May 2019
Dr. Peter Gleick Awarded 2019 BMI Prize for Strategic Global Challenge of Fresh Water
President Emeritus Dr. Peter Gleick has been awarded the BMI Prize for the Strategic Global Challenge of Fresh Water. The $100,000 prize is awarded by the Boris Mints Institute for Strategic Policy Solutions to Global Challenges. On May 16th, Peter delivered the Prize Laureate Lecture at Tel Aviv University in Israel.

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Seeking Feedback on Draft Guide for Setting Site-Level Water Targets
The complexity of global water challenges requires action from all sectors of society, from community-based organizations to businesses. That’s why we help manage the UN Global Compact's CEO Water Mandate , which mobilizes business leaders to support water sustainability around the world. The CEO Water Mandate is currently seeking feedback on a draft guide that provides a practical approach for companies to set site-level water targets that reflect the local context.

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Water Action Hub Showcases Water Stewardship Projects Around the Globe
The Water Action Hub connects companies and organizations around the world through the sharing of water stewardship best practices and lessons learned.

View some of the Pacific Institute's projects on the Water Action Hub, including:

You can also add your project to the Water Action Hub and connect with other companies and organizations working on similar topics!

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Blog Post: Can California Shift to Proactive Drought Preparedness?
By Research Associate Cora Kammeyer and Director of Research Heather Cooley
Climate change is increasing the variability of California’s Mediterranean climate. We can expect to see more intense droughts and storms, and dramatic fluctuations between them, in the coming years. The state's new Water Conservation Legislation aims to improve water management and drought planning, towards a proactive approach that avoids costly emergency measures in response to future weather extremes.

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Jason Morrison to Attend Spring Meeting of the California Water Action Collaborative
Collaboration is key to solving complex water challenges. With this understanding, the California Water Action Collaborative (CWAC) brings diverse stakeholders together to pursue collective action projects towards improving California's water security. In June, President Jason Morrison and Research Associate Cora Kammeyer will attend the spring CWAC meeting, where they will present the Pacific Institute's progress on developing metrics to assess the impact of the platform's projects.
Meet Our Communications Volunteer Dr. Teresa Sprague
Teresa joined the Pacific Institute as an intern in 2017 and currently serves as a volunteer with the communications department. As a water resources planner and consultant, Teresa says her goal is to “adva nce the development of resilient planning in California and to expand this development through exchanges with international practices.”

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Update from Circle of Blue, an Affiliate of the Pacific Institute:
Paradise Officials Unveil $53 Million Plan to Rid Damaged Water Pipes of Contaminants
It could be February 2021 before Paradise, California's water system is completely cleared of chemicals introduced during the disastrous Camp Fire, writes Brett Walton of Circle of Blue. 

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Upcoming Events: May through June 2019
May 28-29: President Jason Morrison will attend a  Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation  water stewardship fundees workshop in Bern, Switzerland on behalf of the CEO Water Mandate .

May 30: Research Associate Morgan Shimabuku will speak on water and conflict at the Bay Area Water Works Association in Fairfield, California.

June 7 : Senior Researcher Michael Cohen will present “Solving the Salton Sea Problem (Finally)” at the Getches-Wilkinson Center Summer Conference in Boulder, Colorado.

June 11-13: President Jason Morrison and Research Associate Cora Kammeyer will attend the California Water Action Collaborative Spring Meeting in Truckee, California.

June 26 : Research Associate Cora Kammeyer will give a talk on the Pacific Institute's sustainable landscapes work at the Cities of Tomorrow Conference in Silicon Valley, California.

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Pacific Institute in the News
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Courthouse News: Irrigation District Approves Salton Sea Restoration Project

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