September 8, 2019
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  • Love and Logic
  • Gladiator Sports
  • College Counseling Corner
  • Ancient History
  • Traffic Reminder
  • September Lunch Menu
  • Cornhole
  • GH Gala
  • Picture Day
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Upcoming events:

  • 9/14/19 Dad's club Cornhole Tournament (corrected date)
  • 9/16/19- Great Hearts In-service- no school
  • 9/19/19- All students- picture day!
  • 9/20/19- Headmaster Coffee location and time TBA
  • 9/21/19- High School Social
  • 9/28/19 PSO Service Project
Great Hearts Family Feature
Dear ANP/NPX Famiies,

We are the Arkawi’s and currently have nine of our children enrolled at ANP/NPX (six at ANP and three at NPX). I still have a three-year-old at home with me and he will be joining the ANP family in a couple years.  Our journey at Great Hearts started back in 2012, the inaugural year for the North Phoenix Great Hearts location. At that time, I had six kids and was attempting to homeschool using the classical method. I was having a very hard time keeping up with homeschooling, house chores, and running after little ones. As I was hitting the peak of being overwhelmed and feeling as if I was just not able to keep up with all the demands of a homeschooling mom, I received a flyer in the mail which would change all our lives forever. It was a Great Hearts flyer. I had never heard of Great Hearts schools and really didn’t know much about Charter schools. This flyer was talking of a new campus opening in North Phoenix. The description on that flyer had me in tears, because what I read was exactly the education that I was trying to (unsuccessfully) replicate at home. The goals and visions of this school were exactly what I wanted in a school. That night, I went to my husband and showed him the flyer and said how amazing the curriculum looked and I felt we should give it a try. It just felt “right”, and my heart was at ease with the decision to let my children enroll. Honestly, it was as if God had answered my prayers, I was not willing to put my children in any random school, yet I felt I was not able to provide them the education that they needed. My kids at first were apprehensive, scared, nervous, and didn’t want to give it a try. They felt safe and comfortable at home, it was all they knew. I told them that we needed to give this a try, that I felt it would be very good for them. I have always had great experiences with all the teachers and administration. If I ever had concerns or if any problems ever arose, the staff was very prompt in not only replying to me but going out of their way to help find a resolution to the issue. I have always felt that my children were very much cared for and loved. The level of education is incredible at Great Hearts and has truly given my children a love for learning and increased their sense of wonder in ways I could have never imagined. Great Hearts challenges my children in ways they didn’t know were possible and year after year, I am amazed at the growth I see in them. I hear the way they speak to each other at the dinner table, my high-schoolers' discussing novels that they are reading and asking us philosophical questions and turning dinner into a mini Humane Letters discussion. They learn to dialogue with each other, express their opinions, and learn to listen to others, agree or respectfully disagree with a differing opinion. They are learning beneficial interpersonal skills that will be very useful long after they leave high school. My Archway students share with me an interesting piece of information they learned in history or being so excited to share what science experiment they completed in class. Seeing their faces light up as they are telling me about their school day is very rewarding. Great Hearts education is very much a rigorous curriculum and does require student, parent and teacher to come together for the best interests of the child. We have never looked back or regretted our decision enrolling at Great Hearts, it was truly the best move that we could have made. Seven years behind us, and approximately fourteen years left to go before our last one graduates high school, we plan to be around for many years to come. My hope is that each one of our ten children will be Great Hearts graduates.
The quality of education delivered at our school is only possible with our communities generous support of the Community Investment campaign. Partner with us in supporting our great school, please   make your gift today   or take a moment and complete  the pledge you've already made  

Together we can do great things. 

Respectful, logical consequences that maintain the dignity of the child are key components of Love & Logic. When a child makes a poor choice or causes a problem, consequences and reflection are part of the learning process. However, many believe that consequences need to immediate to be effective; yet, when we delay our consequence, it allows us to take the time we need to calm down, think through possible options, and gives the child a chance to begin reflecting on the situation.
Additional information If you are interested in learning more as a parent and how to implement Love and Logic techniques at home, we (in conjunction with North Phoenix Prep) will be holding Parenting with Love and Logic sessions starting in a few weeks. The cost will be $60 per family, which includes the cost of a workbook and six classes on techniques you can use at home with any age range of kids. Please email Sarah Schripsema at if you are interested. 
Gladiator Sports
Fall Athletics are in full swing! Be sure to keep up with the latest events by consulting the schedule below.

Go Gladiators!
High School

Tuesday, 9/10 JV Volleyball @ Anthem 6:00 pm

Tuesday, 9/10 Varsity Volleyball @ Anthem 7:00 pm

Thursday, 9/12 JV Volleyball @ North Pointe Prep 5:00 pm

Thursday, 9/12 Varsity Volleyball @ North Pointe Prep 6:00 pm

Saturday, 9/14 Varsity Cross Country @ Fountain Hills Park 7:00 am
Middle School

Friday, 9/13 B-White Volleyball @ Scottsdale Prep 4:30 pm

Saturday, 9/14 Cross Country @ Freestone Park 7:00 am

Saturday, 9/14 C-Gold & C-Black Volleyball @Home Conference game start 9:00 am
If your student is interested in joining Lacrosse please take a look at this flyer .  
College Counseling Corner

On Monday, September 9th the Class of 2020 has two amazing opportunities. Abby Tudor from NAU is coming to NPX during lyceum and third period to host a NAU College Application Workshop.

In order for students to reap the full benefit of this opportunity they will need to bring with them the following:

Parents contact Information
Students Social Security Number
Drivers License (if student has one)

Monday evening from 6 pm -7:30 pm the NPX Office of College Counseling will be hosting Senior Experience Night 2019. During our evening together Seniors and their parents will hear from various faculty members and speakers who will be sharing on topics such as College Application Workshops, College Rep visits, FAFSA Application Night, Senior Thesis, Washington D.C. trip, Fundraising opportunities, YB ads, senior quotes & baby pics, Senior Prom, Atlas Internship Program, and much more. You will also be receiving a NPX College Counseling Calendar of Events from now through the Nov 1st Early Application Date.

For those of you who have registered to take, or retake, the ACT on Saturday, September 14th, be sure to verify your testing location.

Kathleen M. Miller | College Counselor
This week in Ancient History

North Phoenix Community,

Last year the then seventh graders / now eighth graders and I began a correspondence with the world's leading Hittite scholar, Dr Trevor Bryce, because we had a question about a clay tablet fragment, and we also read some of his work in class.

Dr Bryce has just retired and published his definitive monograph, Warriors of Anatolia . He was moved by our interest in his work, and has sent us a copy of his new book. This is a picture of the cover and the message he wrote to us on the inside of the book.

This book is currently located in room 517 for the students to enjoy during leisure time.

David Belcheff | Ancient History Teacher
Traffic Reminder
For the safety of all, please adhere to our traffic procedures which can be reviewed HERE

This includes being a good neighbor. It is important that Calvary Church (across 32nd street) not be used as a turn around. This is especially vital as they have very young children and families arriving to their campus in the morning for their preschool program.

If you must turn around. Please use Hearn (East side of 32nd street) to do so and refrain from entering the Calvary campus
Blue Willow Lunch Program

Please view the September Hot Lunch Menu

other available items and pricing available HERE

Note that Pizza Day is now on Tuesdays to ensure there is enough time to serve our students.
PSO Dad's Club

(Dad's/ male guardians of North Phoenix Students)

Cornhole tournament September 14th. Check out the flyer and RSVP!  
Tickets to the Great Hearts Gala are now on sale! Join us on September 28th at Chateau Luxe for a magical evening in support of our teachers. Click here to purchase your ticket today. We are also seeking support in the form of table sponsorships and auction items. If you'd like to get involved or learn more about the Gala, please contact our school's Gala Committee Chair by phone at 602.703.5263 or by email .  
Picture Day is September 19th!

Parents have the ability to order pictures using pre order link or by visiting and using the school's access key, 2QTNHRL6 , also found on your picture day envelope before and up to four (4) days after picture day.
After the 4-day grace period expires, a personalized access key will be sent home with picture delivery. A $7 shipping and handling fee will be added to all orders made with a personalized access key and orders ship directly home.
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