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Syrian Islamists Control Christian Village of Maaloula, Nuns Taken From Monastery

Maauloula has seen a significant amount of violence in the past few months, the most recent incident being the abduction of twelve nuns and three other Christian women from a monastery. The levels of hatred and violence toward Christianity and women that have been reported in this area cause great concern for these women in the global community. Church leaders have urged prayer for the women's release. 


  • Pray for the many Christians that have fled the area in fear of the damage inflicted by Syrian fighting
  • Pray that the fighting in Syria will stop, and that while it continues Christians will not be caught in the crossfire
  • Pray for those who have fled the country to find a safe haven

Radical Islam Targets African Christians

12/4/13  Nigeria (UPI)


An attack on a Nigerian air force base marks a new direction by the Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram. This group, along with others terrorizing different countries in Africa, has ties to Al-Qaida (though this particular incident has not been claimed by Al-Qaida) and it has garnered international attention with their violence. It is believed that the goal of these groups is to form an Islamist state.

  • Pray for for all those who have suffered at the hands of these terrorist groups
  • Pray for those who were involved in the air force base attack
  • Pray the radicals will not achieve their goal and that Christians will retain their religious freedom

Continued Church Burnings challenge sincerity of Islamic Leaders; Christians pull out of Peace Conference


A coalition of leaders from different Christian denominations in Tanzania entered into peace talks to end the persecution of Christians. They have since resolved to pull out of talks, due to the continued burning of churches. They believe the continued violence is an indication that the peace talks will accomplish nothing. 


  • Pray that peace will be found in this region
  • Pray for the church groups who have lost their buildings
  • Pray that the peace talks will soon be backed up with actions on the government's part

Persecution of Christians Reaches Unprecedented Global Proportions

12/2/13  North Korea (Christian Post)


Eighty people in North Korea were publicly executed for crimes that included "owning a Bible." North Korea is proud of its reputation as the most dangerous country for Christians. It is the worst, but hardly the only one-139 nations have reports of Christians being persecuted. Eighty percent of all religious discrimination is against Christianity. 


  • Pray for comfort for the families of those executed 
  • Pray for the North Korean Christians who live in constant persecution every day 

Indonesia: Riot Police Escort Christians Home After Radical Islamists Disrupt Service
12/2/13  Indonesia (AsiaNews)


A church service in Benjai was attacked by radical Islamists who insist that the service was not legal because the government has not yet sanctioned or approved of its existence. Many other church services disbanded in fear of similar attacks. Indonesia is supposed to have religious freedom, but the reality is that the 86% Muslim population are largely unaccepting of other religions, especially Christianity. 


  • Pray for the church members who went through the traumatic experience 
  • Pray that the government rules in favor of the church
  • Pray that the international community will not allow the violence in Indonesia against minority religions to continue to increase 


Two Christians Returned by Kidnappers in Delga


Two Christians, a man called Issa and his cousin Emad, were abducted by men posing as police officers that held them and tortured them for two days. They were in a store guarding their pepper harvest in light of a recent theft of another Christian's crop. The two men were released when their captors feared police retribution, a rarity in these kinds of cases. Many in the Delga region of Egypt who are abducted get little to no police response to their plight. 


  • Pray for the speedy recovery for these two men
  • Pray for the untold number of people being held by hostile groups, and their familes
  • Pray that the efforts of the police in this case will soon extend to other reports of kidnapping



#FREEPASTORBK | 'If we forget about Pastor B.K. now, he's probably going die in prison'


Pastor B.K., a 67-year-old believer, has been imprisoned for his faith in Kazakhstan. Our shouts have garnered the attention of the Kazakh government, but if we stay silent now, who knows what they will do to him.  Find out three ways you can A.C.T on his behalf today.

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