October 16, 2019
Upcoming Events
21/22 Parent Teacher Conferences, 5-8:15pm
22 No pm Allendale Public School busing
23-25 TfT Training for Teachers - No School
28 School Board Meeting - 7pm

9 Mother-Son Event
11 Middle School to Unity for Veterans Day Ceremony, 9:15-10:15am
15 First Trimester Ends
18 School Board Meeting - 7pm
21, 22 No pm Allendale Public School busing
26 Report Cards
27-29 Thanksgiving Break


The ACS Chapel Schedule can be found on our website at www.allendalechristian.org !
ACS News
Elementary Parent-Teacher Conferences  will be held October 21 & 22 from 5:00-8:15 pm. The schedule can be found here->    Conference Form If you need a hard copy, please have your child swing by the school office to pick up one.

Middle School Parent-Teacher Conferences   The middle school teachers will send a Sign-Up Genius link via email after the elementary conference schedule is sent home. Middle School c onferences are not mandatory; you will only be assigned a conference time if you sign up on the link! Specific information about how the sign-up will work will be communicated in the coming weeks.

Specials Teachers will not be present at Parent-Teacher Conferences . If you have a need for a conversation with any of the specials teachers, please email them and they will set up a time to talk.

The lost and found table is in the rotunda . Please check it out while you are here for conferences! Always be sure to put your child's name in clothing, especially if the item is black snowpants!

As Halloween is approaching , we wanted to remind families that ACS does not celebrate or participate in Halloween activities, in classrooms or as a school.

ACS is looking to add substitute teachers to our call list If you are interested in being a sub (teacher or aide), or know someone who may be interested in being a substitute, please email Brian Koetje-  bkoetje@allendalechristian.com  for more information.

Students at ACS would love to have a 9-square court constructed at ACS . This fun game is very popular and would make a great addition to our campus. Ideally, we would have metal poles, but we are open to options. If you are willing to help make 9-square happen at ACS, please email me at  bkoetje@allendalechristian.com .

Moms in Prayer Each week a group of Moms from ACS, APS, and GV gather for one hour to grow together in praying for our kids, their teachers, and our schools. We meet right here at Allendale Christian on Thursdays  from 8:30-9:30am  in the girls locker room!  All Moms are welcome, whether you desire to grow in this area or if it is your greatest passion.
Hot Lunch/TRIP
Hot lunch information and monthly menus can be found by clicking here-> Hot Lunch

TRIP Info and Volunteer Schedule Instant Trip is held every Tuesday night from 7:00-7:30pm with a pick-up ONLY sessions every Wednesday Morning from 8:30-9:00am. In order for us to run this program we need at least three volunteers at each session on Tuesday night and one volunteer every Wednesday morning. If you are interested in volunteering. Please contact a trip coordinator or email Christy Breuker at  jcbreuker@yahoo.com

There is also a signup on Sign Up Genius. 

October 22 & 23
Tues:  Christy Lonna Ondersma, Karen Ensing

October 29 & 30
Tues : Erin/Christy, Linda Nysse, Karen Ensing
Wed:  Erin Ensing
Walk-a-Thon Have you turned in your pledges yet? We have over $4,300 out in uncollected pledge payments. Please drop them off to the office as soon as possible so we can wrap up this fundraiser. Thank you!

Tyson A+ products  are collected for submission back to Tyson! If you purchase these products, clip the labels and submit to the bin in the entry way of ACS! Here is a list of participating products:  http://www.piasabirds.net/shipman/PTO%20PAGES/Tyson/Tyson%20Project%20
If you are not familiar with what these Tyson A+ labels look like, a simple Google search will show you or reference the collection bin in the entry way to ACS! Feel free to email me with any questions!   erinensing@hotmail.com

Do you know what Our Family brand is?  It is Spartan stores - store brand! Spartan generously gives back to schools through two programs currently! If you purchase  Our Family  brand from Spartan stores, please save those labels/UPS, clip them, and submit them to the bin in the ACS entrance. We will turn them into cash for ACS!
https://www.ourfamilyfoods.com/  Please feel free to email me with any questions!  erinensing@hotmail.com
Community News
Information on the Fall Allendale Community Classes can be found here by clicking here -> Ed Classes
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