June 2019
New Release: The Cost of Alternative Urban Water Supply and Efficiency Options in California
As populations and economies grow and climatic change alters water supply and demand, traditional options for meeting freshwater needs are becoming less available, reliable, and effective. This analysis evaluates four alternative urban supply and demand options in the California context: stormwater capture; water recycling and reuse; brackish and seawater desalination; and a range of water conservation and efficiency measures.

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Blog Post: Kilimanjaro, Home to a Great Example of Water Stewardship in Action. And the Highest Mountain in Africa.
By Senior Researcher Dr. Hannah Baleta
What does meaningful water stewardship look like in action? In April, Pacific Institute Senior Researcher Dr. Hannah Baleta traveled to the town of Usa River, Tanzania, to witness the power of collaboration firsthand. The Sustainable Water Management Partnership, which was officially launched in 2017, brings together stakeholders in the Usa River subcatchment to collaborate on water challenges.

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The CEO Water Mandate: Accelerating Water Stewardship
The complexity of the global water crisis requires urgent action from all sectors of society, from community-based organizations to businesses. As co-manager of the UN Global Compact's CEO Water Mandate, we help mobilize business leaders to advance water sustainability around the world.

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Update from the CEO Water Mandate:
New Organizations Join the Water Action Hub
Thirteen new organizations have joined the  Water Action Hub  since the beginning of May, including The Bay Institute , the São Paulo Water Fund , Tosheka Products , WaterStep and others. The Hub catalogs and facilitates water stewardship projects in river basins and regions around the world. Visit the Hub now to explore potential collaborations, learn from past lessons, propose projects, and more.

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New Project Launched: The Bay Area's Water Future
The Pacific Institute, the San Francisco Bay Area Planning and Urban Research Association (SPUR), and Greenbelt Alliance have launched a new project, “The Bay Area’s Water Future,” to examine the nexus between land use planning, climate change, and water supply and demand.

The project's research report will be part of the  SPUR Regional Strategy , a three-year research and engagement effort to identify the biggest challenges facing the Bay Area over the next 50 years.
Upcoming Event: Envisioning the Cities of Tomorrow
Water availability and access are critical for urban growth. On June 26th at the Bay Area's Cities of Tomorrow Conference, Pacific Institute Research Associate Cora Kammeyer will discuss the importance of water conservation for sustainable living, as well as the Pacific Institute's innovative work to ensure sustainable water management and use.

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Update from Circle of Blue, an Affiliate of the Pacific Institute:
After Fair Bluff Flooded, a Special Report
Flooded by hurricanes twice in three years, the small town of Fair Bluff, North Carolina illustrates the devastating impact of powerful, slow-moving storms. The town’s struggle to recover from these storms reflects a range of demographic, economic, and technological changes that are eroding the resilience of small communities across rural America.

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Meet Our Congressman George Miller Intern Adham Badawy
At university, Adham developed a framework for integrating qualitative case study findings into a model for predicting water conflicts. In line with his interest in water-related conflict, Adham’s work at the Pacific Institute focuses on the Water Conflict Chronology , which tracks and categorizes events related to water and conflict around the world. 

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Upcoming Events: June through July 2019
June 26 : Research Associate Cora Kammeyer will speak at the Cities of Tomorrow Conference in Silicon Valley, California.

July 16 : Senior Researcher Mai-Lan Ha will participate in a panel on water and sanitation at SDGs in Brazil 2019: The Role of the Private Sector in New York City.

July 17: Ms. Ha will participate in the United Nations Global Compact Experts Network Retreat in New York City.

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