Parkview Early Education Center Weekly News Blast - November 12, 2018
Important Dates

6:30 P.M.  P.T.A. Meeting

Turkey Trot

Hunger Drive Ends

No School  DAP & K Conference - Daycare OPEN

N o School  DAP & K Conference - Daycare OPEN

No School - Daycare OPEN

22 & 23
No School - Daycare CLOSED
Turkey Trot
On Thursday, November 15th, the EEC will be holding the annual Turkey Trot. Please join us and cheer on the students in this fun run/walk around the school campus. The students need to be dressed in athletic wear (including tennis shoes) as well as for the weather, ie. coats, hats, mittens. Please note the Turkey Trot will be cancelled if there is heavy rain or snow.

Report to Gym
Start Time
AM DAP & Toddlers
1:15 pm

Kindergarten Counselor Corner
This week in the kindergarten classrooms we discussed bullying once again. Here at the EEC, bullying is defined as one student or a group of students being mean and hurtful to another student repeatedly , on  purpose and is one-sided/goes one way . We reviewed the rules against bullying.

These rules are:
  1. We will not bully others.
  2. We will try to help students who are being bullied.
  3. We will include students who are easily left out.
  4. When we know someone is being bullied, we will tell an adult at school and an adult at home.
Then we talked about how our words and actions can have a lasting effect on someone else. Next, we read the story One. After the story we talked about using our words, like, "No. Please stop." Or "I don't like that" to stand up to bullies and how it can only take one student to make a difference. Next time, we will be discussing making and keeping friends.
If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out by calling us at Gilles-Sweet Elementary or emailing us at or

Meredith Schulte and Robin Schlesinger
Car Line Reminder
Just a reminder regarding car line. Please do not pass other cars in car line.  In order to keep all children and staff safe remain in the line until all the cars in front of you have started to move.  We are doing our best to get children out to the car as quickly as possible.
Kindergarten Recess
The kindergarten students will continue to go outside everyday for recess as long as the temperature is above 20 degrees.  Please make sure you are dressing your child appropriately for the weather. 
Hunger Drive
Hunger Drive  Collection & Competition has begun!  The PTA will be collecting pantry items to donate to the Fairview Park Hunger Center. All items will be collected in the turkey bin outside of the office. The Hunger Center is in need of several specific items including: peanut butter, jelly, pasta, canned fruits and vegetables, and mac & cheese. Toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant and feminine products are also needed. All other non-expired pantry items will be accepted as well. In an effort to promote leadership and service, this year the Kindergarteners will help box all of the pantry items that will be sent to the Hunger Center. It will be a great "hands-on" opportunity for the students to help their community. Pantry items may be donated until the day of the Turkey Trot, November 15th. To help maximize donations, we are doing what we do best... hosting a competition!! This year's competition prize is something you won't want to miss out on... TWO FRONT ROW RESERVED SEATS AT YOUR CHILD'S WINTER PROGRAM PLUS A RESERVED PARKING SPOT! So, here's what you need to do: 

Put all donation items in a bag(s) 
* Label bag(s) with student's name (it may be best to write their name on a paper and SECURELY tape the paper to the bag) 
* Drop the bag(s) into the turkey bin outside of the office 
* Wait for the raffle results which will be announced on Monday, 11/26. 

How does the raffle work? Students will get a raffle ticket for EACH ITEM donated (for example: 5 items in a bag will give you 5 raffle tickets in the drawing, 15 items -> 15 tickets, etc.). We will draw one winner and that student's family will receive TWO front row reserved seats to their child's winter program. So, bring in those pantry items and get those entries!
PTA "Reflections" Art Contest Deadline Extended to November 16
This year's theme is " Heroes Around Me." All students that wish to participate in the Reflections Art Program need to fill out the entry form and return it along with their original artwork to their school office by November 16, 2018. Here is a link to the rules and the entry form.

All participants will be invited to an Art Show to view the masterpieces created in January.
Questions can be emailed to Angie Cause at . Good luck!

Family and Community Engagement Corner
By Ms. Carrie Sullivan
Family and Community Engagement Coordinator 

As we prepare for Parent-Teacher conferences, here are a few questions you may consider asking your child's teacher(s). 

  1. May I Tell You About My Child? 
  2. May I Tell You About What's Going on at Home? 
  3. How Is My Child Doing Socially? 
  4. How Is My Child Doing Emotionally? 
  5. In What Areas Does My Child Need Improvement? 
  6. What Do You Think My Child Is Particularly Good at?
  7. Is My Child Performing on Grade Level?
  8. What Do These Assessment Results Really Mean?
  9. Is My Child Doing His/Her Best?
  10. Does My Child Need Extra Help in Any Areas?
  11. What Can We Do to Provide That Extra Help?
  12. May I Share a Concern?
  13. Can You Fill Me in on This Situation?
  14. Can You Tell Me About Your Teaching Method?
  15. Do You Have Any Advice?
Please email me anytime at with questions. 
Is my child too sick to go to school?
If your child is displaying any of the following symptoms he/she should not be sent to or remain at school:

1. Severe cold and cough
2. Diarrhea
3. Vomiting
4. Unexplained rash
5. Elevated temperature (must be free of fever for 24 hours before returning to school)
6. Red, watery, burning, itching eyes
7. Lice

Please call the office to report an absence by 9:30 a.m. 440-356-3515
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