12th Annual W2W Luncheon
The annual W2W luncheon honors our 2021 award recipients and all of their outstanding contributions to our community. Join us on March 7 as we celebrate our grantees:

  • BackPack Beginnings
  • Diaper Bank of North Carolina
  • Guilford Child Development
  • Say Yes to Education
  • Wheels4Hope
  • PDY&F Community Garden
  • Mustard Seed Community Health
  • The Black Suit Initiative
  • A Simple Gesture

Tickets are available now! Visit the W2W website to learn more and purchase your tickets.
Introducing Women to Women Week!
March 8th is International Women's Day and we are so excited that the entire week will be proclaimed "Women To Women Week" by Mayor Nancy Vaughn at our Luncheon this year.

W2W Week is a week-long public awareness campaign to uplift, recognize, support, and celebrate fellow women in our community from all walks of life.

The women of our community are the future of Greensboro, with the capacity to achieve the highest levels of education, prosper in their careers, establish and achieve their goals, while also inspiring future generations to carry on these legacies. As a result, Women to Women has organized a week dedicated to local women's empowerment. Join us for an impactful week of championing women from March 7 to March 11, 2022!

Something BIG has arrived at the Greensboro Science Center! The Public Art Endowment installation at the Greensboro Science Center was completed in January 2022. The dedication event date will take place April 10, 2022, from 5-7pm.

The 70-foot-long and 32-foot-high sculpture, titled Relativity, was created by Maryland artist David Hess and is a collaboration between the Public Art Endowment and the Greensboro Science Center.
A Message from the Artist
“Our perception of time and space is continually changing. As a species, humans have always been motivated by our sense of wonder. Using the paradigms of Art and Science we navigate the great mysteries of our existence.
With the most powerful electron microscopes, we study infinitesimally small particles called Quarks (.000000000000000043 centimeters). Space telescopes enable us to observe vast Galaxies 13,400,000,000 light-years from Earth (a light-year is 5,879,625,370,000 miles). These tools give us perspective on our place in the universe, between the Microcosm and the Macrocosm. 
Similarly, our study of science enables us to imagine the immense duration of billions of years of Geologic Time and the fleeting nature of a nano-second. We reside somewhere on this time continuum, between the permanent and the ephemeral.

Places like the Greensboro Science Center remind us that we are here at this moment, at this place, only once.”  

David Hess
Future Fund 10 LIVE
Mark your calendar for
May 4, 2022

Future Fund 10 LIVE is BACK!

This event does not disappoint. Ten nonprofits give a 3-minute pitch and YOU get to vote to give away $45,000 in grant money.

Tell your friends and buy your tickets now to this party (with a purpose).

Visit the Future Fund website to learn more.
The Tyler David Williams Memorial Scholarship applications are due March 4, 2022. One $2,500 scholarship will be awarded based on academic achievement. While it is considered during the selection process, economic need is not a prerequisite to apply.

The John Carlton Myatt Writing Scholarship applications are due May 6, 2022.  One $3,000 award will be given to a student who intends to pursue a degree in English, Writing, or Language Arts. Examples of creative and/or critical writing must be submitted along with this application. 

The Herman and Earline Herbin Scholarship applications are due March 4, 2022. Two $3,000 renewable scholarships will be awarded to a Guilford County high school senior. The scholarship is primarily need based, but academic standing will be a secondary determining factor.

The Thomas and Bettie O’Briant Scholarship applications are due April 15, 2022. One $2,500 scholarship will be awarded and is renewable for up to four years. Award is based on need and academic achievement.

Visit our website to learn more and apply!
Alana V. Allen
Alana V. Allen is the dynamic leader behind I Am A Queen - a youth-focused mentoring nonprofit dedicated to ensuring that young women can reach their goals for higher education and leadership.

I Am A Queen is also one of our 2021 Beyond Resilience Grantees and is a member of the Guilford Nonprofit Consortium.

Since 2009, this organization has served 1,635 girls through its mentoring program. We are proud of the amazing work established by Alana and her team and look forward to their continued success!
Keva Brooks Napper
Keva Napper is the leader behind Beautiful Butterflies Inc. - an organization that provides support, services, and education to those affected by lupus and other invisible illnesses.

Through the years, CFGG has provided grants, networking, and informational opportunities to support this organization.

Founded in 2011, Beautiful Butterflies has since done some amazing work including partnering with Senator Gladys Robinson on passing two bills concerning Lupus.
Kiya Ward Shears
Kiya Shears is the lead behind The Journey Collective Inc. - an organization that caters to empowering women in areas of spiritual, emotional, physical, and financial wellness. It provides a safe space for all women.

Through programs such as group coaching, wellness challenges, wellness events, and virtual journey experiences, The Journey Collective Inc is able to help empower women across the country.

CFGG is a believer in The Journey which is why we have been committed to providing resources, time, and grants to this amazing organization.
Princess Howell Johnson
Princess Johnson is the founder of Royal Expressions Contemporary Ballet - a dance production company that seeks to inspire good character and healthy living. With innovative dance productions, high-quality dance classes, and outreach programs, Royal Expressions believes in making dance accessible to all.

Princess is also a member of CFGG's Guilford Nonprofit Consortium where she has been able to gain valuable training and resources as a leader. CFGG is proud to be a supporter of this amazing organization!
Bishop Bryan J. Pierce, Sr.
Bishop Bryan J. Pierce, Sr. is the Lead Pastor of Mount Zion Greensboro. Through the years, Mount Zion has been dedicated to serving the community through efforts such as providing free gas, groceries, emergency family assistance to those in need, and school supplies to over 3,500 families annually.

Mount Zion has also been a major supporter of CFGG and our initiatives. They were one of the original supporters of the Expanding Community Giving initiative and made a $20,000 donation to the BIG Equity Fund.
Endowment to Engage Youth in the Performing Arts
The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro is partnering with Guilford County Schools to create an opportunity for eighth-grade students to visit the Tanger Center for the Performing Arts by completing a service-learning project grounded in civic engagement and service to the community.

Projects will be showcased and evaluated in a format similar to a science fair. Projects will be selected to be recipients of the Walker Sanders Endowment Award, and students on these teams will receive tickets for an age-appropriate show at the Tanger Center for the Performing Arts. As the endowment grows over time, the program will be expanded to include more students and schools.

On February 24, eighth-graders from seven Guilford County middle schools visited the Tanger Center for the Performing Arts to watch the Lion King performance.
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Just email grants@cfgg.org with the name of your organization and contact information if you would like to be added.
Dr. George C. Simkins Jr.'s Lasting Impact
"After my husband and I moved to Greensboro in 1985, I soon learned of the fight for civil rights that took place right here in my newly adopted town. One person, in particular, was Dr. George C. Simkins, Jr., who was a community leader and civil rights activist. Born in Greensboro in 1924, Dr. Simkins was a well-known and respected dentist.

In 1955, he and several other black men were arrested for trespassing after they played nine holes at the all-white, municipal Gillespie Golf Course. The men appealed their convictions all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, which ruled against them in a 5-to-4 vote. Rather than integrate Gillespie, the city closed the course, reopening seven years later with Dr. Simkins the first to tee off.

Most notably, Dr. Simkins was involved in a court action to desegregate Moses Cone and Wesley Long Community Hospitals. You can find a permanent reminder near Cone Hospital where a plaque describes the role Dr. Simkins played in this landmark case.

In 2010, Dr. Simkins’ friends and family chose the Community Foundation as a home for The George C. Simkins, Jr. Scholarship. To date, almost $200,000 in scholarships have been awarded to high school students of color. This scholarship is a permanent reminder that there was once a brave, dedicated African American who was committed to equality and would surely be proud to see that his legacy is being honored in this way."

Written by: Connie Leeper, Donor Services Manager
Legacy Donors
If you plan on including the Community Foundation or one of our initiatives or organizational endowments in your estate plans, please let us know! It is as easy as completing this form. We want to honor you by including you on our Dear Greensboro list, and more importantly, we want to make sure you’re thanked today and your gift is properly honored tomorrow.