Volume 1 | November 2020
A Message From Our CEO

Transformational teaming requires a deep investment in people. Not all schools or organizations are willing to invest in their team through professional development, mentoring, and coaching. U Prep does! Each member of our leadership staff completes assessments, which allows us to learn each other’s styles and leverage our strengths. We share a common language that provides a guide to navigating through our vast differences and best utilize the strengths and gifts that each of our leaders brings. These assessments nurture self-awareness and are the first step in personal and professional development.

Our commitment to developing synergist teams reinforces our culture and is another defining difference at U Prep. Our annual Leadership Conference kicks off the new school year and serves as a reminder to everyone in the U of our academic vision and focus for the year. Our monthly Crew Zoom Meetings is where we gather as a whole to highlight the success of our Crew network-wide. Bi-weekly professional development days allow the Crew to sharpen their saw and return restored with new information, techniques, and energy to carry throughout each quarter. And our new Master Teachers Program provides U Prep teachers the opportunity to achieve mastery in their craft.

As the CEO of Detroit 90/90 and U Prep Schools, it’s a privilege to lead this incredible team that is highly committed to ensuring student success, strengthening school culture, and growing personally and professionally.

In community,

Danielle Jackson
Chief Executive Officer
Detroit 90/90 & U Prep Schools
Meet Camryne Adams
ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Camryne Adams was a member of the graduating class at University Prep Academy in 2018.

She currently attends Bennett College and plans on attending Nursing School Post graduation. Click below to learn more about Camryne.
Ms. Camryne Adams
Master Teachers Program
Making a Positive Impact
Jennifer Tiggs is currently the Humanities Instructional Coach at UPAD MS and is a certified transformational coach. She helped develop a new master teacher program.

This new program's goal is to develop master teachers who are culturally responsive, restorative, and possess a highly proficient conceptual understanding of content.

Click the link below to learn more about how this program is benefiting our teachers and students!
Ms. Jennifer Tiggs
UPA High School Welcomes
New Ford Law Career Academy
 With only 5% of lawyers in the U.S being black, we are setting out to help change that narrative and create future leaders.

We are proud to announce the upcoming launch of the Ford Law Career Academy! This immersive experience will help students gain experience in the field of law.

Read more about this exciting new pathway program to launch this fall.
Preparing Scholars For Leadership
Leadership is an important discipline that is honed over time. U Prep is preparing its scholars in grades K-12 to be future leaders through a variety of programs and activities.

Click below to hear from our School Directors about the work being done at our schools to introduce students to the principles of leadership and the opportunities to put them into practice.
What Leadership Means to U Prep Scholars
"Leadership is having the ability to motivate, inspire others, give guidance and be able to set a good example."

Our students understand the importance of becoming leaders in their community and having the ability to have a positive impact.

Click below to learn more about our students thoughts on leadership!
Mr. Mekhi Topey
Gratitude at the U!
The U Prep community is grateful for so much!
Even though we've had such a crazy year there is always a reason to be grateful! We've created a short video of the U Prep community telling us what they are grateful for.

Click the link below to watch!
Kindergartener at UPAD Elementary 
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U Prep Birthdays and Anniversaries
We have several birthdays and U Prep anniversaries in December! Click the links below to wish happy birthday or happy anniversary to our Crew members who are celebrating.
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