January 27, 2021
Next Zero Waste Meeting
Our next virtual meeting will be Wednesday, February 10, 5-6pm. We anticipate 30 minutes for our guest speaker and 30 minutes for business.

Caroline Stanford of the Seattle-based recycling service company Ridwell will speak and answer questions about what Ridwell does and its possible expansion to Bainbridge. Whereas Bainbridge Disposal offers curbside recycling service for the most common packaging materials and paper, Ridwell provides doorstep pick-up of other frequently used items, such as clothing. This article describing Ridwell's entry into the Portland market also provides a good overview of the company.
Missed Last Month's Meeting?
Bainbridge Disposal owner Heather Church presented at our January meeting. We were encouraged by Heather's willingness to work with Zero Waste on education outreach. The minutes can be found here. If you'd like to hear her presentation, please go to this youtube link.
2021 Legislative Issues
Zero Waste Washington has outlined the state legislative proposals regarding reduction and reuse for this year's January-April session.
Top priorities include the following:

  • Increasing post-consumer recycled content in plastic beverage containers sold in the state
  • Banning some products made of Styrofoam, including peanuts, food service containers and certain coolers
  • Requiring intentional request of food service accessories, including utensils, straws and condiment packages
  • Promoting the right to repair digital electronic devices
  • Increasing the diversion of organic waste from the landfill

More details on these and other bills being supported can be found on ZWW's legislative update page.
Past Legislation: Where It Stands Now
The lag time between when a bill passes and when implementation takes place can sometimes be a couple of years.
In 2019, a paint stewardship bill passed that will offer drop-off sites closer than the household hazardous waste location near the Bremerton airport. A list of acceptable products is on the PaintCare website. April 1 is the expected start date.
The state plastic bag ban was set to go into effect on January 1, but because of supply chain -- not cleanliness -- issues, it has been postponed till June. The change for Bainbridge customers who buy paper bags is an increased fee from five to eight cents.
Last year's health code adjustment now means that next year you will officially be able to bring your own clean container or cup to fill up at restaurants and grocery stores. The implementation was delayed due to restaurant concerns about having to make changes during the pandemic.
$350 for Recycling Old Wood Stoves
In an effort to make our air cleaner to breathe, the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency is offering $350 for certain old, polluting stoves for a limited time. To find out if you qualify, go here.
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