Dear RockstARs,

One of our favourite things to do in February is to pour over photo images from the past season's events.  The blue skies; the green trees; the short-sleeves - it just looks so zenfully warm, relaxing and, well... not winter!  Gazing longingly over the images below, we're starting to get some serious RockstAR fever - we just can't wait to get back up to Bark Lake!

Another awesome racecourse will be ready and waiting for you on July 20th - we've once again added new checkpoints, new challenges and new areas to explore into the mix to make certain that the experience is a new one for you year after year.   Registration is now open at, with early entry discounts good until April 30th.  Time to start thinking summer!

Racer Information Packages  
As promised, the 2019 RockstAR racer information packages are now available. These kits are essential reading prior to July, as they provide you with all the details around how the race works, the day's itinerary, the mandatory gear list, and information on the host site.  To review, simply click:
HERE for the 8-hour race (gold cover)
HERE for the 4-hour race (orange cover)  
2019 Race Souvenirs 
Our signature RockstAR headgear designs are ready to go, and we think they look pretty sweet!  These multi-functional pieces of kit are super-handy for use out on the racecourse, and they do fulfill the mandatory gear requirement for head-wear.  You'll be getting one on Race Day!   
Click here to have a better look at this year's design.
Our New Event! 
If you haven't already heard the buzz, we've launched an all-new race for this September!  Trail Fix is a 110km point-to-point trail run relay for teams of four, featuring 10 distinct stages that blend together Southern Ontario's widest imaginable range of mixed-terrain trail systems.
Over 90% of the race follows trail routes, but the terrain and trail elements vary completely from stage to stage.  Be it escarpment ridge running, wide open meadows, countryside rail trail, technical rock-hopping or smooth rolling singletrack, each Trail Fix stage offers an experience that is totally unique from the next.
Teams are entirely free to divvy up the stages as they see fit, with a typical course breakdown ranging between 22 to 32 kilometres per runner.  Teams caravan themselves between six transition points to alternate runners, moving their team vehicle across from the start to the finish, where beer, BBQ and lots of post-race chilling and chatter await.  
Full details are available at if you'd like to know more! 
As always, please feel free to contact at us if you have any questions regarding the season ahead.  Happy training!

Your RockstAR Team

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