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Refinery group shot 10-2022
Employees at Pacific Biodiesel's Hawaii Island refinery gather for National Manufacturing Day. Founded on Maui in 1995, Pacific Biodiesel is Hawaii’s only commercial producer of liquid biofuels. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the company's Hawaii Island biodiesel refinery, which began producing premium distilled biodiesel for Hawaii in 2012.
October 7, 2022
Monitors Crop
Director of Operations Jenna Long looks on as plant operators review production status.

The company went on to build 13 biodiesel refineries across the country and in Japan. Today Pacific Biodiesel's operations are entirely focused in Hawaii, where the company employs nearly 100 employees statewide at its locations on Hawaii Island, Maui and Oahu.

"We are very proud of all that our team has accomplished in the past 10 years since groundbreaking of this facility. We have learned much about operating this new technology and have been creative in adjusting to the constantly changing recycled feedstock material," said Director of Operations Jenna Long. "We greatly appreciate the hard work of everyone who has worked in and supported this plant over the past decade. Though we’re still always learning, our team now has gained the experience necessary to adapt to constantly changing conditions as we keep making the best quality biodiesel fuel around!"

As reported in Biodiesel Magazine, the U.S. biodiesel and renewable diesel industry supports 65,000 U.S. jobs and more than $17 billion in economic activity each year. Every 100 million gallons of production supports 3,200 jobs and $780 million in economic opportunity.

National Manufacturing Day was created by The Manufacturing Institute, a non-profit workforce development and education partner of the National Association of Manufacturers. According to The Manufacturing Institute, “As manufacturers seek to fill four million high-skill, high-tech and high-paying jobs over the next decade, Manufacturing Day empowers manufacturers to come together to address their collective challenges so they can help their communities and future generations thrive.”
Hawaii Island refinery
R&D Manager Doug Olds works on the tanks at the Hawaii Island refinery which opened in 2012.
Oahu Grou shot 10-2022
Staff members from Oahu's Sand Island facility gather for National Manufacturing Day.
Pacific Biodiesel continues to advance its production of biodiesel through innovative improvements in its operations. Director of Operations Jenna Long noted several recent improvements that have resulted in significant gains in waste oil available for biodiesel production.

“In August our Oahu operation more than doubled its monthly oil production from grease trap waste,” Long said. Used cooking oil captured from grease trap waste is recycled by the company for use in the production of biodiesel. “So far this year, we are operating that equipment at about 50% greater production per month compared to last year. The team has been working hard to run the system more consistently. We have seen less downtime and better performance. Also, the more grease trap waste we can process, the more effectively we can prevent restaurant grease from entering the island's sewer system and causing clogs.”
“At the company’s Hawaii Island refinery, the team has started on a project to install the same equipment that Oahu has been using,” she continued. “This will allow us to take in more grease trap waste on the Big Island and extract more usable oil from that material. It will also give us much greater resiliency for the Oahu system, as we will have a full working backup for that facility.” 
Hawaii Island’s Honokohau Harbor Gets Biodiesel Fueling Station
Pacific Biodiesel recently opened its second off-grid biodiesel fueling station in the state at the Honokohau Harbor in Kailua-Kona on the west side of Hawaii Island. The station, which serves on-road and off-road customers including boats at the harbor, provides 24/7 access to the company’s biodiesel that’s produced on Hawaii Island.

The station, which serves on-road and off-road customers including boats at the harbor, provides 24/7 access to the company’s biodiesel that’s produced on Hawaii Island.
BFS at Honokohau Harbor
The off-grid biodiesel fueling station at Honokohau Harbor provides 24/7 access for on-road and off-road fuel.
“Biodiesel advocates in West Hawaii have waited a long time to purchase our locally produced renewable fuel,” said Chris Long, Retail Fueling Manager for Pacific Biodiesel. “We’re working to make Pacific Biodiesel’s renewable fuel for all diesel engines more accessible across the state.”
The company’s first off-grid biodiesel station opened at Maui’s Maʻalaea Harbor earlier this summer. Another station is planned to open later this fall on Hawaii Island; it will be located in Pahoa at The Hub, at the intersection of Hwy 130 and Hwy 132. 
To purchase fuel from these biodiesel stations, customers must first download a free App (for Apple or Android) on their smart phone or mobile device which allows paperless fuel purchases, access to company news and informational videos, and participation in loyalty programs. Click here for more info.

For a listing of where to purchase biodiesel throughout Hawaii, visit www.biodiesel.com. To open a commercial account or for any questions about the off-grid fueling stations, contact Retail Fueling Manager Christopher Long at 808-283-1855. 
Customer Spotlight
National Park Service Logo
National Park Service Kalaupapa Settlement - Molokai

In August, Pacific Biodiesel sent a crew to Kalaupapa Settlement on Molokai to pump grease traps as part of its contract with the National Park Service. Because of its remote location, the company’s pump truck arrived by a Young Brothers barge chartered by the NPS.
“It was our first time providing services at Kalaupapa,” said Oahu Plant Manager Brian Leighton, who was on the Pacific Biodiesel crew with Oahu team members Liva Aulalo and Domonic Comelio. “We pumped two grease traps, one of which was at the community kitchen.”
The pump truck, with collected grease trap waste, was transported back to Pacific Biodiesel’s Sand Island facility for pre-processing. The used cooking oil was separated and will be utilized as feedstock for biodiesel production at the company’s Hawaii Island refinery.
The isolated Kalaupapa peninsula is located on the north shore of Molokai. In 1866, during the reign of Kamehameha V, the Hawaii legislature passed a law that resulted in the designation of Kalaupapa as the site for a leper colony, where patients who were seriously affected by leprosy (also known as Hansen's disease) could be quarantined, to prevent them from infecting others. The area has been preserved as the Kalaupapa National Historical Park.
“It's a beautiful place and everyone we encountered was friendly and hospitable,” said Leighton. “We look forward to providing services to the Kalaupapa Settlement again next year.”
Kalaupapa Service _R
Pacific Biodieselʻs CDL Lead Driver Liva Aulalo and CDL Driver Donomic Comelio service one of the grease traps at the Kalaupapa Settlement on Molokai.
Ashleyʻs Tractor and Hauling - Hawaii Island
With eight trucks and five tractors, Ashely’s Tractor and Hauling is finding biodiesel a great fuel for their operation. The company offers landscaping and hauling services on Hawaii Island along with material spreading and a range of landscaping services.
“We have a tank at our base yard so Pacific Biodiesel had the fuel delivered directly to us,” said owner Ashely DeLoach. “The price is much more stable than petroleum diesel which helps in our budgeting, plus no ‘diesel smell’ to bother customers or the neighbors.”
Photo courtesy Ashley's Tractor and Hauling.
Hawaii Tours - Maui
Hawaii tours logo
Dan Logtenberg, owner of Hawaii Tours which operates throughout the state, is committed to transitioning all his company’s vehicles to renewable fuel. Starting on Maui, two Mercedes Sprinters are now fueling with B100 at Pacific Biodiesel’s Hobron station. “My goal is to have all our diesel vehicles using biodiesel,” said Logtenberg.
Hawaii Tours prioritizes the health of the environment and local communities. It uses only biodegradable cleaning supplies and partners with companies that provide sustainable tours, ocean-friendly restaurants, local fare, farm-to-table luaus, and eco-conscious hotels who have earned a Green Business Award designation. Logtenberg was a vocal proponent for the ban on non-mineral sunscreen.
Hawaii Tours group shot
Members of the Hawaii Tours team support sustainable initiatives throughout the tourism industry including the use of biodiesel in all diesel engines. Photo courtesy Hawaii Tours
“Visitors love supporting sustainable local companies and want to help them work towards regenerative goals so they pay extra to be part of it. They want local companies to succeed,” noted Logtenberg. “It is in the best interest of our island community to make sure we are all delivering a service or product that a visitor can buy and that we can all feel good about.“
Logtenberg is also an Executive Committee member of the Sustainable Tourism Association of Hawaii.
“Biodiesel in our diesel vehicles should be a standard in our tourism industry. The benefits far outweigh the extra costs in so many ways," Logtenberg stated.
Pacific Biodiesel Featured on Nā Leo TV
Pacific Biodiesel was featured on Hawaii Island's Nā Leo TV for the first episode of its new series, “Island Science,” dedicated to the science and technology happening on Hawaii Island. This kick-off episode focused on how Pacific Biodiesel turns a waste product into renewable fuel for the island.

To watch the episode on demand, click here.
Pacific Biodiesel’s Hawaii Island refinery and crushing mill were highlighted including interviews with Operations Director Jenna Long, Plant Manager Al Leung and Maiden Hawaii Naturals Operations Manager Jamie Twigg-Smith. A tour of the Hamakua Energy power generation facility, the company’s largest biodiesel customer on the island, was also included.
National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

The week of September 11-17 was hailed as National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. Hawaii’s Governor Ige signed a proclamation in August, noting,Truck Driver Appreciation Week is an important time for people to thank professional truck drivers for their hard work and commitment in undertaking one of our economy's most demanding and important jobs,” and urging “the people of the Aloha State to join me in honoring our professional truck drivers who deliver goods and resources to our communities safely and securely.”
Pacific Biodiesel recognized its statewide team of drivers during the week-long celebration, including providing bento box lunches with personalized notes of appreciation.
Driver Appreciation Collage
“Our drivers are ambassadors of Pacific Biodiesel,” said Oahu Fleet Manager Dana Shinsato. “Whether pumping grease trap waste, collecting used cooking oil or delivering biodiesel to our fuel customers, they are at the front line with our clients and the lifeline to our biodiesel production facility. Their jobs aren’t the most glamorous, but are key to providing locally produced sustainable biodiesel throughout the Hawaiian Islands.”  
Neighbor Island Fleet Manager David Mollena concurred. “We couldn’t be prouder of our team of drivers,” he said. “They always step up to the plate and help wherever and whenever they are needed. Mahalo also to the families who support the late night/early morning hours and sometimes unpredictable schedules.”
"Our drivers are where the rubber meets the road. We appreciate all they do, every day, to safely serve our customers and keep our operations running smoothly," said Director of Operations Jenna Long.

AG2022 - Hawaii Agricultural Conference Returns
Pacific Biodiesel’s team attended the Hawaii Agriculture Conference when it returned in September for an in-person, two-day event centered around this year’s theme “Collaborative Leaders as Ag-ents of Change.”

Hosted by the Agricultural Leadership Foundation, AG2022 took place on September 27-28 at the Hawaii Convention Center, marking the first ag conference in nearly three years. As stated on the conference website, “Today more than ever, the agriculture sector and its affiliated industries must provide collaborative leadership to proactively address a changing environment. Be it the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, the local economy, or cultural and social drivers - times are constantly evolving, and there is a critical need to have a solid understanding of the big picture and to engage with others to identify, support and leverage opportunities to adapt in ways that benefit individual businesses, the collective agricultural community, and consumers of Hawai‘i.”
Pacific Biodiesel President Bob King was joined by Marketing Director Joy Galatro and Maiden Hawaii Naturals Operations Manager Jamie Twigg-Smith at the conference, where they hosted an exhibit booth and attended numerous sessions in the three conference tracks: Community Collaboration, A Vibrant Workforce and Business of Agriculture.

King is also the owner of Maiden Hawaii Naturals, LLC, which sustainably farms sunflowers and other crops on Maui for both food and fuel. The company produces premium culinary oils from its harvested sunflower seeds and locally sourced macadamia nuts.
Ag 2022 Group shot
Pacific Biodiesel President Bob King, at left, was joined by Marketing Director Joy Galatro and Maiden Hawaii Naturals Operations Manager Jamie Twigg-Smith at AG2022.
At the Ag Conference Pau Hana event, the culinary oils were featured in several farm to table dishes prepared by local chefs.
Ag 2022 Chef
Executive Chef of the Hawaii Convention Center Hector Morales and team served up a special farm-to-table offering at AG2022's Pau Hana event.
Ag2022 Chef Dishes
Chef Hector's dish featured ulu wedges that were lightly fried in the Maui Sunflower oil supplied by Maiden Hawaii Naturals.
Pacific Biodiesel Meets with International Groups
  • Changing Faces Women's Leadership Seminar - #GalswithLEI
#GalswithLei Logo
This summer Pacific Biodiesel representatives met with participants of the East West Center’s 6th Annual Changing Faces Women’s Leadership Seminar to share their insight, experience and passion with the attendees.
Pacific Biodiesel Co-founder Kelly King, a repeat presenter at this prestigious gathering, participated in the #galswithLEI (Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Inspiration) Forum on a workshop panel entitled “It's Not Easy Being Green.” King spoke about the humble beginnings of the company more than 25 years ago, and the multifaceted efforts and commitment it required to be where it is today. King addressed the current challenges in scaling biofuel for a circular economy to fight climate change.

Women from twelve countries participated in the seminar, designed to address the challenges confronting working women entrepreneurs in the Asia Pacific including poor access to leadership and entrepreneurial training. Attendees came from across the Asia-Pacific region including Sri Lanka, Japan, Indonesia, Kiribati, South Korea, the Philippines and Mongolia.
Addressing the multi-national group, King recounted the commitment it took to start Pacific Biodiesel more than 25 years ago.
GalswithLEI 2022
Following her presentation, King gathered with event staff and organizers.
Earlier in the week, Director of Operations Jenna Long hosted the group of multi-national Changing Faces women for a tour of Pacific Biodiesel’s Hawaii Island refinery. The group had an opportunity to learn about Pacific Biodiesel’s “community-based” production model. They also visited the adjacent crushing mill where locally sourced oils are crushed, processed, and bottled, producing Maiden Hawaii Naturals premium culinary oils.
  • Okinawa Delegation Visits Founders Central Maui Farm
After hearing from Pacific Biodiesel
co-founders during the virtual Hawaii Okinawa Clean Energy Workshop earlier this year, Mr. Takahiko Yokoyama from the Okinawa Prefecture Industry Policy Division requested an in-person meeting during their planned September visit to Hawaii.
Okinawa 2022
Bob King provided the Okinawa delegation with an overview of biodiesel production and feedstock procurement from both used and virgin oils.
Along with visits to the Hawaii State Energy Office, other government agencies and organizations, the delegation from Japan met Bob and Kelly King at their central Maui farm to explore what role biodiesel could play in Okinawa’s energy strategy as it works towards carbon neutrality. Joining Mr. Yokoyama were Yota Shimabukuro of the Nansei Shoto Industrial Advancement Center and Benjamin Martin, Secretariat of Global Ocean reSource and Energy Association (GOSEA).
The group heard from Kelly King during their to visit the Kings' central Maui farm, home of the "Maui Sunflowers."
  • YSEALI Academic Fellowship on Environmental Issues
Last month, Pacific Biodiesel’s Bob King and Jenna Long were invited speakers at the September gathering the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) Academic Fellowship on Environmental Issues Program at the East-West Center in Honolulu.
Participants in the program represented ASEAN member countries (Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam) and Timor-Leste, competitively selected by all eleven U.S. Embassies in Southeast Asia. During the five-week academic program, fellows explore many topics including climate change, renewable energy, ocean protection, sustainable agricultural practices and food security. The ultimate goal is for participants to explore climate change and environmental issues in the context of a globalized society.
As pioneers in the biodiesel industry and with more than 25 years of experience, the Pacific Biodiesel team provided insight on a number of these topics and shared both the company’s challenges and successes in bringing community-based biodiesel production to the state of Hawaii.
“Jenna and Bob humbly brought forth their story that embodied what the East-West Center has taught for over 60 years to young and aspiring leaders,” said Lance Boyd, Director, YSEALI Academic Fellowship on Environmental Issues. “Namely, that leaders must find opportunities when others see roadblocks (or waste), and deliver results against seemingly insurmountable odds. They do so while remaining totally genuine and authentic to their values, offering to freely share Pacific Biodiesel’s lessons across borders.”
YSEALI EWC Group Bob and Jenna 2022
Pacific Biodiesel's Jenna Long, at center and Bob King, far left, presented to the international group of YSEALI program participants who are focused on finding solutions for the global challenges of climate change.
Hawaii State Association of Counties Annual Conference
HSAC logo
Pacific Biodiesel was one of many sponsors of the annual Hawaii State Association of Counties Conference, held this year at the Westin Hapuna Beach Resort on Hawaii Island September 28-30.
The theme for the event, “Hoʻōla Hawaiʻi: Reconnect & Reimagine”, promoted leaders in local government to share best practices, build relationships and exchange ideas.
Kelly King, Co-founder of Pacific Biodiesel, a Maui County Council member and Vice-President of HSAC, presented at one of the sessions, where she focused on the circular economy. King was asked to include her perspective as a Board member of ICLEI USA. ICLEI is the first and largest global network of local governments devoted to solving the world’s most intractable sustainability challenges.
Kelly presentation_HSAC2022
Pacific Biodiesel Co-founder Kelly King's presentation "Transitioning to a Circular Economy" addressed the challenges and possible solutions to addressing climate change in the state.
In addition to networking events, speakers and break-out sessions, the conference featured field trips to projects driving innovation in the fields of regenerative agriculture, aquaculture, ahupuaʻa restoration and more. Thursday night’s kama’aina dinner prepared by Executive Chef Peter Abarcar, Jr, featured local, seasonal ingredients.
Around Town - Where Else We've Been
  • HFUU Presentation
HFUU logo
Hosted by the Haleakala Chapter of Hawaii Farmers Union United, Pacific Biodiesel Marketing Director Joy Galatro was a guest speaker for the August Music and Speaker Series. She was joined at the virtual event by Sally Barr from the Hawaii State Energy Office and Maui tea farmer and musician, Mason Scharer, for the evening’s topic, Clean Energy in Hawaii.
  • HTA 2022 Annual Conference
HTA Logo
After a two-year absence, the Hawaii Transportation Association held its 2022 annual conference at the Waikiki Beach Marriott. Bob King and Jenna Long attended the two-day conference and expo. Oahu Fleet Manager Dana Shinsato and Lead Driver Liva Aulalo also attended for a full day of presentations.
Industry Roundup
Study: Biobased Diesel Use in Trucks Provides More Emissions Benefits than EVs at Lower Cost
Biobased Diesel Daily Logo
An informative study for the Diesel Technology Forum confirms the environmental and cost benefits of biobased diesel compared to EVs. Read the article published by Biobased Diesel Daily.
In Iowa, a new statewide program gives back to farmers dedicated to using biodiesel. Read the full article here.
Detroit to fuel 28 new buses with B20 biodiesel
Biobased Diesel Daily Logo
Detroit Department of Transportation expanded its fleet of buses with the recent addition of 28 new cleaner diesel-engine coaches which will run on a B20 blend of biodiesel. Read about it here.
Letter to Biden Highlights Job Growth in Biodiesel Industry
clean fuels alliance logo
In a July letter to President Biden highlighting the biodiesel and renewable diesel industry’s contribution to job growth in the clean energy sector, Clean Fuels Alliance America wrote, “The clean fuels industry increased production during 2021, making an essential contribution to the nation’s fuel supply. Find the complete letter here.
Biobased Diesel Daily Logo
For the first time in Union Pacific’s history, a locomotive is being powered solely by a renewable fuel source made from vegetable and/or animal fats. Read more here.
Japan launches first 100% marine biofuel trial
Read the article here from Biofuels Digest about Japan's first case of a 100% concentration of biodiesel being used in a ship.
Built 4 Business pulling tractor runs on 100% biodiesel
Biobased Diesel Daily Logo
Tractor-pulling competitor, KJ Johnson saw gains in horsepower with 100% biodiesel. Find out the details in this article in Biobased Diesel Daily.
Founded in 1995, Pacific Biodiesel is the nation's longest operating and most experienced biodiesel producer, and the only commercial producer of liquid biofuels in the state. A Maui-based company with nearly 100 employees statewide, we established the first retail biodiesel pump in America and for 27 years we've been an innovative leader in the renewable energy industry. With a nameplate production capacity of 5.5 million gallons annually, our refinery on Hawaii Island utilizes advanced technology to produce premium distilled biodiesel. Our company has always focused on recycling with a zero waste philosophy that incorporates development of value-added co-products. Today, our collaborative, community-based "agriculture and energy" production model demonstrates a circular economy approach to fighting climate change and helps Hawaii achieve a clean, sustainable energy future.
25th Anniversary logo
Founded on Maui in 1995, Pacific Biodiesel is Hawaii's only commercial producer of liquid biofuels.

Our Mission: To promote a clean, sustainable energy future through the community-based production of renewable fuels
Pacific Biodiesel
40 Hobron Avenue, Kahului Hi 96732

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