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Timely, Targeted News & Information from NCWWI | August 2018 | Issue 36
One Heart Can Make a Difference:
Impacting Lives through Dynamic Service Excellence
On September 20 at 12:30 pm EDT, we hope you will join  Mark Anthony Garrett  and child welfare workers from around the country for this exciting presentation.

This highly informative, inspirational and purpose-driven message will address how every person within the child welfare system has the power to be a difference maker when their heart is emotionally connected to the jobs they perform. Furthermore, participants will learn a variety of skills designed to enhance their professional abilities in the areas of building relationships, valuing others, exhibiting leadership and mastering service excellence.

Consider bringing together child welfare colleagues and staff to watch and reflect on the presentation together. Visit our Web page ( ) to get tips for hosting your own viewing party and to download our customizable event flier.
This presentation is part of a larger celebration of the Child Welfare Workforce that is happening throughout September. Visit our website, for ideas on how you can join the celebration including saying "thank you" to workers, hosting a film festival, and more!
Dismantling Racial Inequity Through Child Welfare Systems Change Session #6:
Sustaining Racial Equity Improvements in Child Welfare
Join us on September 26 at 3:00 pm EDT for the last session in our Dismantling Racial Inequity Through Child Welfare Systems Change webinar series. Sustaining Racial Equity Improvements in Child Welfare is a one-hour combined webinar and learning exchange focused on Ramsey County’s (Minnesota) collaborations with internal and external partners in their perseverance of sustainable change that positively impacts families and children. Ramsey County colleagues propose that continual and dedicated attention to racial disparities in child welfare must be at the core of any sustainability plan if child welfare agencies are to address, reduce, and ultimately eliminate race-based disparities in child welfare and their related systems. 

If you missed the previous webinars or would like more information about this webinar series, please visit our website .
FREE Leadership Curriculum for Supervisors and Managers

The LAS is a free web-based leadership training for experienced child welfare supervisors that is based on the NCWWI Leadership Model. The six self-directed online modules take 21 hours to complete and include two methods to enhance learning transfer - a personal learning plan to develop leadership skills and a change initiative to contribute to a systems change within the agency. All supervisors are welcome to complete the online LAS on their own time and at their own pace.

The LAMM is a national leadership development academy for middle managers in public, tribal and privatized child welfare systems. The academy is made up a variety of learning components that all work together to prepare mid-level managers to effectively implement sustainable system change. It can be downloaded, customized, and delivered by agency trainers. There are two versions of the residential training, a 5-day curriculum and a 3-day curriculum, which provide examples of how to break apart the content to meet the needs of your agency.
Back to School Supplies for Social Work Educators
The Social Work Educators Special Collection of Resources includes course assignments, syllabi, research summaries, online learning modules, discussion guides and other resources to support instructors in higher education who are preparing students for practice in child welfare. 

Many of these resources are prepared for use in Social Work undergraduate and graduate programs; however, this content was developed with a focus on developing competencies for child welfare practice and thus can be useful across disciplines. NCWWI has created a collection of Child Welfare competencies that may be useful in understanding competency-based approaches to preparing students for social work practice.

In addition to the content found in this collection, you will find additional resources in the Curricula and Training Materials that NCWWI has compiled in the MyNCWWI Resource library. 
Capacity Building Center for States'
New Resource on Teaming
The Change and Implementation in Practice series is a collection of research-informed and user-friendly resources that can help agencies achieve meaningful changes in child welfare practice and improve outcomes. Check out their newest resource on Teaming to learn about the detailed step-by-step process of building teams and effective teaming structures.
The 2018 Child Welfare Virtual Expo: Fostering a Healthy Workforce is now live on the Capacity Building Center’s learning management site, CapLEARN . Sign-up for a CapLEARN account and login to access the recordings and supporting materials for the following workshops:
  1. Coaching for Success
  2. Collaborating to Conduct a Workforce Needs Assessment
  3. Simulation Innovations: It’s Not Just Role Play Anymore
  4. Organizational Strategies to Address Secondary Traumatic Stress in the Workforce
Look for more resources and information coming your way next month. We look forward to continuing to support your workforce development efforts! If you have any questions, please contact Sharon Kollar ( ).

  Warmly, as always,
Your NCWWI Team