The following is an email we received last week from our TMCJ directors in Nepal and India.   

Dear sister Kelly and Marie,

Jaimasih ( how Christians greet each other in Nepali, and it means the Messiah is victorious)

Once again, I would like to say thank you so much for your continued prayer and financial support to us. We appreciate your hard work for TMCJ India and Nepal and thank God for you all.
We are presenting our awareness program along with good news of our Lord Jesus Christ in different tea gardens and villages in Dooars of West Bengal and East Nepal.
Homesh is back from Alipurduar after a week of outreach in Dooars. He met with some families who are suffering from different situations. Two underage girls have been missing for 3-4 years. The families desperately want the girls back. but didn't know how to go forward. So Hom is working to connect them with Raju Nepali of Dooars Express, an organization who helps rescues trafficked girls.
Another painful story is here: Priya is a 15 year old girl from Dalsingpara Tea Garden, Alipurduar, West Bengal. She has grown up in a very physically abusive home. Her family lived in extreme poverty and her father is an alcoholic. Her mother used to work in the Tea Gardens, but the money isn't enough to sustain the family. Priya has a younger brother and sister. 

In order to help the family, Priya's mother went to work in Delhi leaving Priya and her siblings with the father. Her father's abusive behavior got even worse after her mother left the house for work. He used to hit and beat Priya, and it ended up with sexual abuse. She didn't share with anyone around because of fear of her father. She became pregnant and she began to be questioned by neighbors and villagers. She was pressured by neighbors and disclosed what her father had been doing. The villagers didn't take Priya's side and instead she was being beaten by them as well. Her father was also being beaten by the villagers. They not only didn't file any charges against her father but
destroyed their little house and cast them all out of the village.

Since then nobody knows where her father has gone. Now Priya is 6 months pregnant, and she and her siblings are living with a cousin. Her cousin also has limitations and Priya does not have the funds to be able to visit a doctor. She is in kind of trauma. 
So, we are just praying and trying to find some kind of shelter home for her, and hopefully some Godly family would adopt the child. It is not too easy to think in this way. As I think of her and the baby my heart breaks. Hom called me with this news on Thursday night and I just couldn't sleep. Whom to trust, sister?
We are going back to Dooars soon to share in more awareness programs. We are going to visit Priya and hope to counsel her more deeply. Please sisters kindly pray for us and Priya.

In Him, 
Karmu and Homesh

Would you JOIN us in prayer for our precious team in Nepal and India, for Priya and her family, and for the Gospel to be spread throughout those nations?    Also, would you consider making a donation so TMCJ can continue to support our teams around the world.   No amount is too small.   Your gift will help Priya (and many others like her) receive help with basic needs that we often take for granted such as food, shelter and medical help.   Your gifts also help our teams continue to be the hands, feet and mouth of Jesus as they travel sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.    If you would like to make a donation, please do so by   clicking here

Marie, Kelly, Mark & Joan