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Dear Colleagues,
Teacher Appreciation Week offers us - as a state and nation - the opportunity to recognize and celebrate the incredible difference teachers make in the lives of their students each day. From the elementary school teacher who introduced me to fractions to the middle school social studies teacher whose inquiry-driven classroom inspired a life-long interest in history and geography to the high school English teacher who helped me to discover the powerful writing of Ralph Ellison and Zora Neale Hurston, I will be forever grateful for the teachers who inspired and challenged me as a student. Since the start of the school year, I've visited more than 70 schools. I have been continually impressed by the rigorous and engaging instruction that I see as teachers across the state endeavor to ensure all of our students are prepared for success in college, careers, and life. On behalf of the Board of Regents and the State Education Department, thank you to all of our New York State teachers for their passionate dedication to their students.
In this edition of News and Notes, we highlight some success stories and exciting initiatives around the state, including a video about Common Core in the Bilingual Classroom in Harlem, a math blog to help connect with parents in Smithtown, and perspectives on the new Social Studies Framework from Webster social studies teacher and 2013 Teacher of the Year, Greg Ahlquist. In addition, we want to share some helpful resources with you, including information about summer teacher workshops at the State Museum and data reports available to help analyze state test results. We hope you will find these resources useful. 
John B. King, Jr.
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Common Core in the Bilingual Classroom
Watch how first graders are learning about Common Core math at Harlem's P.S. 112 in a bilingual classroom, and why one student says he's learning a lot. The children are playing a game where pennies are hidden beneath a bowl, with more pennies placed on top. Can students use their counting, addition and subtraction skills to guess how many pennies are under the bowl, so that the total will equal ten?
children in a bilingual classroom
EngagedVoices: Connecting Parents to the Classroom
Sixth grade English Language Arts teacher Michelle Labuski from Smithtown has created an online math video blog to provide additional resources for parents to experience the lessons firsthand and better support their children with homework outside the classroom.
Data Reports Available for Analyzing State Test Results
Through their Regional Information Centers (RIC), schools have secure access to the data for every item that contributes to a student's score. RICs provide reports that indicate the percentage of students that answered each test question correctly and, for the released items, the percentage of students that selected each incorrect response. For each question, we also provide the standard it measures. This information allows educators to answer questions such as, "How did the students in my class and school perform on the questions that measure each standard? How can I teach a standard differently next year if my student struggled?" For the released test questions, educators can identify the most common mistake their students made on each question, and determine what they can do next year to help students resolve that misconception. Find more information about these Common Data Reports here.
Summer Teacher Workshops at the State Museum
New York State Museum building
The New York State Museum is offering two teacher workshops in July: an earth science workshop in Auburn, NY and an archaeology workshop in Albany, NY. More information can be found here.
EngagedVoices: Confessions of a Social Studies Teacher
Greg Ahlquist This week's post from our EngagedVoices educator blog features Greg Ahlquist, Social Studies Teacher at Webster Thomas High School and 2013 NYS Teacher of the Year. Greg says the NYS K-12 Social Studies Framework emphasizes content and skills and focuses on a student-driven inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning.

Confessions of a Social Studies Teacher: I lecture. I have used worksheets. There. I said it. It is true. I am, however, a work in progress as a social studies teacher. I will also admit that I may be closer to the starting line than I am to realizing the change I want to see in my own teaching practice. I am a work in progress.

And, so is the discipline of Social Studies.

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New York Perspectives
May 7, 2014
The SUNY Board of Trustees has passed a resolution in support of the Common Core State Standards, citing the measure's potential to better prepare the next generations of SUNY students and decrease the need for remediation in college.
Times Union
May 3, 2014
Commissioner King says supporting higher education standards will help our students in school and in life.
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