April 2019
What is a "Multi-Benefit Approach" to Water Management?
Adapting to climate change, coupled with the need to address aging infrastructure and population growth, will require investments in man-made water systems and the natural environment. Besides meeting water-related objectives, many of these strategies also provide important co-benefits, such as reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, providing habitat, and enhancing community livability. A multi-benefit approach takes into consideration the value of these co-benefits and weighs the benefits and trade-offs to maximize investment in our water systems.

The Pacific Institute is maximizing a "multi-benefit" approach to water through several current initiatives. Keep reading to learn more!
New Report: Moving Toward a Multi-Benefit Approach for Water Management
A new Pacific Institute report , released today, proposes a framework for systematically identifying and incorporating the multiple benefits and trade-offs of various water management strategies into decision-making processes. The framework can help users identify opportunities to share costs among project beneficiaries; minimize adverse and unintended consequences; optimize the investment of time, money, and other resources; and more. 

Learn more and download a copy of the report here . View our Multi-Benefit Resource Library here .
Video Interview: Sustainable Landscapes in Southern California Offer Multiple Benefits. What Role Can Businesses Play?
In this video , Pacific Institute researchers explore what makes a landscape sustainable, the multiple benefits of sustainable landscapes, and opportunities for businesses to contribute to water management and climate resilience through investing in sustainable landscapes in California's Santa Ana River Watershed. 

View the video here . Read and download the related report here . View the related interactive mapping tool here .
Interview: Using Sustainable Landscapes to Address Climate Change and Drought in California
In November, Los Angeles County passed Measure W, providing $3 billion per decade for regional green infrastructure projects to capture stormwater and improve water quality. In this interview, Martha Davis discusses the findings of the recent report she co-authored with the Pacific Institute, Sustainable Landscapes on Commercial and Industrial Properties in the Santa Ana River Watershed . The report explores opportunities for the business community to engage in sustainable landscapes projects.

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Video: What Are the Multiple Benefits of Water Reuse?
"There are many ways we can benefit from water re-use systems, and we can design them to maximize these benefits," explains Research Director Heather Cooley in this interview with Suez . Water re-use systems can provide water quality benefits, environmental benefits, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and more.

View the video here .
Blog Post: CEO Water Mandate Sets Ambitious Goals to Scale Water Stewardship in Strategic Plan
We believe corporate engagement in water policy is key to successful progress on global water challenges, from water stress to clean water and sanitation access. In line with this vision, we are co-secretariat of the UN Global Compact's CEO Water Mandate , which mobilizes business leaders around the world on water stewardship issues. In this blog post , Pacific Institute President Jason Morrison outlines the 2019 update to the CEO Water Mandate’s Strategic Plan , "the initiative’s most ambitious, impactful, and wide-reaching effort in its 11-year history."

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Meet Our Staff: Abbey Warner, Research Associate
“Working at the Pacific Institute keeps me hopeful,” says Abbey. “The Institute has spent more than thirty years building expertise on water, and I think our approach of applying solutions based on science through collective action is a powerful way to drive social and political change to our water systems.”

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We Are Seeking a Research Associate
The Pacific Institute is seeking a full-time Research Associate to help us develop science-based solutions to the world's most pressing water challenges. Join our dedicated team in downtown Oakland.

Learn more about this opportunity here .
Update from Circle of Blue, an Affiliate of the Pacific Institute
 In a Bid for Cleaner Water, California is Seeking Arranged Utility Marriages
Amid rising costs, stricter regulations, deteriorating water quality, and a lack of technical expertise, many small water systems in California and across the country are looking to join forces with larger systems, either through sharing operations staff, forming regional partnerships, or through full integration of physical infrastructure, governance, and billing systems.

Read more here . Visit Circle of Blue's website here .
Upcoming Events: April and May 2019
May 13 : Senior Researcher Karina de Souza will attend a Corporate Reporting Dialogue Roundtable Focus Group presented by the Climate Disclosure Standards Board (CDSB) in London.

May 22 : Senior Researcher Amy Herod will attend a Corporate Reporting Dialogue Roundtable Focus Group presented by CDSB in Paris.

May 30: Research Associate Morgan Shimabuku will speak on water and conflict at the Bay Area Water Works Association in Fairfield, California.

Keep an eye out for more upcoming staff events on our news page . Read the list of Pacific Institute experts’ past outreach here .
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