April 2020
What's Future Fund 10 LIVE?

It's the best opportunity you'll ever have to give away $20,000 of someone else's money!
Each year 10 of the most impactful nonprofits in Greensboro earn the chance to pitch their organization, its mission and their future plans for a chance to win up to $45,000 in grants!

Each nonprofit will provide a three minute pitch, then  YOU get the chance to help give away $20,000!

Check out each member of our  Class of 2020  to learn more about their organizations and awesome missions!

Future Fund 10 LIVE will take place TOMORROW
via Facebook Live and Vimeo !

Adaptive Philanthropy Webcast featuring Porter Halyburton
Join us Thursday, April 23rd at 10 am for Adaptive Philanthropy , a monthly webcast series that will be looking at a variety of pressing needs in our community, the people leading the way, and the lessons we are learning.

To kick off this  Adaptive Philanthropy Series , we have invited one of our fund holders,  Porter Halyburton,  to share the lessons he learned about resilience and leadership during his seven and a half years as a prisoner of war.
How to Support Nonprofits
Greensboro Virus Relief Gives Over $1.3 Million to 58 Nonprofits
Over the past three weeks, the Greensboro Virus Relief Taskforce (which includes members from the  Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro , City of Greensboro, Greensboro Chamber of Commerce,   Guilford County Government, and United Way of Greater Greensboro) has granted over $1 million to 40 local nonprofits, helping thousands of local individuals and families impacted by the Coronavirus.

The Taskforce would like to raise an additional $2 million to continue rapidly supporting community members during the pandemic. 

Donor Education Webcast Recording
Foundation staff members share ways you can help nonprofits weather this pandemic and continue serving the crucial needs of our community in this webcast. Learn more by viewing the video .
Guilford Nonprofit Consortium Surveys the Sector
Instead of assuming what nonprofits need, Steve Hayes and Crystal Maurer with the Guilford Nonprofit Consortium (GNPC) surveyed local nonprofits to determine how the pandemic impacted them. The results highlighted some trends and confirmed infrastructure needs.The survey results inspired GNPC to host a portal for nonprofits to "ask for what they need and give what they can." For more information about the portal and survey results, visit the GNPC website.
CARES Act Tax Deduction
You now have an opportunity to deduct your cash charitable contributions even if you use the standard deduction. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act, which was signed into law on March 27, allows taxpayers to deduct $300 of cash charitable contributions from adjusted gross income beginning in 2020.

Taxpayers who do not elect to itemize deductions can deduct up to $300 of cash contributions made to qualifying organizations. While the new law excludes contributions to donor-advised funds or to certain private foundation supporting organizations, CFGG’s Emergency Response Fund qualifies for this deduction.

Staff Member David Bolton
Our Apprentices Are Resilient
David Bolton joined the staff as the Director of Workforce Initiatives. He works with Guilford County Schools, businesses, and community leaders to coordinate county-wide workforce initiatives toward the goal of increasing degree/certification attainment.

When the measures to slow down the spread of COVID-19 paused scheduled events, the GAP staff started calling and checking in our apprentices and business partners. During these conversations, David has been extremely impressed with the will and resilience of our apprentices. To learn more about the program and hear success stories, please visit the Guilford Apprenticeship Partners website.

With over 70 people participating in the vote, David Hess has been selected as the final artist to create a public work of art that represents how science and art are intertwined! We finalized the contract between artist David Hess and the Greensboro Science Center at the end of February. March and April were going to be his time to come to Greensboro and create some community engagement activities with the stakeholders of the museum (i.e. the kids!) Since this is impossible right now, Glen Dobrogosz and the GSC Team decided that David should begin his conceptual design process while the memories of his visit are fresh and vibrant. He sent us some photos of his studio at home and looks forward to coming back to NC for a visit and engaging with the community at that time.

To learn more about this unique collaboration between the GSC and the PAE for the creation of a public work of art has been going on since late 2018, please visit cfgg.org/pae.
High School Students Smile with Big Checks
Before We Had to Stay at Home
On Monday, March 9th, the Teen Grantmaking Council of the Community Foundation celebrated with their grantees during the year-end event. One of the grant themes was mental health. Ten days later, all of our lives shifted. Each of the seven projects supported focused on helping your friend, neighbor or school. While the parameters of the projects will change due to school closing, the message has not. Take care of each other out there. For more information about TGC, please visit our website.