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July 30, 2018
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Welcome New Ridgefield REALTORS
Barbara Baughman, Keller Williams
Roosevelt Campos, BHHSNE
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Tips & Tools to Help Your Business
11 Things Real Estate Agents Could get in Legal Trouble For...

Keep your business out of a mess by avoiding these common missteps. To protect against these legal risks, agents need to be meticulous in their work and up to date on all relevant laws.
Here are 11 Things real estate agents commonly get sued (or otherwise land in legal trouble) for.
Rising interest rates worrying your clients? Tell them these 5 things
If you are working with clients who are on the fence about buying or listing a property, the rate increase could be a great motivator. Here are Five Facts about interest rate increases that may inspire clients to move. ...
7 Ways to Engage Your Sphere of Influence for Higher ROI
Are you leveraging your most valuable resource well enough? What is this miracle resource? Nothing more than the agent’s sphere of influence, the network of people who already know, like and trust that agent. Here’s a Basic Rundown of how you keep the people in your sphere engaged and interested in you.
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