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News for January 25, 2019
In This Issue
  1. From the Rector
  2. St. Peter's Bell Restoration
  3. NOTS (Night Off the Street)
  4. 10 O'Clockers
  5. "We Are Collecting"
  6. Your Vestry at Work
7. Healing Prayer Service
8. Request for Submissions
9. Lectionary Readings
10. Information Links
11. Ongoing Fellowship
12. Worship Services
From the Rector
Dear people of St Peter’s,
I write from Serra Retreat Center in southern California, where I am on retreat with my spiritual director and a group of beloved Roman Catholic clergy from around the country. This year we are led by a Jesuit from Missoula, Montana, as we de-compress from the holidays.
It was a challenge getting here on Monday, driving in blowing snow through Yerington, Hawthorne, Luning and Mina, crossing into California on Highways 360 and 6 toward Bishop, where it eventually cleared. We'll see about getting home on Friday.
I hope this finds you well. I hold you dear.

Blessings in the new year.
St. Peter's Bell Restoration

Our church bell has a history… It was cast in West Troy, New York, and may have come around the Horn on a clipper ship. It was recast, however, in Carson City in 1881 due to a crack that was probably caused by pulling on both ropes at the same time. The men of St.Peter’s, this past year, decided to restore the bell while attending the men’s retreat at Camp Galilee. Peter Van Bemmel, an 8 o’clocker with a train restoration background down at the shops of the V&T, stepped forward to restore the bell. He and his faithful assistant the Junior Warden had the most fun they’d had in years. It was like being ten again spending long summer hours sitting and toiling in the upper belfry. It was a tough job but somebody had to do it, and after months of work the restored bell rang for the first time on August 9th, 2018, for our sesquicentennial celebration. Someone recently has made the suggestion of a children’s bell ringer’s ministry. ( Click here to continue reading .)

Gayle Bowers, St. Peter’s Junior Warden
NOTS (Night Off the Streets) Angels
St. Peter's is hosting the NOTS shelter for the month of February in the Parish Hall and Library. Last year we had seventeen (17) people volunteer as liaisons to unlock and set up in the evenings, clean up and lock up in the mornings. Jeannette Miller coordinated.
Once again she’s asking your assistance. She is not able to participate hands-on due to shoulder surgery at the end of January, at least until she can drive. If you are able to contribute your time, Jeannette and our homeless guests will be most grateful. Evening liaisons arrive at the Parish Hall door by 8:30 pm and open the doors at 9:00 pm. Morning liaisons arrive by 6:30 am and finish by 7:00 am.
Contact Jeannette at 775-882-7326 to schedule your available times. Thank you and God bless in the new year!
10 O'Clocker's
Hey, All You 10 O'Clockers
We are forming a group of volunteers who will help close up the church on Sundays after the last Coffee Hour. The job includes turning out lights, locking doors, emptying trash cans and taking out trash and recyclables.
Who out there likes to hang around church on Sundays until the very end? After all the eating and chatting, who out there would like to finish up with a little volunteering?
If you are interested in helping, or have questions, please talk to me on Sunday at church or Coffee Hour. You can also contact me at home: 775-350-7114 /   jag2jam@outlook.com .
I’m looking forward to hearing from you and you and you - - -
Joy McClain
"We are Collecting..."
It’s a work of mercy and continuing, but is giving socks and shoelaces really clothing the naked? Could it be a modern-day Holy Thursday foot washing? Currently, at the Carson City  N ight  O ff  T he  S treets (NOTS) warming shelter and at the Texas-Mexico border, the answer is Yes! 
Why? Because those who are homeless are at risk of serious foot disease due to the dangers posed by the cold. Why? Because asylum seekers, even children, must surrender their shoelaces when they enter the United States. When families are released, they have shoes but no laces.

Jeanette Miller is collecting socks (and winter coats) for those using the NOTS warming shelter. The shelter will be open through March 31. St. Peter’s will host the shelter in February. 

Veronica Galas is collecting shoelaces. Reports from the Humanitarian Respite Center in Alamo, Texas, are that the need is great. “In one week, the numbers of those arriving amounts to a need of 2,794 pairs of shoelaces!”
Items may be left in the designated box in the Parish Hall.
Your Vestry at Work
The Vestry is the governing body of the parish. The Vestry meets the second Tuesday of the month at 6:00 pm. Vestry meeting are open to all members of the congregation. The Minutes of each meeting are always posted on the Parish Hall bulletin board. To facilitate greater communication with the congregation, we will now be offering a link to the finalized Minutes , which are published approximately a month following the meeting.

Healing Prayer Service
Remember we have service every Wednesday at 10am. This service is to help our friends, family, and ourselves in need of healing prayer. If you have time, please attend. Everyone is welcome to attend.
"News & Inspirations” Submissions
We publish our e-Newsletter on Friday every two weeks. Please send your submissions – notices, news items, short feature articles – in Word format if possible to Administrative Assistant Adrianne Gonzalez. If you need, you can provide your submission instead by hard copy sent or delivered to the church office. Help us better communicate with one another! Be sure to make the articles short and concise as people tend not to read much more than a couple of paragraphs.
Shop at smile.amazon.com/ch/88-0202630 and Amazon donates to St. Peter's
Upcoming Lectionary Readings
St. Peter's Information Links
Ongoing Fellowship Activities
Please Join Us (in the Parish Hall unless otherwise indicated)

  Prayer Shawl Knitters - 1st Saturday at 9:30am - Meets in a private residence, for info contact Pat Frederick- Perona

Caregivers' Exchange Group - 1st and 3rd Thursdays at 5:30pm
Information and fellowship for anyone who's a caregiver
Wine Walk - 1st Saturday from 1:00pm to 5:00pm - Our sanctuary and parish hall are open for hospitality
The Jean Moltz Sunshine Ladies' Group - 2nd Wednesday from 11:00am to noon all St. Peter's women are cordially invited
to this ministry of outreach and fellowship
Mary~Martha Guild - 2nd Thursday from 5:30 to 7:00pm - All St. Peter's women are cordially invited
Men's Breakfast - 2nd Saturday from 8:00 to 9:30am - All St. Peter's men are cordially invited

Sophia's Salon Reading Group - 4th Thursday from 5:45 to 8:30pm
Meets at a private residence, for info contact Karen Kish
St Peter's Altar by Pat Frederick-perona
St. Peter's Altar by Pat Fredrick-Perona
Schedule of Worship Services
8 am:  Holy Communion: Rite II  
10 am: Contemporary Worship Service and child care in the Rectory
10 am: Healing Service and Holy Communion
We at St. Peter's are a lively spiritual fellowship blessed with the rich heritage of community involvement. We are open-minded, inclusive, and family-friendly. We hope to be spiritually stimulating. 
The Very Rev. Jeff Paul, Rector
Adrianne Gonzalez, Administrative Assistant & e-news editor