Parent-Teacher conferences All parents are asked to wear a mask while in the building. We will also have hallway seated separated based on distancing guidelines, and have hand sanitizer outside the rooms for use. During the conference, we are asking that parents remain more than six feet from teachers. As we are aware of COVID transmission in the community, it is important that we protect our families and teachers to help us continue with in-person learning. If you are uncomfortable with coming in to the school for an in-person conference, please feel free to reach out to your child's teacher and inquire about an alternative way to hold the conference.

If you have a need for a conversation with any of the specials teachers, please email them and they will set up a time to talk.

Elementary Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held October 19 & 20 from 5:00-8:15 pm. Please click this link for the conference schedule ----> Conference Schedule

Middle School Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held October 19 and 20 from 5-8:30. Conferences will last 10 minutes. You must schedule a conference if you would like one. We will not automatically assign you a conference time. We ask that you only schedule a conference with your child's homeroom teacher (6th Grade with Mr. Luymes, 7th Grade with Mr. Wiechel and 8th Grade with Mrs. Mesbergen). We will provide notes and observations from other classes to the homeroom teacher as appropriate. Mrs. Stob and Mrs. Seinen will do their best to be at appropriate conferences throughout both evenings.
Please sign up using the links below:
Sign Up Links:
If you would prefer a Zoom conference, please sign up for a timeslot on Signup Genius and contact your child's homeroom teacher so that we can send you a link. If you have any questions, please contact one of the middle school teachers.

Updated Dress Code ACS students are expected to dress appropriately for schoolwork, as well as in a manner that is consistent with the Christian learning community of the school. In order to encourage appropriate dress, we have the following specific guidelines:
• No offensive or suggestive words, pictures, etc. on clothing is permitted. This includes clothing which advertises rock groups, tobacco, alcohol, and depictions of violence or death (weapons, skulls, etc.).
• Shirts and tops for girls in grades 4-8 may be sleeveless if straps are 3 inches in width from neckline to the sleeve edge. Off the shoulder shirts and open back shirts are not allowed. Sheer tops may be worn if they have a shirt with a 3-inch strap underneath. Parental discretion is encouraged for lower grades. Bra straps are to be covered. Boys must wear shirts with sleeves.
• Shorts and athletic shorts must extend to mid-thigh.
• Rips/holes in jeans should only be from mid-thigh or below.
• Underwear and bare midriffs should not be visible.
• No hats worn in school.
Parents, please counsel your children regarding appropriate dress for the classroom environment. We also understand that all students have different body types, so we ask for parental discretion in clothing. The teachers or the administrator will ask students to change clothing or to contact parents for replacement clothing if any clothing is considered immodest or in poor taste. 

Busing Due to COVID restrictions, students are only allowed to ride their own bus. Friends are not allowed to ride a different bus home with friends.

As Halloween is approaching, we wanted to remind families that ACS does not celebrate or participate in Halloween activities, in classrooms or as a school.

It is so important that parents send healthy kids to school. If you have a child that is not feeling well, please keep them home. If these are typical symptoms for you child, and not worsening, and there is no reason to believe there has been a contact to a positive COVID case, students may return after following normal protocols, like 24-hours fever free. Please use the screener below before sending kids off to school each day.
-- At Home Daily Screener Please click this link for information on how to screen for these symptoms daily, including a temperature check at home. If your child is having symptoms on the screener that are not normal, or worsening, please contact your family doctor. It would be important to get medical attention at that point and let the doctor decide the best steps.
-- Who must stay home? - Click on this document to find which students should stay home (a list of symptoms) and how long students should stay home in different situations. Please read through this document and let us know if you have any questions. The scenarios about a student being 'symptomatic' is in regards to symptoms that are not normal, or worsening, for your child.
-- There are many other documents on our Re-opening page that can answer many questions you might have, specific to ACS, or more general procedures for schools regarding COVID, staying at home, etc. Here is the LINK to that webpage.