News and updates from the non-profit Life Realized, Inc.
(formerly The Open Studio)
Hello, We're Back!

We hope this finds you and those you care about well. We've missed you!

We know we've been "off the grid" for quite a while; during a bit of a transition (read more about that here), we've been incredibly busy getting everything ready to be bigger, better, and be able to provide you with more of the programs you've enjoyed and wanted from us in the past, many of which we just couldn't provide before.
The Dearborn Center - Our New Home Base!
We've created the The Dearborn Center, located at 501 W. Dearborn St. This new-to-us space will be our base of operations, but more importantly, a Community anchor on W. Dearborn St., and a place everyone in our Community can call home.

With 2,000 sq. ft. of space in a commercial zone, we've got plenty of room for a retail area, classes, workshops and seminars of all kinds, event space, and musical events (such as concerts, rehearsal space, open mics, jams...); in short, we can have pretty much any type of program you want! We also have about 6,000 sq. ft. of level, grassed area for outdoor events.

And in our efforts to keep our Community safe, all of our upcoming events and programs are designed with COVID-19 Social Distancing requirements.
What's In Store For You...

• We're moving in to our new home base,
The Dearborn Center, at 501 W. Dearborn St.,
Englewood. We'll be able to provide you with indoor
and outdoor events and programs, year round.

• A variety of events, classes, seminars and workshops at The Dearborn Center

• A Sunday Farmers Market, year round, RAIN OR SHINE, 10:00am to 3:00pm; started January 12th,
shut down due to COVID-19, and restarted on June 14th

• A Thursday Farmers Market, RAIN OR SHINE, 9:00am to 2:00pm, starting October 8th, at The
Dearborn Center, 501 W. Dearborn St.

• Fermentation Workshops starting in late November...

• Watercolor painting classes (intro and intermediate-level) are coming soon; contact us if you're
interested (, or 941-681-8188)

• An open mic will restart soon...

• And there's so much more "in the works!"
How Do All These Changes Affect You?
They don't - except in a really good way... if you have an interest in a variety of music and art programs, self-improvement and healthy living programs, and small business entrepreneurship development and mentoring. You're simply going to have more of what you like!

What You Need To Do...
Nothing... or something you love. (Tell us what you'd like to see for programs and events by submitting a short questionnaire.) We're happy to have you as part of our Community. And, THANK YOU for your support in the past.

To keep up-to-date in between our newsletters, please visit:

We Always Appreciate Your Help...
As a non-profit/public charity, we are 100% dependent on volunteers and donations from the Community-at-large in order to maintain existing programs and introduce new ones. You can help us in two major ways:

In the interest of brevity, that's it for now.

Be safe, healthy, and well. See you at the Markets, a class, or other Life Realized event.
Executive Director
Life Realized, Inc.