michaels Road, Mount Airy
Project: Monte Nido Roxbury Mills
Proposed Request: Residential Care Facility
Proposed Location: 3100 Route 97
Meeting Information: February 24, 2020 at 6:00 pm
Gary J Arthur Community Center
2400 State Route 97, Cooksville
Project: Bob Haney - Athletic Training Facility
Proposed Request: Conditional use for an athletic training facility
Proposed Location: 15856 Frederick Road
Meeting Information: February 24, 2020 at 6:00 pm
Lisbon Volunteer Fire Company
1330 Woodbine Road, Woodbine

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In January, MDOT SHA's contractor began demolishing the eastbound span of the Triadelphia Road bridge. MDOT SHA sent notifications to area residents and businesses prior to the start date, as the equipment needed for this work may be disruptive at times.

There will be a flagging operation on MD 32 with an occasional single lane closure during overnight work hours.

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Howard County’s Alpha Ridge Landfill Launches First Ever Free Shredded Wood Giveaway to Residents and Contractors
ELLICOTT CITY, MD – Beginning Monday, February 10, the County’s Department of Public Works’ Bureau of Environmental Services will be giving away shredded wood at its Alpha Ridge Landfill in an effort to reduce the landfill’s stockpile. The shredded wood, also known as “first-grindings,” will be available to both contractors and residents on a first come, first served basis. This is the first time the Bureau has offered this product to the public.

Comprised of fresh hardwood and softwood wood that has been aged for a minimum of 60 days, the pieces range in size from less than a quarter inch to six inches. The wood has not been color-treated; however, it does contain some pallet or dry kiln material. In residential areas, shredded wood can be used for garden paths, weed prevention and soil amendment, while its commercial uses include base wood for dyed mulch, erosion control, temporary access roads and soil amendment too.
The material will be available loose, not bagged, and loading small quantities in bags or containers is welcome. Open-bed trucks or trailers can be loaded by Landfill staff using bucket loaders. Residents may also utilize the  list of Delivery Contractors  or use their own landscaper to pick up material. However, parties interested in getting more than two cubic yards, per visit, will need to obtain a  Landfill Commercial Permit  from the Bureau beforehand. 

Depending upon availability, fresh ground wood chips may also be available. The County’s HoCoGro Compost and Double Ground Mulch are not part of this give-away.
For further information about any of Howard County’s organic products, including wholesale pricing, visit  www.howardcountyMD.gov/HoCoGro  or contact the Bureau at 410-313-6444.
SUNDAY 02|09|20
LVFD February Pancake Breakfast
7:30am - 11:30am
Lisbon VFC Banquet Hall
1330 Woodbine Road, Woodbine
for tickets or more information:
410.489.4646 or
SATURDAY 02|15|20
Black History Expo 2020
11am - 5pm
Long Reach High School
6101 Old Dobbin Lane, Columbia
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MONDAY 02|17|20
President's Day
8am - 5pm
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MONDAY 02|17|20
EcoWorks Job Fair
1pm - 3pm
9770 Patuxent Woods Drive, Room 174
WEDNESDAY 02|19|20
HCPSS Artist's Reception
5pm - 6pm
Dept. of Education Gallery
10910 Clarksville Pike, Ellicott City
Questions??? Call: 410.313.6885
SNOW DATE: 02|26|20
FRIDAY 02|21|20
Turf Valley's 40th Wedding Extravaganza
5:30pm - 8:30pm
Turf Valley Resort
2700 Turf Valley Road, Ellicott City
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SATURDAY 02|29|20
A Swashbuckling Evening in the Stacks!
7pm - 11pm
HCLS East Columbia Branch
6600 Cradlerock Way, Columbia
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