February 2019
Businesses Can Contribute to Community and Watershed Resilience Through Sustainable Landscapes
In recent weeks, rains deluged California, causing local flooding and water pollution. But just over two years ago, the state was gripped by the worst drought on record. With climate change, these water extremes are becoming more common. The new study Sustainable Landscapes on Commercial and Industrial Properties in the Santa Ana River Watershed , produced in collaboration with California Forward , the CEO Water Mandate , and the Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority , finds significant opportunities for the business community to improve local climate resilience by installing sustainable landscapes. Although focused on California's Santa Ana River Watershed, the study’s findings are applicable to urbanized communities everywhere. 

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Online Mapping Tool: Sustainable Landscapes in California's Santa Ana River Watershed
A new interactive mapping tool, released in conjunction with the above report, shows the potential benefits of sustainable landscaping practices in specific areas across California's Santa Ana River Watershed. With the tool, businesses can search their location, identify water challenges at that site, and learn about the benefits they could realize (and provide to their communities) by installing sustainable landscapes, including improved water quality, flood management, water reliability, and more.

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Pacific Institute President Jason Morrison Attends 30th UN-Water Meeting in Rome
Pacific Institute President Jason Morrison traveled to Rome to attend the 30th UN-Water Meeting from January 31st through February 1st. The meeting topics ranged from water governance and transboundary waters to safe drinking water and sanitation. UN-Water coordinates the efforts of over 35 international organizations working on water-related issues around the world.
Pacific Institute Director of Research Heather Cooley to Speak at Water Reuse Workshop in San Francisco
Water reuse is gaining momentum as a key strategy for immediately and effectively addressing water scarcity. But how do we implement smart water reuse programs that are both environmentally and economically sound? Pacific Institute Director of Research Heather Cooley will participate in a panel discussion at the “ The Resource Revolution of Water Reuse ” workshop in San Francisco on February 27th, exploring how to implement water reuse programs towards a more sustainable water future.

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Update from Circle of Blue, an Affiliate of the Pacific Institute: Water Utilities Call on Big Data to Guide Pipe Replacement
Artificial intelligence and machine learning -- combined with utility pipe-break archives and data about environmental factors like flow rates, soil chemistry, and temperature -- can pinpoint which pipes are most likely to fail and thus are the best candidates for replacement, writes Brett Walton in Circle of Blue.

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Meet Our Spring Communications Intern
Stephanie Nguyen says growing up with immigrant parents has helped her navigate different cultures. "I try to take the best from different worlds and find some synergy. Ultimately that's what I hope to bring to my work, a sensitivity to local values," she says. Stephanie helps promote the Pacific Institute’s work through event announcements, social media, and outreach .

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Seeking Congressman George Miller Water Policy Leadership Program Summer Interns
Applications are now open for the Congressman George Miller Internship at the Pacific Institute. The goal of the Congressman George Miller Water Policy Leadership Program is to train the next generation of water sustainability and environmental justice leaders. The position provides interns with significant and varied experiences to build skills in research, collaboration, outreach, and leadership.

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Upcoming Events: February and March 2019
February 27 : Director of Research Heather Cooley will speak at "The Resource Revolution of Water Reuse" workshop in San Francisco.

March 17-19 : President Emeritus Dr. Peter Gleick will provide the opening keynote speech at the 2019 WateReuse California Annual Conference in Garden Grove, California.

March 19 : Senior Researcher Michael Cohen will attend a California State Water Resources Control Board workshop on the Status of Phase 1 of California's Salton Sea Management Program .

March 27-28 : Senior Researcher Dr. Sarah Diringer will attend the WaterNow Alliance 4th Annual Summit in Austin, Texas.

March 29 : Director of Research Heather Cooley and Research Associate Cora Kammeyer will attend the 2019 Santa Ana River Watershed Conference in Fullerton, California.

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