Boosting Your RMR Through Professional Monitoring
One of the most important facets of any security business is building and maintaining RMR, or Recurring Monthly Revenue, which makes professional monitoring services a fundamental factor in a strong business model. Here are some important tips to help you leverage your Central Monitoring Station and boost your RMR.
Increase Your RMR with the 7177AES Hybrid 2.0 Subscriber
The new 7177 Hybrid 2.0 Subscriber provides dual functionality, combining elements of the powerful next-generation IntelliNet 2.0 Fire Subscriber with IP Link capabilities to act as a network bridge.

The AES Hybrid includes the AES-IntelliPro full data module and IP Link capabilities, plus provides the capability to send an alarm from the Customer premises to the Central Monitoring Station (CMS) via RF and/or IP AND transmit peer signals via IP.
Save Time and Money By Avoiding Truck Rolls
Truck rolls can be avoided and the customer can be serviced all from your office with TELGUARD VIRTUAL MODEM capabilities. Find out if your panel qualifies!
Get Paid Faster and More Easily
Free yourself and your employees to do more with ITSPAYD automated invoicing. This service helps you collect on bills simply, easily, and reliably with customized automated invoicing. Check out the service and their powerful tools here!
Help customers upgrade their home security system with additional smart home features and Z-wave devices! You can easily add cameras, automatic locks, lamp modules, flood detectors, etc. and customize their system to their lifestyle. The best part? They have full control at their fingertips through the Virtual Keypad app!
Referral Program
Current and Active Dealer Partners will receive up to $1,000.00 in the form of a credit towards your monitoring invoicing for referring a new dealer to GMS for Monitoring Service Solutions that is not currently a GMS dealer.