Ramos Report: Latest News From Team Odette
#Wearebaltimore is trending citywide. Residents have come together to defend Baltimore and Congressman Cummings in light of terrible and racist comments from our president. Odette has a message of hope, and keeping up the fight against the real enemy, that which is plaguing our city. Click here to read more.
Delegate Maggie McIntosh endorses Odette Ramos for City Council!
We were honored to receive the endorsement of Delegate Maggie McIntosh last week. You can see her email to supporters here . Delegate McIntosh represents the 43rd District in Annapolis and is the powerful Appropriations Committee Chair. She cares deeply about the 14th District in which she lives and is confident that Odette will continue serve our communities and our city in her new role by putting neighborhoods and people first.
Listening tour of the 14th District
Odette and Team Ramos just finished speaking with neighbors in every single precinct of the 14 th – knocking over 7,000 doors! While there are many, many more conversations to be had in the months ahead, Odette has heard what folks in our communities are concerned about: water bills, safer neighborhoods, education, affordable housing, better city government, and transit top the list, and will be Odette’s priorities as your next Councilmember. Odette has a wealth of experience delivering real results on these issues in neighborhoods all across the 14 th . Look for her in YOUR neighborhood soon to share your thoughts on how to make our city stronger. The bottom line, let's make living in Baltimore and the 14th District something that residents can be proud of by putting neighborhoods and people first!
Constituent Service is the heart of city council work.
We've resolved issues from cleaning up alleys to water leaks. Last week, we came upon water coming from a meter. The homeowner said she called the City the week prior. After Odette made several phone calls to city officials, the leak was fixed the next day. The residents of the 14th District expect rapid and responsive service, and we proved we can do it.
PRIDE fun in the 14th District!
Team Ramos marched in the Baltimore PRIDE parade on June 15. The parade starts in the 14th district along N. Charles Street. We were honored to be a part of making sure that Baltimore is filled with love and Pride.
Thanks for a great launch Fundraiser!
At the end of May, the first fundraiser of the campaign was a huge success! Khepera's Kitchen was the perfect venue. Thanks to everyone who joined us and to Chairwoman McIntosh for her inspiring introduction!

Thanks also to Jessica Klaitman, Meghan Young, Keri Frisch, Mandee Heinl, Delegate Steve Lafferty, and Galvanize Maryland in hosting the July 4 Fundraiser! Great event thank you!
Want to learn more about Odette?
To learn more about Odette, including her long history living in the 14th District and vast experience of over 30 years as an advocate, go to www.odetteramos.com . The website has the latest news about the campaign and more ways to get involved.
News You Can Use
Water Bill Affordability Act: The City Council is considering the Water Affordability Act, a way to ensure that residents should only be paying 3% of their income on water bills. While a longer term solution is needed, Odette Ramos stands behind this legislation. Read here about her encounter with a resident who is having trouble with paying her water bill, even before the ransomeware attack, and more information about the Water Accountability and Equity Act. Odette will release her policy position on water and long term solutions to this issue in the coming months.
Commissioner Harrison releases his public safety plan: If you have not already read it, Baltimore Policy Department Commissioner released his public safety plan last week ( read it here ). While we at team Odette read and digest the document, we wanted to share it with you. Two items stand out: (a) Things are changing in the Baltimore Police Department and we are optimistic about it, including more foot patrols, and building trust between residents and the department, (b) the Micro-zone strategy will help some of our areas, I'm hopeful that police can be pro-active in others, (c) Not addressed is mention of the systemic issues that cause crime for years keeps Baltimore from advancing. While it's not the police department's responsibility to address these, we need to collaborate to do so. It will take a neighborhoods and people strategy to get this right.
Upcoming Events
August 2-4: Baltimore Ceasefire Weekend

August 6: National Night Out Against Crime various locations around the district including Waverly, Charles Village, Hampden, Coldstream Homestead Montebello

August: Campaign office opening, details forthcoming

August 24: Market at Montebello

September 8: Meet and Greet in Stone Hill

September 12: Meet and Greet in Guilford

September 15: Abell Avenue Street Fair

September 19: Affordable Housing Meet and Greet

September 20: 901 Arts Fish Fry and mural unveiling

September 21: HampdenFest

September 22: Meet and Greet in Hampden

September 25: Women for Odette Ramos fundraiser click here for details

October 12: Meet and Greet in Better Waverly

October 17: Meet and Greet in Charles Village

Volunteers Power this Campaign!
Join us for door knocking, phone banking, host a house party, and more! Team Odette is powered by volunteers dedicated to ensuring Baltimore and the 14th District has the fighter we need for our neighborhoods and our city. We work every day to meet and hear from voters about their vision for the 14th District. Volunteer opportunities include phone banking, setting up the campaign office, hosting a meet and greet, knocking on doors, posting a campaign sign, election day, and more!

Join us in the movement to put neighborhoods and people first. Contributions are needed to help elect Odette Ramos to Baltimore City Council. Any amount is greatly appreciated!
Friends of Odette Ramos | www.odetteramos.com
By Authority: Friends of Odette Ramos, Erika McClammy, Treasurer