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 May 2018
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1 Wood Carvers  9-11:30 AM
Citizens for Clean Water  Noon
2 Stitchers  9-11:30 AM
Area Art Club 9 AM-2 PM
Healing Service  Noon
Pub Theology  5:30 PM
3 PEO Meeting 11:30 - 3PM

Choir Practice 5-6 PM
4 Prayer Group 12:30 PM
5 Annual Spring Clean Day 9:AM-Noon
6 Sunday 
8 Wood Carvers 9-11:30 AM

Communications Committee 11 AM
Book Discussion Noon
9 Stitchers 9-11:30 AM
10 Choir Practice 5-6 PM

Ascension Day Event 5:30 PM
11 Prayer Group 12:30 PM
12 Men's Breakfast 7:30-9 AM

Building and Grounds 9:15 AM
13 Sunday-Mother's Day
15 Wood Carvers  9-11:30 AM
16 Stitchers  9-11:30 AM
Area Art Club  9 AM-2 PM
Pub Theology 5:30 PM
17 Worship Committww 1 PM

Choir Practice 5-6 PM
Prayer Group 12:30 PM
19 Fish Fry 4 PM
20 Sunday 
Vestry Meeting Noon
22 Wood Carvers  9-11:30 AM
23 Stitchers  9-11:30 AM
25 Prayer Group 12:30 PM
27 Sunday 
Food Ingathering

Discretionary Fund
28 Memorial Day
29 Wood Carvers 9-11:30 AM
30 Stitchers 9-11:30 AM
31 Choir Practice 5-6 PM
Book Discussion Group

2ND Tuesday of the Month 
Noon, Keller Hall

May Bronte, Charlotte,  JANE EYRE
June Desmond, Matthew EVICTED
July Jiles, Paulette,  NEWS OF THE WORLD
August McBride, James,  THE COLOR OF WATER


The Daughters of the King will have their regular monthly meeting  Saturday,  May 12, at 10 AM for fellowship and 10:30 for the business meeting. Please note, this meeting will be the second Saturday of the month due to the church spring cleaning on the first Saturday. 

We do it all For His Sake,

April J. Baily
  May 2018
 Anniversaries and Birthdays
  8  Wade and Sue Geery
16  Steve and Jo Cushing
 4  Rick White
 7  Sharon Boatright
13  Dale Brissey
20 Larry Seuling
24 Curt Knoll
25  Wade Geery
30 Sharon Ward

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Ascension, Christ, Community and Family
Come Fly a Kite with Us
Ascension Day - 
May 10, 2018

Hosted By
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church
 Holy Cross Lutheran Church
Church by the Lake Lutheran Church

St. Andrew's Episcopal Church
511 Coley Drive

Service begins at 5:30 with Pastor Lynne O'Shea from Holy Cross Lutheran Church as celebrant. Then everyone will move to the lawn for family outdoor fun. Bring your favorite kite or enjoy one that is provided, either way the ascension to the sky will be blessed. The men's group will have hot dogs, chips and beverages for everyone to enjoy so bring your appetite. Lawn chairs and blankets are welcome.  Feel free to share this invitation.


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Notes from the Sr. Warden
May 2018
Allelulia ! The Lord is Risen ! ...and the people said... The Lord is Risen indeed ! Allelulia !
M y ears are ring ing with these acclamations beginning April 1 when together with Mother Anne Carriere we celebrated Easter.

And now other words of acclamation are ringing in my ears... "Praise the Lord," and "Thanks be to God..." as we have now all learned of the decision by Kevin Wesley Gore to join us beginning April 1, first as Deacon-in-Charge, here in or our ministry together at St. Andrew's .

The vestry, an d we all, whole- heartedly thank the following members for their prayers and participation on the Search Committee... Chair, Linda Hipes and members Dale Brissey , Roehl Johnson, Kathy McClellan, Bonnie Smith, Deanna Van Eps and Bill Weeks.

Kevin invites us to keep him in our prayers and celebrate his next steps with him.
May 18, 2018 - Master of Divinity, Church Divinity School of the Pacific, Berkeley, CA
To be streamed live, link to be provided once published.
10:30 a.m. Pacific time
June 16, 2018 - Ordination to the Diaconate, Trinity Cathedral, Portland, OR Kevin has invited anyone able, to make a " short " trip to Oregon, as he believes St. Andrew's is now a part of that community of the Church that is raising him up.

From the homilies of Richard Rohr, ,
Heaven and Earth are one and we can reflect, ponder, and experience that possibility at two special opportunities in May.

Thursday, May 10 at St. Andrew's - Celebrate Ascension Day and Come Fly a Kite with Us - Worship with Holy Communion inside at 5:30 p.m., Pastor Lynne O'Shea, celebrant. Then enjoy a picnic on the grounds with hot dogs, chips and beverages, compliments of the men of the church. Bring your kite - or share a kite. Lawn chairs and blankets welcome. Community-wide invitation, so help spread the word.

Sunday, May 20 - The Day of Pentecost

Why are you standing there, staring up at heaven? Where did he go? Acts (1:9-11) Rohr reminds us, the whole point of the Incarnation and the Risen Body, is that Christ is here...and always was...a presence unlimited by time or space. We are promised a new heaven and a new earth. Our "yes" matters and the word for that "yes" and that connection is love .

Alleluia, alleluia, amen!
Sometimes we don't realize or remember that angels really do walk among us. If we look closer, deeper, we can see them.
I saw Jeff Loveless working hard one day to help restore our water damaged sound system. Jeff helps with altar duties, Vestry duties and keeps our church clean for us. I see Kathy McClellan's hand in every detail of our altar's presentation...keeping it "legal" and lovingly maintained for us. She keeps our Giving Tree active for designated charities. Our DOK ladies are prayer warriors for us. Our men make plans to maintain the building itself. It takes many angels to help with chalice, acolyte, Catechesis, music, treasury and other worship duties. It takes many angels.
I want to thank one special angel in this open letter to our congregation. Jane Darr has been a special angel to us in her efforts to keep everything on target while we were without a Rector. She planned, appealed, lit the fire and finally, in some cases, just did it herself. Thank you, Janie Bird. You did a great job. After June when we finally get our new Rector-to-be you will be able to fold back those hard working wings and rest a little. Til then, keep flappin'. We all feel the breeze.
Pat Jones


Recently I've been sharing my copy of Garrett Keizer's A DRESSER OF SYCAMORE TREES with others: it's a tale about the making a a deacon/priest...among other things, and I have given it to clergy and other friends more than once.

Keizer did a later book which I'm now re-reading...The UNwanted Sound: EVERYTHING WE WANT (a Book about Noise) and, in Chapter 2 (The Noise of Political Animals) remarks: "the audible range of BELLS literally sounded one's home and identity (a Cockney, for example, is still defined as anyone born within earshot of the bells of St. Mary-le-Bow in Cheapside...).

That got me to thinking: when our bell is rung on Sundays, what if all within its range found St. Andrew's part of their homes...and identity? Have we ever, in thinking about our outreach, wondered about the complexities of people and families within our bell sound? I also realize how ignorant I am of other bells within the City of Mountain Home. When have you heard them as you get around? Where are they? My Mohawk Valley town, in upstate New York, taught me early to recognize its different church bells. especiallly the bell of the Holy Spirit Polish National Catholic Church, which stands a block south of my old home. Keizer reports that Queen Elizabeth I of England liked the sounds of church bells so much she didn't mind at all if  citizens snuck into the churches and gave the bells an extra peal: she found that a measure of the kingdom's vitality! In my youth, on a break from Boy Scout meetings at the Methodist church, we occasionally crept up to the bell rope and gave the tower bell a quick ring: I don't ever remember clergy or other adults ever running to offer a scolding.

If the calling of bells intrigues you (it is a fascinating music, albeit noisy, take a listen on the internet to the Canadian Broadcasting Co. English language version of THE BELLS OF EUROPE, a documentary German Peter Leonhard Braun produced in the early 1970s: it's an extraordinarily moving piece.

Then, share these words from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's 'Christmas Bells' poem, of which Gordon Jacob did a masterful arrangement  in his cantata THE NEWBORN KING. (the choir has sung it at least once).

     "...Then, from each black accursed mouth the canon thundered in the South, and with the sound the carols drowned...of peace on earth, good-will to men!

          It was as if an earthquake rent the hearthstones of a continent, and made forlorn the households born...of peace on earth, goodwill toward men!

          And, in despair, I bowed my head: "There is no peace on earth, I said;
for hate is strong, and mocks the song of peace on earth, goodwill toward men.
          Then pealed the bells, more loud and deep: "GOD is NOT dead, nor doth he sleep; The WRONG shall FAIL, the RIGHT prevail...with peace on earth, good will to men! (by the way, when this text appears in hymnbooks, the darker verses I began with are frequently omitted...)

Do, in your travels, listen for bells, and share the news of what you find, or your impressions. And, as we close in on the festival of Pentecost, be joyfilled, and look outward for the life and love that are there, for the sharing.

Giving Tree - May

"Needs of Many" represents church groups and individuals who join forces with other churches, organizations, and individuals to better serve the needs of the community with a sharing of work and resources. They are starting their summer f an collection.  The fans will be distributed throuth Ozark Center of Hope.  Fans of any size in good  working order will be appreciated.
Monetary donations are also welcomed.
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