With the warmer weather here, it is very important that kids follow the ACS dress code:
Dress Code 
ACS students are expected to dress appropriately for schoolwork, as well as in a manner that is consistent with the Christian learning community of the school. In order to encourage appropriate dress, we have the following specific guidelines: 
  • No offensive or suggestive words, pictures, etc. on clothing is permitted. This includes clothing which advertises rock groups, tobacco, alcohol, and depictions of violence or death (weapons, skulls, etc.).
  • Shirts and tops for girls in grades 4-8 may be sleeveless if straps are 3 inches in width from neckline to the sleeve edge. Off the shoulder shirts and open back shirts are not allowed. Sheer tops may be worn if they have a shirt with a 3-inch strap underneath. Parental discretion is encouraged for lower grades. Bra straps are to be covered. Boys must wear shirts with sleeves.  
  • Shorts and athletic shorts must extend to mid-thigh. 
  • Rips/holes in jeans should only be from mid-thigh or below. 
  • Underwear and bare midriffs should not be visible. 
  • No hats worn in school. 
Parents, please counsel your children regarding appropriate dress for the classroom environment. We also understand that all students have different body types, so we ask for parental discretion in clothing. The teachers or the administrator will ask students to change clothing or to contact parents for replacement clothing if any clothing is considered immodest or in poor taste. 

Yearbooks will be distributed this Friday morning.
  • If you haven't paid for your yearbook, your child will not be receiving theirs on that day.

The ACS 5th-8th Grade Spring Band and Choir Concert will be held May 25 at 6:30pm at the Ceglerak Fine Arts Center (Allendale Public Auditorium next to the high school). Due to current restrictions, we need to limit the number of guests to 2 people per student. Students will receive 2 tickets the week of May 17. Please bring these tickets with you the evening of the concert to be collected at the door. We will also be live streaming the concert (link to come closer to the date of the concert) so you can share it with those that aren't able to attend in-person.

Summer Tutoring is available from three ACS teachers! Please contact the teacher directly to set up tutoring! Click here for the schedule.

Summer office hours will be Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9am - Noon. For your convenience, we also have the drop box located in front of school for any items you may need to drop off to the office during the summer.