Allendale Public School busing will not be available until December 7 The two ACS buses will continue to run their routes, but we are not able to expand those routes beyond their current stops.

School Closing It is possible for ACS to be closed or delayed because of bad weather or when the condition of the roads would make it unsafe for the buses to travel. Young Fives - 8th grade parents will receive a phone call via an Instant Alert system through Allendale Public School in the case of a cancellation or delay. Preschool families should look for cancellations or delays on our website or the local television stations/websites. If there is a 2 hour delay, all morning preschool classes will be cancelled. If the school is closed, all preschool classes will be cancelled. If school is cancelled, all afternoon and evening events will be cancelled as well.

Winter Weather Please be sure to have your child dress warm (boots, hats, jackets, mittens, scarf) for outdoor recess! Students are required to go outside unless the outdoor temperature or wind chill is below zero. Also, be sure to put your child's name on the inside of all snow pants and jackets!

Tuition Payments are accepted in the school office, through the mail, or you may put your payment in the drop box located in the front of school on the brick pillar. Please do not give your tuition payment to your child's teacher. ALWAYS put your tuition account number in the memo line! If you are interested is signing up for auto debit you can find that link here -> Auto Debit Form

With the increasing community COVID spread, it is so important that parents send healthy kids to school. If you have a child that is not feeling well, please keep them home. If these are typical symptoms for you child, and not worsening, and there is no reason to believe there has been a contact to a positive COVID case, students may return after following normal protocols, like 24-hours fever free. Please use the 'Who Must Stay Home' document below (page 2) as a guide for when students should stay home.

-- There are many other documents on our re-opening page that can answer many questions you might have, specific to ACS, or more general procedures for schools regarding COVID, staying at home, etc. Here is the LINK to that webpage.

Staff Favorites Please click on the link below if you need a gift idea for one of the ACS staff members! Thank you PTA for compiling this list! Staff Favorites