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Thursday, March 12, 2020
Heartfelt Thanks

Once again, our Estate Sale and Thrifty Goose volunteers excelled themselves with an amazing two days this past weekend. The Estate Sale broke new records in profitability. We all recognize that this is a testament to the incredibly hardworking volunteers along with a keen set of retail assessment and valuation skills. The amount of work both in preparing and executing such a mammoth fundraiser is truly an achievement of magnitude and I want to thank everyone who worked on the Estate Sale and in the Thrifty Goose for your unstinting contribution to ensuring the success of our common life.
The Estate Sale is important in two ways. Of course, the wonderful financial benefits are very important for our overall budget. I am also reassured to see that a number of our volunteers are becoming more skilled in assessing value and pricing appropriately. Secondly, in a broad sense the Estate Sale is a wonderful evangelical opportunity; an invitation to members of the community to visit our campus and to experience our friendliness and openness towards the wider world beyond our own particular interests. I know that our friendliness and commitment really commend us as a community to anyone who attends the Estate Sale and shops in the Thrifty Goose. Thank you to those working in the Thrifty Goose. In addition to a regular Saturday, I noted they had the added pressures of increased customer flow generated from the ES, which again is great for the profit made, but also more demanding on volunteer energies.
As individuals, so as a community, our strengths and weaknesses are the two sides of the same coin. Our strength is that we have big ideas and real talent. Our weakness is that we have big ideas and limited numbers of volunteers to carry them out. It seems to me that we cannot keep ratcheting up our activity levels without risking burnout – a situation I am keen we avoid. As we move forward with future plans for all our activities but especially a future Estate Sale, I would like us to give considerable thought to our capacity to repeatedly and successfully pull off such a huge endeavor. Food for thought!

Lent 2020 & Social Justice.
Following the screening of Providence Lost , we committed ourselves as a community to write to the members of the General Assembly urging urgent reform to the eviction laws which currently unreasonably favor landlords and unjustly penalize tenants. Here is a link to more information about your State Reps. Visit the Lent and Social Justice section of Lent 2020 for links to background information and the letter writing template. Being mindful of Christian social conscience, using the template, I invite everyone to write to their State Representatives as members of the St Martin’s Community committed to advancing the cause of social justice in the fight against poverty and homelessness.
We are updating information on COVID-19 as it becomes available. Visit the St Martin’s homepage and check the links in the Service Times box.
COVID-19 and Sunday Worship
The phrase ' flatten the curve' is an appropriate response to the current anxieties around the novel Coronavirus. It means to take active steps to lessen the opportunities for infection spread. Presently we have no reported cases of infection but out of an abundance of caution, and after consultation, I have decided to:

  • Cancel Sunday Worship on March 15th & 22nd - after which we will review the situation.
  • Arrangements will be made to record Morning Prayer and Sermon on both Sundays through the website and Facebook.
  • Weekday Morning Prayer Tuesday - Thursday at 9 am will continue.
  • Tuesday evening Stations of the Cross are cancelled.
  • 7 am Wednesday Service will now include Stations of the Cross.
  • Small group ministry meetings may continue or not at the discretion of the group leadership.

The following events have been cancelled:

  • Lenten Adult Forum Series, March 15 & 21
  • Media Literacy Presentation, March 15
  • Women's Spirituality Group, March 15
  • Knitting Group cancelled until further notice
  • RI Civic Chorale & Orchestra, March 21
  • Easter Egg Decorating for kids, March 28 - see you next year!

Please watch for further announcements regarding event cancellations or postponements.
Events still Scheduled
Schola Cantorum of Boston
Saturday, March 14, 8 pm
Frederick Jodry, director
Gibbons: Anthems for Voices and Viols
Motets of Robert White and John Taverner
Viol consort music by Ferrabosco, Tallis and Byrd with the support of
the Viola da Gamba Society of New England. 
A Reception follows. Tickets at the door $25, cash or check
Families With Young Children Group
Friday, March 20, 6:30 pm
The next gathering of our group will be at the home of Rich & Gloria Turilli. We invite young families, including their children, to join us for a casual dinner and discussion. Please email Gloria to RSVP.
20's & 30's Group
Friday, March 27, 6:00 pm
If you are 20 or 30-ish and looking for a great group to hang out with, join us for dinner at Sammi and Ian's place! Please RSVP to Susan.
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