December 2019
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The BBCetc Team
Our Team:
Becky Aistrup, MBA - DOD, DHS, NASA, NIH, NSF and commercialization planning
Kris Bergman - Grants and contracts management, and budget and administrative support for all agencies
Andrea Johanson, PhD - NIH Program Manager, resource creation and knowledge base expert
Shannon Bass - NIH, commercialization planning, post-award management
Jerry Hollister - DOE, NSF, DOD, DHS, NASA, USDA & commercialization planning
Megan Varnum, PhD – NIH and NSF
Amy Davis – Michigan Program Director
Julie Nagel, PhD – SHARPhub Program operations
Marisol Rodriguez - SHARPhub Program Manager
Jodi Bergman - Administrative Manager
Tips on Preparing Your Letter of Intent for DOE
Topics for the Department of Energy’s FY2020 Phase I Release 2 were released November 12, and the solicitation opens on December 16. The first step in applying to Department of Energy SBIR/STTR is to prepare a Letter of Intent (LOI).

The LOI is used by DOE for two reasons:
  1. DOE will let you know if the abstract you submitted is responsive to the topic. This helps you decide whether or not to proceed with a full proposal.
  2. The LOI also helps DOE determine how many proposals will be submitted, and how many reviewers will be needed. Read on

View our video on preparing an LOI
How to Manage Unexpected SBIR/STTR Project Changes
In research it is inevitable that what was included in a project will change prior to or during the award period. Changes are the rule rather than the exception in most cases. Examples of some variables to can occur are:

  • The cost of supplies increases
  • The number of animals needed changes
  • The animal model is no longer valid
  • Key persons identified are no longer available
  • The project will take longer than expected

All is not lost... Read on
Changes Coming in DOT's SBIR/STTR Program
The Dept. of Transportation has announced that its SBIR Fiscal Year 2020 solicitation will introduce some new aspects of its Phase I solicitation program. More information on the topics and specific dates will be announced in early January, but here are the new features that will be introduced:
  • Pre-Solicitation Interchange: Small businesses will have the opportunity to review the technical topics and submit clarifying questions to the Technical Expert/Topic Authors during this period. DOT representatives will also be available at the SBIR booth at the Transportation Research Board’s 2020 Annual Meeting, January 13-14.
  • Streamlined Solicitation Process: The solicitation period will be shortened to 30 days and the proposal requirements will be streamlined, reducing the page requirements for the technical proposal. Read on
DOD's New Proposal Submission Site is Live
DOD has announced the official opening of its new Defense SBIR/STTR Innovation Portal (DISP). The new DSIP Proposal Submissions website has a new look and feel, intuitive navigation, and a streamlined dashboard for you to easily see your proposals in one place. 

From the NIH Extramural Nexus
NIH Needs Your Feedback on a DRAFT NIH Policy for Data Management & Sharing Read the article, view the draft and sign up for an informational webinar here .

A Blizzard Ate My Application! What Can I Do? Read about the NIH natural disaster policy that can protect you in the event that a natural disaster such as a hurricane or blizzard closes your institution close to an application due date.

Health & Human Services-NIH/CDC/FDA Omnibus
Clinical Trials not allowed:
PA-19-272 PHS 2019-02 SBIR-NIH, CDC, FDA
PA-19-270 PHS 2019-02 STTR-NIH
Clinical Trials required:
PA-19-273 PHS 2019-02 SBIR-NIH
PA-19-271 PHS 2019-02 STTR-NIH
Standard close dates: Jan. 5 Apr. 5, Sept. 5

Nat'l. Science Foundation
Submission windows:
4-Mar '19 - 13-Jun '19
14-Jun '19 - 12-Dec '19

Dept. of Defense
Pre-releases Dec. 10; opens Jan. 14, 2020; closes Feb. 12, 2020

Dept. of Energy
Topic release Nov. 12; FOA issued Dec. 16; LOI's due Jan. 6, 2020, closes Feb. 24, 2020

Dept. of Homeland Security
Pre-released through Dec. 17; Other information TBA.

SBIR/STTR Pursuit Webinars
BBCetc's SBIR/STTR Pursuit Recorded Webinar Library which provides a variety of SBIR/STTR topics, and now includes a series of short (10-15-min.) single-topic webinars call Tips at a Clip. Our recordings are updated regularly to keep them current. View our selection on our website or our YouTube channel.

This month's suggestion:
Upcoming Training and Events

SBIR/STTR Proposal Prep for NIH
January 15-16 - Stony Brook, NY

SBIR/STTR 101: Introduction & Overview
January 22 - Ann Arbor, MI

SBIR/STTR Proposal Prep for NIH &NSF
January 22-23 - St. Louis, MO

NIH Proposal Prep and Commercialization for SBIR/STTR Proposals
January 23-24 - Grand Forks, ND

NIH Proposal Prep and Commercialization for SBIR/STTR Proposals
January 30-31 - Omaha, NE

NIH Proposal Prep and Commercialization for SBIR/STTR Proposals
February 6 - Sioux Falls, SD

SBIR/STTR Funding: Is it Right for Me?
February 19 - Kalamazoo, MI

NIH Regional Seminar
April 20-22 - Baltimore, MD

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BBC Entrepreneurial Training & Consulting, LLC (BBCetc) works with technology-based entrepreneurs and companies across the U.S. on strategies to advance their R&D efforts to commercialization. The BBCetc team is nationally recognized for its success in helping clients secure federal funding through the SBIR and STTR programs. BBCetc services include research grant assistance, SBIR/STTR training and proposal development assistance, and grants and contract management.

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