The hot lunch program is in need of an upright or chest freezer for the rest of the school year to meet the demand for this year's lunches. If you know of a freezer that we could borrow until early June, please email Brian Koetje at Thank you!

Student Medicine If you have given us permission to give your child an ibuprofen during the school day, please be sure to send the tablets to the school office for us to keep in the safe for you! Be sure to mark the bottle with your child's name. We do not keep an unlimited supply on hand to pass out.

Conference information All parents are required to wear a mask while in the building. We will also have hallway seated separated based on distancing guidelines, and have hand sanitizer outside the rooms for use. During the conference, we are asking that parents remain more than six feet from teachers. As we are aware of COVID transmission in the community, it is important that we protect our families and teachers to help us continue with in-person learning. If you are uncomfortable with coming in to the school for an in-person conference, please feel free to reach out to your child's teacher and inquire about an alternative way to hold the conference. REMINDER: CHECK OUT THE LOST AND FOUND TABLE LOCATED IN THE HALLWAY IN FRONT OF THE OFFICE WHEN YOU ARE HERE FOR CONFERENCE.

Elementary Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held Thursday, February 18 from 5:00-8:15pm. Please click the link for your scheduled time ELEMENTARY CONFERENCE SCHEDULE

Middle School Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held Thursday, February 18 from 5:00-8:30. Conferences will be 10 minutes long.

  • If you are enrolling a child in Young Fives or Kindergarten for the very first time online, there is a one time $300 enrollment fee, which is part of the tuition cost. Once they are enrolled online, you never have to re-enroll them again.
  • Because there is no re-enrollment for students in Y5 or above, it is very important for you to notify Brian Koetje if you anticipate enrollment changes, like potential unenrollment, for next school year. This information is important for planning. Brian's email is
  • To obtain an opt-out sheet for next year, please email

Preschool Enrollment The Preschool Enrollment form along with the $50 registration fee, Child Info form, FERPA form and a copy of your child's birth certificate must be turned in to complete enrollment. These forms can be found here -->Enrollment FormChild Info Form,  FERPA form, (Health Form --> due July 15.)

Child Care Enrollment You can find the child care enrollment forms here (School year contractSummer Care contract).

Tuition Assistance for 21-22 ACS participates in FACTS, a grant application program for our school. Completion of the FACTS application is a requirement for next year's enrollment if you are expecting a remaining balance at the end of the school year or you will be requesting tuition assistance. Families who wish to apply for tuition assistance will need to use the FACTS application format online at The application information will be easily accessible data from your 2020 tax return, along with financial accounts, and will require that copies of confirming tax documents be sent to the FACTS center. The FACTS organization will analyze the information of each applicant. They will provide our school with recommended grant amounts based on need and financial status. Parents who have children in more than one of the participating schools need only to fill out the application one time-the information will be available to other Christian schools where their children attend. Applications must be submitted by March 31, 2021. The application fee will be paid by the participating schools.