Celebrating 40 years of service!
40 years is truly looking fabulous at the Family Crisis Center of Baltimore County! Since its inception in 1979, a talented and passionate team of professionals has helped over 50,000 individuals in the greater Baltimore area get a good night's sleep.

Thanks to friends and supporters, FCC assists families who are experiencing conflict and violence and provide understanding and consultation for the community at large. Today we offer Emergency Safe Shelter and Transitional Housing, New Behaviors Programs, Victim Advocacy Services, Family Coaching and 24 Hour Hotline and serve 2,000 individuals a year.

As FCC looks to a brand new day and many decades of service to come, the Board of Directors is engaging in a robust strategic planning process. We renew our commitment to helping families across Baltimore know the hope of a Brand New Day and look forward to your continued support.

Life is busy in the shelter and the needs are ever present. In the summer months we look forward to donations of new or gently used children's shorts, tee shirts, and women's shorts and tee shirts. We are always in need of bath towels and will gladly accept cash donations for additional needs. Find more information about current needs and a link to donate at https://familycrisiscenter.net/donate

Wishing you and yours a happy, safe and healthy summer!

Amie Post
Executive/Clinical Director
Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 14 when we will gather to celebrate our great history with
"Blue Jeans & Bluegrass Bull Roast"!
Watch the website for details!

This year your gift helped support the Early Intervention Program and made a difference in the lives of several families. Here is Ann's story.

Ann's relationship with her husband felt tense and miserable. Ann recognized that she was very dependent on her husband and her neighbor's approval and feared upsetting either. In the past, choosing for her self often resulted in yelling from her husband and gossip in the neighborhood. She was limiting what she would do and what her children did in order to keep her husband and neighborhood calm. Ann did not have a way of thinking about her own goals or how to move forward. She was isolated from her family and broader community. Ann felt miserable and like she had no choices.

Working with the FCC Family Coach, Ann was able to begin to think about how to move forward. Ann worked to develop some goals and accessed resources by connecting with her family. Ann has a strong sense of the steps she can take to make sure she and her children are safe and their needs continue to be met. She is advocating for her children at school and actively working to resolve some debt/financial issues. Ann feels less tense and more secure in her own self every day. Today, Ann feels hopeful and like she has many choices. Ann has interrup ted a pattern of functioning and built capacity in her self. Ann experiences a Brand New Day every day as she continues building on early successes planning goals and making changes. She feels a boost of confidence in self and own capacity. Ann and her family are moving forward toward a better future thanks to your support!


The Early Intervention Program works with community partners to identify and engage individuals, couples and families who are in non-productive patterns of family functioning. The focus is on building on strengths and assisting individuals and families in setting and achieving meaningful goals. Initiated as a pilot program in September 2018, we are delighted to begin to see the impact of services on Baltimore's families! This year we have served over 25 families and plan to increase that by 100% in the coming year!


FCC provides leadership and support for the Baltimore County Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Hotline. For over 35 years, this hotline has operated without interruption thanks to the selfless contributions of volunteers. This fall, Morgan State University advanced undergraduate psychology students Assata Barnes, Tacara Brown, JeNeah Jackson and Monica Henry were great volunteers at FCC!

Think you might need help or support?

Call Baltimore County
Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Hotline


The Mary Kay Foundation  awarded FCC with a $20,000 unrestricted grant to support local survivors of domestic violence in Baltimore, MD.  
The Mary Kay Foundation was established in 1996 with the purpose of supporting issues impacting women.including ending domestic violence. The Foundation funds the life-saving work of women’s shelters and the annual shelter grant program has helped finance critical needs including emergency shelter, transitional housing, counseling and legal aid. All of these resources support women and children as they seek refuge and relief on their journey to an abuse-free life. This year, more than 1,200 organizations applied for the Mary Kay Foundation shelter grants.
Thank you Mary Kay Foundation for your tremendous gift! You have helped FCC serve over 125 adults and 250 children in shelter this year!