January 12, 2020
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  • Teacher Feature
  • Semester 2 Clubs
  • Homework Club
  • Bell Schedule
  • Yearbook
  • Senior Ad's
  • Uniform Update
  • Middle School Social
  • 8th grade group picture
  • Lunch Update
  • Remind App
  • Attendance reporting

Upcoming events:

  • January 18th MS Social- Game Night!
  • Monday, January 20th Civil Rights Day- No School
  • Thursday, January 23rd 8th Grade group picture
  • January 25th HS Social
Teacher Feature: Mr. Thomas Gray
By Scotlyn Mascarelli

Mr. Gray is a heavily respected teacher here at NPX, teaching both Medieval History and Economics along with leading the Strength and Conditioning Team. He had made it his career to educate middle schoolers and high schoolers of a large variety and to help them to learn and grow in their careers as students. 

Mr. Gray attended 5 different high schools in Arizona, Texas, Maryland, and Virginia in four years. In high school, he was involved in the shot and discus events in track and field, was the class clown, and had memorable history teachers whom he got along with. Mr. Gray hardly studied which made him learn a very painful lesson by the time he got to college. How he managed was by learning time management, note taking, and study skills all from scratch and really treating his career as a student like a job. He prioritized his work and scheduled all planned assignments by giving himself deadlines to work his way up and improve as a student. 

When attending the University of Northern Colorado to get his Masters Degree, he was presented the opportunity to work as a TA for American history and had to make the decision to make all of his preparations during his winter break. He said “yes” without knowing what he was getting into and discovered how much work went into it, but also how much joy it brought him. He proceeded to teach American history at UNC for 3 semesters and has also taught at Grand Canyon University. During his career, a friend of his from GCU had recommended the Great Hearts School District (specifically North Phoenix Prep) for his daughter to attend school. By the end of her 7th grade year, Mr. Gray came here to teach, and he is now in his second year as a part of the NPX staff.     

What is something that your colleagues and/or students may not know about you?
“I was and still am a Trekkie ( Star Trek fan) and it kills me that my daughter hates it and likes Star Wars instead.”

Any advice for your students?
“Learn the material, learn the subject, then the grades will come. In that order.”
As a fellow Scott, I’m curious to know what makes you wear a kilt to Field Day?
“I’ve competed in the Highland Games for several years all over Arizona and the competitive, sporty nature of Field Day inspires me to wear it.”
For more student journalism and news, read the  ACTA GLADIATOR , North Phoenix Prep’s student newspaper.

Student Newsletter
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Semester 2 Clubs

Information regarding Semester 2 club offerings are available on the website . Enrollment from fist semester does not roll over and new registration is required.

We have a few variations on existing clubs and the addition of two new clubs, Math Club & Debate Club. Register HERE

Q3 Homework club began January 9th.

New to homework club? Registration is separate from tuition and required to attend. Register following link below-

New and returning Homework club students pay tuition for Quarter 3

New Bell Schedule
Our new bell schedule went into effect January 9th. This is for regular days only and early release and half days have not changed.

For additional information regarding this change please click HERE
Yearbook orders

Please follow this link to order yearbooks through PICTAVO!

Parents of Senior Students- purchase Senior Ad's still available!
Contact Ms. Pagnone with questions MPagnone@northphoenixprep.org

Uniform Update

From the Dean of Students

After two and a half weeks off of school, it’s time to take out and dust off the old uniform! Following deliberation over break, we have decided to make a couple of changes midstream. Don’t worry-this shouldn’t break the bank, but should actually be a reprieve from making purchases.

Uniform Policy Changes to outerwear for this semester:
  1. Students will be allowed to wear athletic outerwear in the classrooms for this semester. We will revisit the policy on athletic outerwear for next year by May; please stay tuned for that communication!
  2. Students will be allowed to wear non-uniform outerwear in the courtyard during lyceum and lunch/rec. Plain sweatshirts or jackets are allowed, but must not display teams, pop culture, inappropriate content, or logos. Beanies will be allowed, but the above restrictions apply. No other hats will be allowed, nor will leggings or blankets.

As a reminder, the uniform policy may be found in the family handbook, with synopses on the website. Please review the uniform policy for this semester, so we can keep our students looking sharp! We will be continuing to focus on socks and shoes this semester; remember, socks must be at least crew length and both shoes and socks must be all black.

If you have questions about the uniform or why we have one, please email the Dean at sschripsema@northphoenixprep.org . Happy New Year!

GAME ON! Middle School Social this Saturday

Come get your game on Gladiators! Game Night is here at the NPX Courtyard/MPR. You don't miss this EXCITING event, featuring so many fun games inside AND outside. Come play any and all games, don't want to play, thats ok, come cheer your friends on. We will also have Karaoke for those who love to sing and some Pizza and yummy treats to indulge in.

At the door $15.

January 18th 6-9pm.
Lets kick off 2020 with some friendly competition and FUN!
See you soon!
Reminder to 8th grade families- the 8th grade group picture is Thursday, January 23rd at 8:30 am. Please do not make any appointments for that morning so that your student will be included. Students wear school uniform for the picture.

January Lunch Menu and Updates

There will be 3 areas to purchase food.

  • Inside the MPR, the “Hot Lunch of the Day” window.
  • Next to the vending machines- the “Snack Shack.” At this location- items such as bagel and cream cheese, fruit, yogurt, chips, and a favorite Arizona iced tea!
  • Outside in the Courtyard you will find the Hot Dogger Cart. At this location-all grab and go items such as meatball subs, corn dogs, and chicken shawarma.

Lunch time is longer each day! And because it is later in the day, we now have access to the Gym! On Mondays and Thursdays, Middle School students will use the gym. On Tuesdays and Fridays, High School students will use the gym. The gym will not be available on Wednesdays. January lunch menu available HERE .
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Email is preferred to phone call- Thank you!
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May 14, 2020
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