06/25/2020 | June 2020 Issue
Kids at the beach
Greg Bruce
Nothing gives me more pleasure than to introduce people to truly great people and organizations that are making a difference in changing and transforming lives. 
Our featured partners this month are doing some amazing work that I can attest to personally. Hallelujah House and the Training Center are standard bearers in supporting and assisting ex-offenders in their transition back into our communities. Serving USA is honored to be partnered with them. 
Run 4 Their Lives
Run 4 Their Lives
Run 4 Their Lives is a Freedom 4/24 event that raises awareness and funds to bring sexually exploited women and children into freedom. .

Often participants increase their advocacy efforts by becoming fundraisers and using the race as a platform to share about the issue of human trafficking and the work of Freedom 4/24.

Funds raised through each Run 4 Their Lives race is used to support the continued work in the fight for freedom in partnership with Redeeming Love, Two Wings, and Treasures .
Idle Hands: COVID-19's Impact on Human Trafficking
Tera Hilliard, CEO Forgotten Children, Inc.
With unemployment numbers skyrocketing, how is COVID-19 affecting the fight against human trafficking?
Tera Hilliard shared stories from the streets of Los Angeles, and vital information to keep us updated.
June 3, 2020
Before the Bough Breaks
Michelle Gasper, Counselor LMFT (Chino)
Life and work is challenging us all in new ways; anxiety levels for most have hit maximum.
Insomnia, substance abuse, depression, stress and suicides are on the rise. On this call we’re joining forces to confront burnout and compassion fatigue.

Michelle Gasper, Counselor LMFT (including work for Rebirth Homes’ clients) will help us come clean about our COVID fears. 
She will guide us through how we can process grief over potential loss of vision, and how to redefine our vision.

We will learn self-care tips and tools, to take proactive measures to stay emotionally and mentally fit.

June 10, 2020
Fleeing Domestic Violence
Nicole Linder, Executive Director, Marjaree Mason Center (Fresno )
Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and severity of abuse surges in times of national disasters and crises.
But calls for help during this time have not increased, and

Nicole Linder will share with us her current experiences leading the Marjaree Mason Center through quarantine and COVID-19.

MMC’s 41-year history of service to adults and children affected by Domestic Violence includes transitional housing, legal assistance, batterer’s intervention, public education, a crisis hotline and advocacy for victims.

June 24, 2020
Featured Partner
Training Center San Diego
When I visit the TUMI House I am always happy to see how beautiful it is, and when you enter the home you instantly feel the peace inside. These men are God’s men and they are a testament to the absolute power of God’s Word to change a life and impact families as well as communities.

Moral rehabilitation is key to breaking the chains of incarceration, drugs, alcohol, abuse etc., and Serving USA is a proud partner with Training Center as they not only work diligently to ensure each client is walking in faith, they also transition each client into the work force, creating budgets, setting short term and long term goals, and assisting them to transition from a funded home into their own home, reunited with family, and giving back to the community from which they used to only damage.

Thank you Training Center for all you do to help those in need!

Jon Lowry - Program Director, Serving USA
Featured Partner
Hallelujah House
These ministry involvements help our residents to experience the joy of Christian service.

We are greatly appreciative of Serving USA’s continued support which helps us immensely to continue to help our men to continue in the awesome journey which God has set before them.

In His grip

Rev. Philip