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October 19, 2017
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From the Rector

Dear people of St Peter's,
       Many thanks to all those who made Jean Moltz' Memorial service such a wonderful celebration of her life:  including Vi Bibee always ready to serve;  Suzie McCurdy as Altar Guild;  Sharron Brewer & the people of Helping Hands hosting the reception;  Tom & Isobel Streenan for setting up & breaking down the parish hall in the middle of replacing the floor.  Thank you all for your dedication & service!
        The Inquirer's/Confirmation/Newcomer's class continues in the Library every Sunday between the services.
       Don't forget Bob Reid's reading & book signing next Thursday evening at 7pm, (see below for details) and Canon Catherine's class on Medieval Mystics Saturday November 4th 9am-noon (click here for the flyer).  Wonderful times to gather & be enriched.
        Our Friends of Historic St. Peter's group have entered St. Peter's into the Nevada Day Parade on Saturday, October 28th.  The Parade is a huge event in Carson City.  Our St. Peter's entry (#151) will be the Hoof Beats Horse and Wagon.  If any folks from St. Peter's have 1850's style costumes and would like to walk with or ride in the wagon, please let Georgy Pike know.  Email her at (  There are 4 to 6 places in the wagon.  In addition, we need a volunteer to pull a "little red wagon" with the "Best of Wine Walk" sandwich board in tow.  Haven't you always wanted to be in a parade????    Also, we will be handing out handbills to adults enjoying the parade and events that day, and we could use a few volunteers between the hours of approximately... noon to 3:00ish.   
     Last but not least, the Episcopal Relief and Development Fund (ERD) is a well-respected organization that provides help to a hurting world.  If you'd like to make a donation to assist in relief needed from the California wildfires, or the relief needed in Puerto Rico, you can connect with ERD thru this link.   
Blessings on all.

     Many thanks to all those who made the recent baby shower for Mrs. Habibi a great success.  The family was greatly surprised by the community's celebration and their generosity.  It was a lovely way to continue to welcome this Afgani family into our midst.

An Opportunity to be of Service
This Saturday morning..... 
     St Peter's yard clean up is October 21 (Saturday) from 9 am to noon.  We will be buttoning up the church foundation, doing general clean up, putting the garden to bed, and fixing a few fences.  Maybe turning the water off as well.  Please bring tools and gloves.  Bottled water will be provided.  Thanks very much!  Rory Hogen, Jr. Warden

You Are Invited.....
An Evening with our own Bob Reid 
St. Peter's is delighted to host an evening with author Bob Reid on Thursday, October 26, at 7 PM.  Bob will read from and discuss his new book Because It Is So Beautiful: Unraveling the Mystique of the American West, a collection of 19 essays documenting Bob's travels over the past 30 years to exotic and not-so-exotic destinations ranging from northern Alaska to eastern New Mexico.  
     National Book Award finalist Ron Hansen, author of Mariette in Ecstasy
and The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford,   has characterized the essays as " stirring, witty, gorgeously written paeans to the wilderness. It's a wonderful, must-read collection." Copies of the book will be available for sale, with all profits going to St. Peter's.  Lots more on the book at

Only Three Weeks Away!!!!!
St. Peter's Parish Holiday Bazaar: November 11th 
Saturday, November 11th, 8:30 am to 3:30 pm, is our annual Holiday Bazaar. We hope that you will come to enjoy this festive fundraising event.
There are several ways you can help:
1.  Please help us spread the word to your friends and family. Attached is a copy of our Bazaar flier.  Please feel free to print a few copies off and post them at your office, hairdresser, school, etc.  It is a fun event to invite your friends and the wider community to.

2.  Help us transform our Parish Hall into the festive Bazaar on Friday, November 10th.  We begin at 9:00 a.m. sharp (not earlier) and are finished by noon.  Even if you can only help for one hour, that would be great.  Our greatest need is help from 9:00 until 10:00.  Please mark your calendar for that Friday morning and join us in the Parish Hall.  Thankfully, it is a holiday for most folks.

3.   It's now time to turn in your non-perishable creations and donations for our Bazaar.  We will tag them and price them and sort them into our "departments."  To turn them in, please put them on the magenta bench in the church office.  Please leave a note on it saying something like, "For Bazaar, from your name."

4.  An EASY WAY TO HELP would be for you to look through your jewelry box to find your good quality costume jewelry that no longer gives you joy.  Please donate it ASAP to us for our Jewelry counter at the Bazaar.  It is a very popular part of our event. (You can leave your donations on the magenta bench in the church office.)

5.  If you are baking items for the Bazaar, we are asking you to drop those off perishable items on Friday, November 10th, or otherwise make arrangements with Julie Rodolph who coordinates "The Food Room".

Thank you for your creativity, generosity and energy that makes our Bazaar a success!  Any questions, please contact the Rev. Kim at

Bits and Pieces of St. Peter's History

     In March 1875, St. Peter's was presented a Mason & Hamlin organ by St. Paul's Parish of Virginia City.  That organ served the church until
1890-1891 when it was replaced by a pipe organ. The Mason & Hamlin was
then moved to the Sunday School room.

---- The Friends of Historic St. Peter's

Writing as a Spiritual Practice
The Heart of Our Story.... Learning who we are and why we are here
Writing can be a powerful and transformative spiritual practice -- through which we can cultivate an expansive mind, open heart, authentic relationships, liberated creativity and a freer soul.  This space is going to give examples of PROMPTS that are intended to give you a launching pad for some writing.  Please approach this as a spiritual practice and invite the Holy into your writing time.  Here are some suggestions to begin with:
HOW:  If you'd like to engage in a bit of self-discovery,
consider setting a timer for 15 minutes and  begin with one of the PROMPTs below (or other topic that calls to you).  Then just write whatever comes to mind until the buzzer goes off.  (Don't edit it, don't correct your spelling or worry about punctuation.  This is NOT that kind of writing.  The only person who's going to look at it when you are done, is you.  And if you want to keep going, reset the timer for additional time.)   Later, feel free to dive into the other PROMPT if it begins to call to you.  

PROMPTS for this time:

The Halloween memory that makes me smile is ___________________.

The Halloween memory that makes me squeamish is ___________________.

Practicing the Presence of Spirit--
Even on a Busy Day
  graphic of seeing with love
Seed Thought:
As I walk, as I walk
The universe is walking with me
In beauty it walks before me
In beauty it walks behind me
In beauty it walks below me
In beauty it walks above me
Beauty is on every side
As I walk, I walk with Beauty.
    --- Traditional Navajo Prayer 
Prayer/Practice:   Take a few letting-go breaths and place your awareness on your heart.  Invoke the presence of the Holy Spirit and ask for help in seeing everything as the beauty of God unfolding all around you.   Then, as you go through your day, refrain from your customary habit of critiquing what you see.  Simply consider everything you see as the beauty of God unfolding, and let God do the rest. 

[Adapted from p. 271, of Pocketful of Miracles, by Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.]   

A Love Letter from the Divine.....

     You do not dare to love.  You keep your heart hidden, hoping to protect it.  You are cowardly, although you call it caution.  Allow me to enter your life.  Let me teach you the right names for things.  First of all, let me teach you to dare to love.  We can begin simply.  I will help you love what is easy.
     We could start with birdsong and the way it lifts the heart.  Loving birdsong requires no effort.  From there, we could move onward to birds themselves.  Let the sight of a soaring hawk lift your heart.  It costs you  nothing to love the  hawk.  See how it rides the thermals, joyous in its flight?  Let your heart soar, if only for a moment.  There is beauty everywhere: the mountain's flank folded like velvet at dusk; the sun flashing from the side of a tall building stretching toward the sky.  Beauty is easy to love.  Let your heart open just a little and dare to love what is beautiful.
     Next, look for beauty in people.  See the elderly couple sitting hand in hand on the bench in the sun.  See the toddler running on plump legs to greet his mother.  Lovers are everywhere.  Let yourself feel their delight.  Borrow some of their joy.  Feel your heart open to take it in.  Life requires courage, and little by little you can find it.  Begin and let me help you continue.

[This is an excerpt from Answered Prayers, Love Letters from the Divine, by Julia Cameron, p. 153.]

A Moment of Zen

Most everyone learned the "now I lay me down to sleep" prayer that seemed to focus on dying during sleep.  Why wasn't the final stanza shared with us?  This is an antique cross-stitch hanging from the Isle of Skye that shows the ending: "If I should live for other days, I pray thee, Lord, to guide my ways."

Male Spirituality --- Encouraging an Inner Life 
mens rites of passage 
This is a series of articles aimed specifically for the Men of St. Peter's.  The material is taken from the written works of Fr. Richard Rohr, a Franciscan priest who is renowned for his retreats and lectures on male spirituality.  This is not intended to be a "daily devotional."  It is meant to be more confrontational.  It is truthful and brave; and invites you to be the same.   
Displacement as Liminal Space                                     
     Much of the work attributed to God in the Bible is designed to lead people into liminal space, to keep them there long enough to learn something new, and eventually to lead them back out.  Dramatic symbols might be the Israelites in Egypt, Daniel in the lion's den, Susanna falsely accused, Elijah in the cave, Peter and Paul in prison.  Liminal space is the great reachable space, the ultimate threshold of transformation, of having left one space but not having reached the next space.
     Many spiritual giants have tried to live their lives in permanent liminality.  They try to live on the margins and on the periphery of the system so they will not get sucked into its illusions and payoffs.  They deliberately live "off balance" from what most of us take for normal and common sense.  Think of the radical poverty of St. Francis, the inner city hospitality of Dorothy Day, the lives of almost all missionaries.  They know that some kind of displacement from business as usual is the only way to ensure deeper wisdom and broader compassion.    
---Whom do I know who spends a lot of time in transformational space ?
  [Adapted from p. 225 of On the Threshold of Transformation: Daily Meditations for Men,
 by Fr. Richard Rohr]
 On the Lighter Side

(Thanks to Isobel for sharing this cartoon with us!)

Ongoing Fellowship Activities

Please Join Us (in the Parish Hall unless* otherwise indicated) 1st Monday at 5:30pm--
Every Wednesday from 6 to 8pm -- Circles of Support Community           *(meets in the parish hall and the Rectory, next door to the church)

1st and 3rd Thursdays at 5:30pm -- Caregivers' Exchange Group
      (information and fellowship for anyone who's a caregiver)

1st Saturday from Noon to 5:00pm -- Wine Walk
             (our sanctuary and parish hall are open for hospitality) 

2nd Wednesday from 11:00am to noon -- The Jean Moltz Sunshine Ladies' Group       
  (all St. Peter's women are cordially invited to this ministry of  
                       outreach and fellowship)

2nd Thursday from 5:30 to 7:00pm -- Mary~Martha Guild  
                       (all St. Peter's women are cordially invited)

2nd Saturday from 8:00 to 9:30am -- Men's Breakfast
           (all St. Peter's men are cordially invited)  
2nd Saturday from 9:30am to 1:00pm -- Ladies' Crafting Day 
            (all St. Peter's ladies are cordially invited; bring something to work on or join in a group project.  Bring a sack lunch if you like!)
(We take December and January off.)

2nd Saturday at 9:30am -- Prayer Shawl Knitters 
      * (meets in a private residence, for info contact Pat F-P  
4th Friday from 5:45 to 8:30pm -- Sophia's Salon Reading Group 
       *(meets at a private residence, for info contact the Rev. Kim)

St. P's Gratitude Garden: Cleanup this weekend!  Our contact is Gayle Bowers. 

Schedule of Worship Services
Watercolor painting of St.P's altar by pat f-p
St. Peter's Altar ~~ by Pat Frederick-Perona


8 am:  Holy Communion: Rite II  
10 am: Contemporary Worship Service and Sunday School with Godly Play (in the Rectory).             
10 am: Healing Service and Holy Communion

We at St. Peter's are a lively spiritual fellowship blessed with the rich heritage of community involvement.  We are open-minded, inclusive, and family-friendly.  We hope you find us to be intellectually and spiritually stimulating.  

The Rev. Kim Morgan, Associate Priest and E-news Editor