May 2022

Boys & Girls Clubs of South Alabama launches Africatown Shop to fund camp and educational experiences for youth 

Boys & Girls Clubs of South Alabama announces the launch of its Africatown 
Shop, an online store featuring merchandise from a youth-led art project, under the direction of Soynika Edwards-Bush, a local artist and art teacher with BGCSA. ALL proceeds from merchandise sales fund educational experiences for youth living in the Africatown area.  

Their assignment, according to Edwards-Bush, was to paint and use self-expression in their art. "I want kids to use their imagination and simply paint," Edwards-Bush says. "Their imagination and paintbrushes led them to share their community's history through their artwork."  The culmination of the youth’s project was a collaborative piece of art that will be a beacon to the Africatown community.  Bush explains the large-scale art piece spells the word 
"AFRICATOWN" with letters showcasing Africatown's unique culture, historical facts, and landscape. 

Bush couldn't be prouder of their work. What started as an art project blossomed into something much more-a history lesson and a renewed sense of pride in the community. 
"Youth are facing several challenges and distractions," Bush mentions. We need to rally behind them and support those trying to make a difference."  "Painting is an opportunity to get their hands dirty, nix the technology, relax, use theirimagination, and create. Give them paint, brushes and the freedom to CREATE." 

The painting has been photographed and applied to various items available through the Africatown Shop. 100% of profits from merchandise sales fund educational experiences for youth. To purchase products or learn more, visit 

Stand-Up Mobile
Conversation leads to Advocacy

Stand up Mobile is a non-profit, non-partisan organization formed in February 2021 due to a conversation regarding voting between friends Beverly Cooper and Amelia Bacon. Their concerns for lack of voter turnout and representation led to Advocacy- the need to educate, inform and empower the community on the importance of voting and why they should vote. "We care about our communities," says Amelia Bacon, SUM co-founder. "In order to see change, we've got to be the change."

According to a Mobile County Voter Registration Statistics Report, over 26,000 inactive voters live in Mobile County. 52% of Mobile County residents are African American. 

SUM plans to decrease the number of inactive voters. "Were developing a ground game of educating our community, getting the word out and getting into as many places as we can to talk about voting and why we must vote," Beverly Cooper, SUM co-founder, says. 

Voting is a way for citizens to make their voices heard by elected officials representing their communities who are passionate about issues of concern to their constituents, such as affordable housing, healthcare, safety, and other issues. 
Community Events
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