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Timely, Targeted News & Information from NCWWI | June 2018 | Issue 34
New Real Stories Tool Kit
Get inspired by NCWWI’s multi-media collection, Real Stories from the Field.

Learn about leaders in agencies and universities that took an innovative approach to improve the organizational culture, support the child welfare workforce, and achieve better outcomes for the families they serve. Then, bring together colleagues, staff, students, and/or community members to have a rich discussion about innovative workforce development initiatives. 

Dismantling Racial Inequity Through Child Welfare Systems Change
In case you missed them, we have archived the first five webinars of this 6-part series:
  1. Using an Institutional Analysis to Identify Core Issues and Spur Change 
  2. Community Collaboration & Grassroots Effort (Cross-systems & Tribal Partnerships)
  3. A Data-Driven Approach to Improving Outcomes for Black Girls in Child Welfare
  4. Slow and Steady Wins the RACE of Child Welfare Equity
  5. Strengthening Our Efforts Through Partnerships with Academia

The 6th and final session on sustainability will be held in September. Look for registration coming soon.
How has this series impacted you or your work?
If you have attended any of the webinars in this series, please let us know how the series is impacting you by answering this one question survey .

Workforce Development Resources
NCWWI has three free interconnected tools to help you implement a comprehensive workforce development planning and assessment process at your agency or jurisdiction.
Learn more by clicking on the resources below or viewing the recording of our recent Tools of the Trade webinar, Facilitating a Workforce Development Planning and Assessment Process .

The Workforce Development Framework (WDF),grew out of a comprehensive review of the workforce development literature across multiple professions in the public and private sectors. The WDF helps child welfare leaders understand best and promising workforce practices for developing and supporting a competent, committed, and diverse workforce, as well as an inclusive and welcoming workplace.

This tool kit applies the WDF to an agency setting and offers a comprehensive and integrated approach for creating a workforce development road map. Worksheets are provided to assist a team in walking through the steps in the planning process as well as assessing 10 components of workforce development. These worksheets were recently updated to include additional strategies and indicators related to racial equity.

This newly developed (May 2018) guide provides a sequential process for using team meetings to move through the Tool Kit. The guide offers possible meeting agendas, suggested activities, talking points, and Tool Kit worksheets that accompany each stage and step in the workforce development process.
One Heart Can Make A Difference: Impacting Lives Through Dynamic Service Excellence
Join us on September 20, 2018, from 12:30 to 2:00 pm EDT for an informative, inspirational, and emotionally charged presentation by Mark Anthony Garrett designed to rekindle the spirit of all those who work in child welfare. This event will be one of many activities aimed to support the child welfare workforce during Workforce Development Month 2018.
Two New 1-page Summaries
This 1-page summary provides an overview of developing a Simulation Lab, an innovative technique being utilized with newly-hired children's services social workers in the Los Angeles area.

This 1-pager summarizes an article that evaluates microaggressions and proposes possible approaches to handling situations in which microaggressions occur. The authors delve into real-life experiences that they endured from the unique perspective of three different roles: witness, perpetrator, and target. 
Tools of the Trade #4:
Accessing Leadership Activities for Staff at All Levels
July 25, 2018 at 3pm EDT
The Tools of the Trade webinar series continues on July 25 with session #4, Accessing Leadership Activities for Staff at all Levels . This webinar will highlight the Learning and Living Leadership Tool Kit . Click the button below to register for the rest of the series.

If you missed the previous webinars or would like more information about this webinar series, please visit our website .
Attend Cutting-Edge Sessions on Fostering a Healthy Workforce

Registration is now open for the July 12, 2018 Child Welfare Virtual Expo , hosted by the Children's Bureau, the Capacity Building Center for States, and partner organizations (including NCWWI)!

You and your colleagues can experience the benefits of an in-person conference from the comfort of your desk through this digital learning opportunity. Join us by computer, tablet, or smartphone.

  • Welcome and Introduction: Fostering a Healthy Workforce (plenary)
  • Collaborating to Conduct a Workforce Needs Assessment (workshop)
  • Coaching for Success (skills seminar)
  • Simulation Innovations: It's Not Just Role Play Anymore (workshop)
  • Restore, Refresh, and Reenergize: Organizational Strategies to Address Secondary Traumatic Stress in the Workforce (skills seminar)
  • Closing Reflections (plenary)
Look for more resources and information coming your way next month. We look forward to continuing to support your workforce development efforts! If you have any questions, please contact Sharon Kollar ( ).

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