Make-Up Policy; Running in Class?; Kroll's Farm
We will have Music Together on Columbus Day - Siblings Welcome
Make-Up Policy - Please Do!
If you can't come to your regularly scheduled class, Mr. Mark doesn't want you to miss out.  
You may come to any other scheduled class, any week, at any location to make up the class.  Find a complete list of times and locations on our web site.  From the home page, use the "Classes" drop down bar and click on "Make Up Classes" or use the link below.
Behavior Tip - Running in Class
Our classes are in big open rooms with plenty of room to move around, and children—being children—do just that, move around. All to the good.
Sometimes a child may start, well—let’s not beat around the bush—running around the room. Or something similar...   
Kroll's Farm - A Family Must
Pumpkins and a Corn Maze right in Lake County!  And it's family owned to boot. Those attributes make Kroll's Farm a fall favorite of Mr. Mark's.  Hope you like it too.
Mr. Mark's Music Together

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