January 2019
The Water Conflict Chronology: January 2019 Update
Updates to the Pacific Institute's Water Conflict Chronology show a substantial increase in reported acts of violence associated with freshwater resources in recent decades, with many recent attacks on civilian water systems in the ongoing conflicts in Yemen, Syria, Iraq and other parts of the Middle East. Violence is also growing in parts of Africa where traditional herders and farmers are competing for scarce water resources as populations grow, extreme drought expands, and limited water becomes harder to reach and use.

View the updated Water Conflict Chronology here .
The Pacific Institute: A Look Back at 2018
We begin with complex water challenges, then apply rigorous analysis to find the answers and develop robust recommendations for effective water policies. In 2018, the Pacific Institute collaborated around the globe with water suppliers, state agencies, businesses, UN agencies, and environmental and social justice organizations to embed our groundbreaking research into policy and practice.

Read our 2018 Year in Review here .
Workshop on "At Risk" Drinking Water Systems in California
Earlier this month, Pacific Institute Senior Researcher Dr. Laura Feinstein presented on indicators of adequate water and sanitation services at the California State Water Resources Control Board staff workshop “Factors Identifying ‘At Risk’ Water Systems.” The workshop focused on determining factors that identify “at risk” drinking water systems in California and included expert panels on identifying and quantifying the challenges associated with providing safe and affordable drinking water.  

Related: View the video recording of a workshop Dr. Feinstein led last year on the findings and recommendations of the report Measuring Progress Toward Universal Access to Water and Sanitation in California .

View slides from that workshop here .
The CEO Water Mandate: 2018 Accomplishments
Corporate engagement is essential to successful water policy and progress on global water challenges, from water stress to clean water and sanitation access. The Pacific Institute is co-secretariat of the United Nations Global Compact's CEO Water Mandate , which offers a unique forum for companies to share good practices and forge partnerships to address challenges related to water scarcity, water quality, water governance, and access to water and sanitation.

Read the CEO Water Mandate's 2018 Annual Report here .
Blog Post: The Private Sector as Part of the Solution to Address Water Security and Sanitation Issues in Brazil
By Giuliana Moreira, Research Associate
Brazil is far from achieving water security, writes Ms. Moreira. However, there is growing awareness around water challenges that has catalyzed collective action by a variety of stakeholders in the country, including the private sector, government, and civil society. In time, such action could serve to meaningfully advance water security in Brazil. 

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Update from Circle of Blue, an Affiliate of the Pacific Institute Speaking of Water: Looking Back at 2018 and Ahead to 2019
Water continues to be among the biggest stories of our era, and there are waves of change ahead. What were the trends and disruptions of 2018, and what’s ahead for 2019 and beyond? In this podcast , Heather Cooley, Director of Research at the Pacific Institute, and Will Sarni, noted author, strategist, and CEO of Water Foundry , speak on how shifting priorities will affect regulations, and what role big data and artificial intelligence will play in water’s future.

Listen to the podcast here .
Meet Our Staff: Giuliana Moreira, Research Associate
Giuliana’s interest in water issues began in early childhood. “My best childhood memories are of my travels to the beach in Santa Vitória do Palmar, my mother's hometown, where I spent summer vacations,” she recalls. "I wondered why I had to travel so far from my hometown to swim in the ocean. I later learned that the beach near my family home was too polluted for swimming -- sewage was dumped directly into the lagoon without treatment, and it still is to this day. Where does that leave people who can't travel to cleaner beaches?” 

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Employment Opportunity: Seeking a Development Professional
The Pacific Institute is seeking a full-time development professional to support our fundraising activities! Join our growing organization at our office in downtown Oakland as we continue to tackle complex water challenges with sound science.

Learn more about this position, including how to apply, here .
Upcoming Events: January and February 2019
January 31 : Pacific Institute President Jason Morrison will attend the 30th UN-Water Meeting in Rome, Italy. The meeting will delve into topics ranging from water governance and transboundary water to water and sanitation.

February 9 : Pacific Institute President Emeritus Dr. Peter Gleick will join the “Data and Denial" panel discussion at the “Fire & Ice: The Shifting Narrative of Climate Change" conference at the University of California, Irvine.

Keep an eye out for more upcoming staff events on our news page . Read the list of Pacific Institute experts’ past outreach here .
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