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April 2014

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CambridgeIP is the global innovation and intellectual property consultancy. 

CambridgeIP provides its clients around the world access to actionable research, insights, information and analysis. 

We assist our clients accelerate the development and deployment of their valuable technologies, make fact-based investment decisions, monitor competitors and secure future value. 
CambridgeIP owns and operates a comprehensive IP search and analytics platform

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CambridgeIP Outreach
The CambridgeIP Outreach Programme supports the early adoption of sound IP strategies and accelerates the growth of ideas by entrepreneurial start-ups. 
Participating organisations access to advanced technology intelligence tools, expert training and consultancy support. 

If you are interested in learning more about our outreach work or how to become a participant, please
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We would like to share some recent news about CambridgeIP's services and activities:   

If you have any comments or questions about any of our recent news and activities visit us at or feel free to contact us

The CambridgeIP Team
The Future of Search: CambridgeIP partners with Royal Society of Chemistry and the University of Cambridge futureofsearch 

CambridgeIP's project, investigating the Future of Search in science literature, has won a Technology Strategy Board grant.  

CambridgeIP, with project partners the University of Cambridge and Royal So
ciety of Chemistry, have won a significant amount of funding to develop novel touch interfaces to the CambridgeIP global scientific literature archive. The end goal of the collaborative R&D project is to enable more intuitive search and analysis of patents and science literature across a range of devices for both specialist and non-specialist users.   


Quentin Tannock (Chairman, CambridgeIP) said that "This project adds to CambridgeIP's continuing innovation around search and analytics in specialist subject matter areas, such as pharmaceuticals, industrial chemistry and advanced materials. It will help enable users to find critical information more easily and enable new value added information services for R&D intensive industries". 

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CambridgeIP joins the Cambridge Graphene Centre DiscoverIPNewFeatures 

CambridgeIP will work alongside other major players in the Graphene R&D space to assist the Centre commercialise innovations and to successfully navigate the dense and complex IP Landscape around this exciting material. 


CambridgeIP are proud to have been approached by the Cambridge Graphene Centre to join their mission to investigate the science and technology of graphene, carbon allotropes, layered crystals and hybrid nanomaterials. The Centre, supported by Cambridge University and led by Professor Ferrari, aims to promote innovative and adventurous research around graphene with an eye on practical applications. 


CambridgeIP's ground breaking research into the intellectual property surrounding graphene, which we initially published in February 2013, and our understanding of graphene value chains and commercialisation will be shared with the Centre's other partners - including Agilent, BAE Systems, Du Pont, Dyson, Nokia, Philips and Plastic Logic - to facilitate the practical adoption of new graphene based technologies.   


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Freedom to Operate Search capabilities DiscoverIPNewFeatures 

CambridgeIP have further refined their Freedom to Operate (FTO) search and analysis methodology and tools. 

Freedom to Operate (FTO) assessments are a key activity for any organisation looking to deploy a new innovation, emerge into a new sector, enter a new country or to expand and develop their existing operations.  CambridgeIP's in depth FTO search and analysis capabilities identify any relevant patents held by third parties in your key markets around the world.


CambridgeIP brings to bear it's impressive global patent databases, proprietary in-house tools & methods, with deep expertise to ensure industry leading FTO search & analysis.  Whilst many organisations will simply undertake FTO search and analysis for a contracted period of time, CambridgeIP's tools and unique inclusive FTO search methodology ensures that the entire patent landscape is recovered, before application of analysis tools and expert review of findings. This technique provides comprehensive and accurate results not dependent purely on time spent searching. CambridgeIP has extensive experience in hundreds of projects, across key areas in life sciences, ICT and elsewhere.


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Identifying Opportunities in the IP Landscape
CambridgeIP experts will host a training session in partnership with One Nucleus on 10th April to introduce R&D professionals in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries to the wide range of uses of IP information and analysis. 

Intellectual Property (IP) information is now routinely deployed by corporations to answer a wide variety of strategic questions. For example, while once the preserve of the inventor and the patent attorney, CEOs use patent data to understand technology trends and R&D professionals commission patent landscapes to understand competitor's R&D.  


Using our experience in working with the full range of players across pharmaceutical and biotech industry spaces, we would like to help businesses to understand how they can seize upon the values of IP information. The courses will explain:

  • uses, benefits and limitations of IP Landscaping
  • the range of types of IP Landscapes and related traditional patent searches (including Freedom to Operate searching, Prior Art searching and Invalidity searching)
  • when to use IP Landscaping
  • pros and cons of outsourcing IP Landscape work.   

The presentation of case studies from the Health and Life Sciences will help illustrate approaches and give an opportunity for delegates to discuss approaches. 


For more information, or to register, visit the One Nucleus website.


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CambridgeIP Presents 

CambridgeIP has recently presented on topics including Formulation technology patents, the Nanoformulations IP Landscape´┐Ż and Freedom to Operate (FTO) searching. You can read more below about recent and upcoming events presented by CambridgeIP.  

Upcoming PresentationsUpcomingpresentations

17 April 2014
Quentin Tannock (Chairman) will speak at the next patent information specialists meeting in the Netherlands.  Quentin has been invited to introduce CambridgeIP's methods, tools and capabilities - he will present several case studies, showing how CambridgeIP has helped clients in a range of industry sectors with patent search and analysis, informing FTO assessments, developing patent strategies and undertaking the IP Landscape exercises for which CambridgeIP is well known.  Event participants  come from a range of industry sectors and include major corporations, SMEs and patent information specialists in patent offices.

Recent Presentations

3 March 2014 
Anna Duch (Associate) presented a poster at an Oxbridge Biotech Roundtable event which looked at the most innovative developments in cancer research. Her presentation identified patenting trends and owners of intellectual property covering major development areas in the field of delivery of therapeutic antibodies which have been deployed against cancer. Anna presented research exploring the patent landscape around the therapeutic antibodies against cancer, including patenting trends to assess maturity of the space, major drivers of its development and potential patentability issues, and technology owners. Anna also discussed  recent developments in this sector identified by CambridgeIP, including development of new antibodies against new targets and patenting strategies to extend life-cycle of existing therapeutics.

12 February 2014

Quentin Tannock (Chairman) spoke the Open Innovation in Food and FMCG  Value Chain Forum at Cargill's R&D Centre in Brussels, helping major FMCG players address their IP issues. Quentin's presentation titled 'Exploring the IP Landscape' introduced technology landscaping and patent landscaping concepts and outlined when to use technology landscaping and patent landscaping for open innovation activities.  Quentin also presented case studies based on CambridgeIP's experiences.  CambridgeIP's technology landscape and patent landscape services are used by the full range of players in the Food industry and across FMCG value chains. 

29 October 2013
Anna Duch (Associate) presented a poster at the 3rd annual MiBio conference in Cambridge, UK looking at innovation trends in the delivery of therapeutics antibodies.The poster identifies patenting trends and owners of intellectual property covering major development areas in the field of delivery of therapeutic antibodies. CambridgeIP's research explores the patent landscape around the delivery of therapeutic antibodies, including patenting trends to assess maturity of the space, major drivers of its development and potential patentability issues, and technology owners. At the event Anna also discussed recent developments in this sector, regarding both reducing viscosity of antibody formulations and their delivery. 
CambridgeIP presents at numerous conferences and workshops, if you are interested in attending any of our upcoming events, or if you want to hear from an IP expert at your event, please contact us