Happy August:  A Sizzling Month of Summer! 
A Word from Our President,
Bill Barnes
Dear Ground Angels,
Hope everyone is having a good summer, and staying cool, especially as we move forward into August.
Many of you will remember the "Fun Run" we had at the Brazoria Airport (Run the Runway).  It was considered a success in many ways but did not make any money.
The staff at the airport (and some local business people) plan to stage the event again.  More important, they will dedicate the proceeds to us.
The event is tentatively scheduled for February 18, 2018 and we will play some role but will not be in charge.  More details will follow as the plans fall into place, but we know this could be a windfall for Houston Ground Angels.
At this point, this is all we know but we will keep you informed as the project moves forward.  Three cheers for Jeff and his staff at the Airport.
Thank you to all of our volunteers for all you do!

Houston Ground Angels
Management Review August 2017
  Tony Castiglie, Vice President & Treasurer  
Well, we are just about half way through Summer, at least the way we define it in Houston.  Compared to the heat and drought that is hitting the Western United States, this Summer has been tolerable.  Not too many days in the high 90's & enough rain to keep things green.
So how are we doing?  We ran 204 Missions during July, not exceptionally high.  For some reason, we are not getting the number of requests that we had in years past but still a significant number.  For the year, the count is 1,431, an average of 7 per day.   79 Volunteers have served 683 Patients and/or Companions.  As always, those we do serve are always so grateful for the services we provide.
Who's leading the way:
Top 10 Volunteers - 2017
1.      Charles Whitworth       176
2.      David LaFargue             83
3.      Paulette Blackburn         72
4.      Charles Gibson               60
5.      Tony Larosa                   56
6.      Missy Callan                  55
7.      Kathy Broussard            52
8.      Mark Newman               46
9.     David Niemand               39
10.   Edie Cantu                      36
We were finally able to complete the latest order and distribution of HGA Shirts and Car Flags for 10 of our volunteers.  It takes some time to put this together.  We must determine who would like one, what size and the name to embroider on them.  It's best to "batch" them for easier packaging and distribution.  All the shirts are blue and are intended to provide an identity and sense of uniform for the volunteers and to make identification easier for patients.  Mission Coordinator Kathy Cardiff does an excellent job putting all this together.
As always, we need more volunteers.  Fortunately, two new volunteers joined us during July, Randy Carvajal who lives in Splendora and Mauro Cuellar who resides in Richmond.  Welcome aboard gentlemen!
To every volunteer, "Thank You" for being part of this wonderful organization and making it the success that it is.  2017 is going to be another good year with projection about 2,500 missions.
Sincerely, Tony

Please Check the Website to see if there is a Mission that fits your schedule.  
Our patients are depending on us. 
Thank you to all of our Volunteers for making life
a little easier for those seeking treatments in Houston! 

The weekend after Labor Day, on Saturday, September 9, 2017, 10:00 a.m. - noon, we will be having a Coffee at First Baptist Church of Houston in their Harbor Party Area for volunteers , their spouses,  close friends and family. 
This church has generously offered this nice room with an adjacent bowling alley, and game area. So, we will be hosting a bowling contest with gas cards as prizes, as an added fun bonus. I have not bowled since I was a kid, so this should be interesting!
We will also have brunch food items to enjoy.
We hope you will come meet other volunteers, and share your stories!
This church is located on the corner of 610 Loop and I-10, on Post Oak. It is the most centrally located location we could find, with hopes that many volunteers will be able to join us! Address: 7401 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX 77024.
Please RSVP to ladymaitland@msn.com or call 832.752.9645. 
So please mark your calendars today and plan on attending! We hope to see everyone there! 

Have a Great Summer and we hope to see you soon, especially at the upcoming Coffee, September 9. 

Also, if you know of anyone who might be interested in joining Houston Ground Angels as a Volunteer, please ask them to call Mary at 
Thank you to all of our Volunteers!