A New Year Brings New Hope
January/February 2021
Letter from Kate

Happy New Year! I’m sure that you will join me in rejoicing that 2020 is behind us! 
What a year it was! The challenges that COVID brought - job losses, food insecurity and the uncertainty. 
But one thing was never in question and that was the loyalty and commitment of our volunteers and donors. 

fp helps families during covid-19 crisis
FP helps families facing eviction during COVID-19 crisis

When the COVID outbreak really began to take hold in NJ, many families found their hours severely cut or their places of business shut down altogether. Families, many of whom could not cover a $400 bill prior to the pandemic, found themselves having to choose between feeding their families and paying the rent.

financial literacy at fp of Bergen County
New and improved financial empowerment 2.0

FP’s Financial Literacy workshops have been well received by our families for several years and have been offering valuable information, resources, and targeted guidance. And with 2021 comes a very exciting addition to the program!

family promise of bergen county walk-in dinner volunteers
A special thanks to our Walk-In Dinner volunteers

The year 2020 brought challenges to all of us that we couldn’t have imagined. But through it all, Family Promise volunteers stepped up and showed up in amazing ways to support the Walk-In Dinner Program. 

family promise raffle to support homeless families
Feeling lucky? 

The Super 50/50 Raffle is coming soon!
Stay tuned for more info.
A special offering

Mark Trautman, music director at St. Paul’s in Englewood, is always looking for new ways to bring music, and the joy that comes with it, into the lives of children. He reached out to the family living in our Englewood apartment and invited the eldest son Jimmy to be part of the music program through piano lessons. What an opportunity!

The drive to succeed

Gloria* and her three children became homeless shortly after she and her husband separated. She was working in the cleaning department at a local trucking company but could not make the rent. Gloria, who comes from a family of truck drivers, decided to get her Commercial Driver’s License after encouragement from her Family Case Manager, Luz.

Adam Rosignolo Family Success Fund
Donor spotlight – The Adam Rosignolo Family Success Fund

As a young child growing up in Bergen County, Adam Rosignolo wondered how anyone could be homeless or hungry and had a deep concern for those who were suffering in his community. But this remarkable child didn’t just wonder, he did something about it.

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

While Bergen County was covered in a blanket of beautiful snow in December, it was nothing compared to the snow-themed virtual party for the children in our programs hosted by the Family Promise Youth Council.

Wish List

We are thankful to the community for your generosity in donating items on our Wish List. At this time, for the safety of our families, staff and donors, we are NOT accepting any donations except Shoprite and other gift cards, which can be mailed to our office at 100 Dayton Street, Ridgewood, NJ 07450. Please include your name, address and the value of the gift cards so we may send you an acknowledgement letter for your donation.
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