This Week at RBOR
July 23, 2018
Two Drinks Complements of our Sponsor
Paul Hallahan
Lawley Insurance
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Give a SHOUT OUT to Ridgefield REALTORS
who Do More than Sell Houses...
T hanks to our Volunteers who Greeted Residents & Neighbors at the RBOR Summerfest Boo th
Barbara Assiff, Barry London, Kyle Neumann,
Jefferson Guthrie, Dena Daugherty, Laura Brodie,
Christine Trudeau & Laura Rubinfeld
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Tips & Tools to Help Your Business
5 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Stay Relevant While Tech Invades
Play your cards right and you'll be riding the tech wave, not drowned by it... Read Five ways to resist tech-induced obsoletion and retain your clientele in this changing market.
While social media sites like Twitter and Instagram are saturated with real estate professionals vying for the attention of potential clients, Pinterest remains largely untapped—and it’s ripe with marketing opportunity. Learn How to tailor your page to master this marketing and customer service tool...
No More Missed Connections at Open Houses
E ven in a world where more relationships begin online, face time with prospects and clients is your ultimate goal—and holding an open house is an effective means to this end, These Tips can help you carve out a moment to connect with each individual guest.
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