April 18th, 2020
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Dear North Phoenix Prep Families,

You are not alone. And you must keep a firm hold on that reality. 

The human suffering that has resulted from joblessness, illness, and death from COVID-19 is something we should never minimize or push to the side. Our lesser but still significant workaday sufferings cannot be ignored either. But in the midst of this strange moment of "social distancing" I believe our school ironically has an opportunity to rediscover the meaning of community. Through a kind of via negativa , we are feeling the importance of one another's presence--precisely because of our distance. 

That reawakened desire for friendship, society, and community stands in stark contrast with the dominant worldview in the broader culture.  Matthew Crawford describes this prevailing zeitgeist well when he explores the idea of autonomy:

The idea of autonomy denies that we are born into a world that existed prior to us. It posits an essential aloneness; an autonomous being is free in the sense that a being severed from all others is free. To regard oneself in this way is to betray the natural debts we owe to the world, and commit the moral error of ingratitude. For in fact we are basically dependent beings: one upon another, and each on a world that is not of our making. ( Shop Class as Soulcraft, 208)

Autonomy has been the primary way that we 21st century Americans understand ourselves in relation to society. To the extent that we considered social bonds at all, we tended to sacrifice our sense of camaraderie on the altar of an atomistic view of freedom. We tended to believe that we were free because nothing stood in our way. We believed that we were free because we could do whatever we pleased--and because we depended on nobody but ourselves. We took the genoise cake of community and overwhelmed it with the buttercream frosting of individuality. (Can you tell that I've been watching The Great British Baking Show ?)

But in the wake of school closures, I am hopeful that we might emerge with a deeper appreciation for community. That would mean, interestingly enough, the restoration of a classical view of freedom. On a classical view, the primary cultural reality is not individual autonomy but what Cicero called societas (which is perhaps best translated as "fellowship"). Freedom is thus not merely the absence of external restraints. It is not merely the ability to do whatever we please. Rather, it is the capacity to recognize and fulfill our duties to one another . On the classical view, we humbly keep our own neediness, our own dependence upon one another, in the forefront of our minds. We discover that people in the community are counting on us, just as we are counting on them. In this way, a classical kind of freedom knits communities together rather than breaking them apart. By grounding freedom in duty, we can see our own moral responsibilities more clearly.

So none of us are alone. In fact, this crisis is showing us our mutual dependence more than ever. And what if we all pulled for each other? What if we regarded everyone in our community as a friend? What if we made a special effort to be “socially present” even in a time of social distance? Well that would be truly liberating.

With Devotion and Good Cheer,

Headmaster Weinhold
North Phoenix Prep is dedicated to helping our families navigate this unprecedented time. Please access the following resources


Gladiators, thank you for Taking the Credit with NPX!

We achieved over 100% of our goal!! On behalf of our students, coaches, athletic department and all of our extracurricular programs, we thank you!

Watch this short video to see which three athletes won a FREE Sports Season & for a special reveal and tribute to our Regional And State Champions. 

Spreading senior LOVE! A huge thank you to our admin for a wonderful surprise to our seniors! Cheers to the class of 2020 graduates!!🎓🎉❤️

Gladiators, it’s time to apply for next year’s Lanista positions! If you have ideas for our teams next year, are interested in mentoring younger students, want to learn leadership skills, and are either in 8 th or 9 th grade, please apply! Please find the link here and fill it out by April 20. Ms. Schripsema will hold interviews over Zoom along with other faculty members. 
Email Ms. Schripsema with any questions.


The PSO will have a their final meeting of the year. Thursday April 30 th from 7:00 – 8:00pm . We will have an open nominations for board members and will have a vote for new officers.

Text Lisa Johnston, PSO president, any questions - 602-921-4464

Sign up to nominate board members and to look at volunteer opportunities available.
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North Phoenix Prep Social Media Highlights

 "We got a kick out of the fact that the geometry teacher that our son has was once both myself and Sarah’s geometry teacher over twenty years ago back in 1997 and 1998. Who would have thought? He was a great teacher then and is still just as wonderful. We have loved that both of our sons have been taught by Mr. Shisler and we have really enjoyed getting to volunteer alongside him during school events throughout our time at Prep. Due to this COVID time of social distancing we can’t get a photo of us all together, so here are some gems from 1998. As you can see Mr. Shisler still hasn’t changed or aged due to his amazing superhero workouts"
~ Josh Miller
Encouraging words!


This weeks Senior spotlight is Anna Pesheva! Click on her image for her excellent advice and also to hear her answer to last week's controversial question...

Summer courses are available for incoming 7th grade students as well as current students in need of credit recovery.

Information, course descriptions, cost, guidelines HERE

Register by following the links below:


Love and Logic is offering free on-line parenting classes for the month of April!

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