NEWS AND NOTES - March 27, 2019
Calendar of Events
29  No School, Spring Break Begins
8    School Resumes
12  Theme Chapel
15  Society Meeting, 6:30pm
19  Easter Chapel
26  Kindness Matters Chapel
13  5th - 8th Grade Band and Choir Concert
14   2nd Annual Kristina Moelker 5K  
ACS News
Parent Technology Information  Thank you to those who attended our Protect Young Eyes Information Night a couple of weeks ago!  Be sure to check out the many resources that are available! 
Also, for the next few weeks we will post some very valuable resources in the News and Notes to  help as many families as possible use technology well.

BARK - Does your child use iMessage, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat? Bark Parental Controls can help identify inappropriate bullying and sexualized comments in both apps, keeping parents informed. There are few options for monitoring Snapchat and Instagram. BARK is the ONLY social media monitoring solution we recommend at Protect Young Eyes. 
"My kid is a good kid and wouldn't do that." This is a statement that is often used by well-intentioned, Christian parents when they hear statistics about porn, predators, sexting, and other digital issues. The truth is, the Internet is an equal opportunity destroyer. It preys on all kids in some way  the four myths parents believe It includes a heartbreaking story that could represent any good, Christian family.

Thank you for your generous support of our Scholastic Book Fair! We will be able to use our Scholastic rewards to buy new books and supplies for ACS!

FACTS Tuition Assistance for 2019-2020  ACS participates in FACTS, a grant application program for our school. Completion of the FACTS application is a requirement for next year's enrollment if you are expecting a remaining balance at the end of the school year or you will be requesting tuition assistance. Families who wish to apply for tuition assistance will need to use the FACTS application format online at  The application information will be easily accessible data from your 2018 tax return, along with financial accounts, and will require that copies of confirming tax documents be sent to the FACTS center.  The FACTS organization will analyze the information of each applicant. They will provide our school with recommended grant amounts based on need and financial status. Parents who have children in more than one of the participating schools need only to fill out the application one time-the information will be available to other Christian schools where their children attend. Applications must be submitted by March 31, 2019. The application fee will be paid by the participating schools.
2018-2019 THEME
God's Big Story 
 Psalm 119:89-90
Your word,  Lord, is eternal;
it stands firm in the heavens.  Your faithfulness continues through all generations;  you established the earth, and it endures.
Hot Lunch
Please click the links below for more information!
Instant Trip is held every  Tuesday  night from  7:00-7:30pm  with a pick-up ONLY sessions every  Wednesday  morning from  8:30-9:00am.  In order for us to run this program we need at least three volunteers at each session  on Tuesday  night and one volunteer every  Wednesday  morning. If you are interested in volunteering. Please contact a trip coordinator or email Christy Breuker at

W e need volunteers for 2019
Please follow the link below to sign up! 

April 9 & 10
Tues:  Erin/Christy, Linda Nysse, ____________
Wed: ____________
April 16 & 17
Tues : Erin/Christy, Bonny Baar ,  _________
Wed: ______________
From the Community
A schedule of Unity Christian Summer Sports Camps can be found at   under the "Camps and clinics" tab.

8th Grade Co-Curricular Night Unity Christian High School will  hold an 8th Grade/New Student Co-Curricular Night
n Monday, April 22 at 7pm.  All  8 th  graders and parents are invited to this night to consider co-curricular activities they may want to participate in at Unity. Unity staff members representing Chapel, Science Olympiad, Drama, Music, Athletics and more will be available to meet with students and their parents about these activities.  We look forward to having you join us!

Unity Christian Girls' Golf Clinic for g rades 6 - 11. Friday, May 10 at Diamond Springs Golf Club in Hamilton.  You will find an information sheet with more details at , and online registration is available at .  Deadline to register is April 27; please contact Unity's Athletic Office with any questions you may have!

Lamont Christian School Annual 5K RUN: Everyone is welcome to join in our annual fun run/walk thru the village of Lamont on Saturday, April 20 at 8am. Registration forms are available at  Early registration ends 4/8. Not a runner - that's ok!  Be sure to stop by for the pancake breakfast! Cost is by donation.

We are looking for daytime help in our greenhouses starting now until end of May. (Veldman Farms) must be able to work in a fast paced environment and not mind getting dirty and being on your feet. Please contact Amanda Veldman 826-5177 of you would like to join our seasonal team or would like more information. 

Hope College Summer Science Camps Join us for another exciting summer of camps! From inventing in 3D to Science of Art to Tykes Lego, there's something for all ages! Summer Science Camps started 20 years ago with Tod Gugino's dream of sharing the love for science. Explore Hope provides over 50 fun-filled educational camps for grades K-12. For more information visit
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