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2ND Tuesday of the month, Noon, Keller Hall
Miller, Martha Abbey

1 Prayer Group  12:30 PM
3 Sunday 
4 LABOR DAY - Office Closed
5 Wood Carvers  9 AM
Citizens for Clean Water  12:00 PM
6 Stitchers  9 AM
Healing Service  12 Noon
Pub Theology  5:30 PM
7 PEO Meeting  11:30 AM
8 Prayer Group 12:30 PM
9 Men's Breakfast 7:30-9 AM
Building & Grounds  9:15 AM
10 Sunday 
Catechesis Resumes
Ministry Fair/Potluck Brunch 9:00 AM
Vestry Meeting  12 Noon
11 Election Commission Setup
12 Special Election Commission 
Wood Carvers 9 AM
Book Discussion Group  12 Noon
13 Stitchers  9 AM
Area Art Club  9-2 PM
Choir Practice 5-6 PM
15 Prayer Group 12:30 PM
16 Seuling Renewal of Vows   1:30 PM
17 Sunday
Bluegrass Concert  12:30 
18 Election Commission Setup
19 Special Election Commission 
Wood Carvers 9 AM
20 Stitchers  9 AM
Area Art Club  9-2:00 PM
Choir Practice  5-6 PM
Pub Theology 5:30 PM
22 Prayer Group  12:30 PM
23 Bridge Bash
24 Sunday 
Discretionary Fund 
Food Ingathering 
26 Wood Carvers 9 AM
St. Martha's Guild 1:00 PM
27 Stitchers  9 AM
Area Art Club  9-2 PM
Choir Practice  5-6 PM
29 Prayer Group 12:30 PM
Looking Ahead to October

8 Blessing of the Animals

News and Notes
in Mountain Home
September 2017
Editor - Kathy Johnson

....Always we begin again...that's what September means to me.
Remember? Recall? The hint of crisp air, the excitement of greeting old friends and meeting new, a nervous stomach because school is tomorrow! - already?!!
The rhythm of the days, the football games, and kid's lunches, lessons and learning.  ...and church was part of the rhythm and Sunday was the beginning of the week.
And we're beginning again here at St. Andrew's with Catechesis of the Good Shepard on September 10 - "always prepared for the children" Miss Deanna says...and the Ministry Fair at 9 a.m. complete with breakfast goodies and ways to help us all learn where we may serve together in worship, prayer and study.
You're invited to enter the season with expectation...plan your rhythm by "bookmarking" these upcoming events - Bluegrass and BBQ on September 17 after church, and on Saturday, September 23, - the "red team" from St. A will be packaging food at Cotter Bridge Bash...
Early fall is when our stewardship of St. Andrew's and the opportunity to worship and be an Episcopalian here in the Twin Lakes comes in to focus as well...and here too, we begin again...this year joyfully celebrating our memories, memorials, and our legacy of saints, here and above.  
Each of you inspires the other with your care, thoughtfulness and generosity.  "Being" in communion and community - day by day.   See you at church!
Update on Search for new Rector.   "Thank you" to all for participating in descriptions of who we are, our ministries in place and those for the future, and for helping describe the skills we want in our future leader.  With that help, the Vestry has composed answers to "The 12 questions!" and sent them to the diocese.
NEXT STEP - Complete the Office of Transitional Ministry Portfolio and "congregational website" 
After that - Search Committee is to be appointed.
 September 2017
 Anniversaries and Birthdays
 1  Robert and Jeanne Patrick 
 6  Tom and Shelly Hill 
16  Bob and Bonnie Novotny 
     Larry and Pat Seuling

 3   Michelle White
 8   Brian Maness
      Gail Alter
     William Phelps
12  Lynn Hill
      Margot Serdahl
17  Mary Brissey
20  Bob Novotny
21  John Van Eps
24  Kathy McClellan
Did we miss (or mess up) your special day? Call the church office at 870-425-3560 to update our records.

  Margaret and I have disappeared to our humble camp in western NY for some time with grandchildren and seeking new ideas for the upcoming seasons.
For one bishop's visit here, the choir sang Thomas Troeger's 'Bishop, Lead Our Circle Dance', originally commissioned for the ordination of the Rt. Rev. Hays Rockwell. the now-retired 9th bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri. As you are asked what qualities you'd like to see in a new rector here, a careful reading of this text is worthwhile.
    "Rector...lead our circle dance which the Spirit has begun: help us hand-in-hand advance, show us how to ONE. Some demand a driving beat, others ask to slow the pace: teach us how to bend and meet our conflicted needs...with grace.
     Fronm the center lead...and show steps and leaps we never tried: then, allow the dance to flow, dancing with us side by side. Let each dancer take a turn, dancing in the that ALL can teach and learn what our circle dance COULD be.
     If the circle gets too tight, stop the dance and don't begin, 'til our open hands invite all whom Jesus welcomes in. For the dance of faith belongs to the STRANGERS in the street, and we need THEIR steps and songs for the dance to be complete!
    Rector, lead our circle dance, as the Spirit leads...and calls, 'til the circle's whole expanse moves BEYOND our bounds and walls. And...we dance with distant suns dancing in the dark above...dancing as creation runs on the energies...of LOVE.

Do know that  there will be a final chance to sing a simple song at the offertory...on 10 September (come run thru it at 10 A.M.). Choir rehearsal will happen at 5 P.M. on Wednesday September 13, as we prepare an anthem for the 17th. We should be back on the usual schedules after that.
"Window of Opportunity"
On July 10,  the stained glass window, a memorial, was removed for repair and safeguarding by the firm of David Soos out of Little Rock. The work has been completed including limited roof work, insulation and drywall as well as creating a new oak interior frame that is seen from inside the Nave.
The action to safeguard and protect this memorial gift was unbudgeted but a necessity. After learning about this expense, Bishop Benfield donated $2000 from the Diocese. Others have asked as well,  "How can I help?"
Here's how
Simply decide what you would like to do and use one of the small envelopes outside the church office door and note your gift is for "The Stained Glass Window."  If you have questions about how you can help, or about the work, please talk with John Van Eps, Treasurer or  Art Williams.
This framed graphic of the window and the meaning of the symbols can be viewed against the wall in the Narthex near entry into the Nave. 
A rededication is being planned.

BRIDGE BASH, September 23, 2017
The Bridge Bash is the annual fundraiser of the North Central Arkansas Food Bank.  Held in Cotter, Arkansas it is a wonderful event for the whole family - food, entertainment, silent auction,
and an opportunity to help feed families in our area.
Last year a group of sixteen members of St. Andrew's met at the Bridge Bash and spent an hour packing food for the North Central Arkansas Food Bank.  St. Andrew's Food Pantry frequently purchases food from the Food Bank to supplement the donated food we receive each month from our Ingathering Sunday.  We wore bright red tee shirts with St. Andrew's logo on them and had a wonderful time joining with other churches and groups to provide packaged food for people in need.   If you are interested in being part of St. Andrew's team this year, please sign up in the church office by September 3. An application will need to be completed.  Also, if you would like to purchase a tee shirt, please call Gail Alter at  870-405-1647.
If you are unable to attend the Bridge Bash, another way you can help St. Andrew's Food Pantry is by making a $20 donation to the Food Bank which is then credited to our account.  Last year, we raised over $400 which helped pay for many food items over the year.
At the end of July, our senior warden, Jane Darr attended a conference presented by the Food Bank where she received the latest information about the Bridge Bash.  If you have any questions, please ask Jane Darr or Gail Alter.  We look forward to having an even larger team than last year.
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