What Can Asset Tracking do for Customers? 4 Top Facts.
There’s no question that having adequate security in place is good business. Most businesses recognize this and are swift to implement things like access control or video surveillance to protect their site, believing that is enough to protect all of their assets. In many cases, it is not. Businesses that own powered or unpowered assets should have GPS Monitoring and... READ MORE
About the CKB-304 Visual Verification Bridge & CHeKT Portal
CHeKT is a video monitoring product and platform. The CHeKT Bridge is a revolutionary hardware device that allows a professional security integrator to "bridge"​ any alarm panel to any ONVIF compliant camera or recorder. It introduces video to a GMS Central Station Operator when an alarm signal is received.

The CHeKT Bridge sits in-line on any alarm detection loop. When the detector is tripped, the alarm inputs on the Bridge record pre and post-alarm video of the event and immediately uploads this to the CHeKT Monitoring portal.

By the time an alarm panel delivers the signal, and a GMS Central Station Operator is ready to process the alarm, the CHeKT Portal is waiting for the Operator to view the video. GMS’s automation platform will simply launch the CHeKT Monitoring portal, requiring no extra steps to be taken by the operator.

With CHeKT, operators can see what triggered the alarm and provide visual verification to the client or the dispatch authority immediately.

It's that fast! In the monitoring industry seconds matter. When the security of your client's matter, choose CHeKT.
What is ItsPayd?
ItsPayd is a simple web based platform that allows companies to send a statement via email and/or text notice to customers. Not only is it very easy to use, it is an extremely powerful automated process that utilizes cutting edge technology to reach customers in a friendly way AND offers them control over how they want to satisfy their obligation in a very simple 3 step process. Your customers will be able to receive, review and pay your statement via credit/debit card, E-check or ACH, all in under 90 seconds.

ItsPayd will send notifications (email and/or text) with a secure link that takes your customers to their own statement page listing the reference number, date of statement, and amount owing. They will have a choice of selecting either a one-time payment option or an acceptable payment plan, all of which has been set up by you, the company, and prior to your customers receiving the notice. ItsPayd is a fully automated program, saving your company time and money!
Referral Program
Current and Active Dealer Partners will receive up to $1,000.00 in the form of a credit towards your monitoring invoicing for referring a new dealer to GMS for Monitoring Service Solutions that is not currently a GMS dealer.