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Breeding Industry Survey?
Be Safe Out There
Offspring Reports for Amazing
Foundation Sires: Ahorn Z, Carthago
Iron Spring Farm Buys KWPN Stallion Lowlands
Dressage at Devon to Include Sales Horses
Wins by Otis Blue, son of Jaguar van Paemel
March Issue of World Breeding News
More Featured Stallions!
About Mare Stress During Foaling
Survey of Breeders

Breeding Industry in the Wake of COVID-19
I believe many breeders are wondering how the virus is affecting the breeding industry, and I have thought about undertaking a survey. How many of you would be interested in a survey to ask about breeding, and how breeding plans are changing due to the virus? If you are interested, reply to this email and tell me what you'd like the survey to ask.
Best Wishes from WarmbloodStallionsNA.com!

Our New Reality
You've heard everything about COVID-19, so I don't feel I have anything new to say. I just want to add my personal best wishes for you all keeping safe and healthy. Life-threatening challenges bring out the best and the worst in people. Save lives: choose to be your best self!
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Offspring of Amazing: 2020 Report
We have a great article about three offspring of Amazing, written by his owner, Ahna Phelps. It features Amuzing (shown), bred by Ahna herself and now a successful AA Hunter and Equitation horse; plus Amaze Me and Amplitude MFH, two more Amazing babies with super amateur temperaments.

Shown is Amuzing, by Amazing
Photo: Naimark Photography .

Foundation Fridays
Recent Foundation Sires Featured on WarmbloodStallionsNA.com
We've been posting Foundation Fridays on WarmbloodStallionsNA.com since 2018. Every other Friday we feature a foundation sire - one who has been influential in the development of warmblood breeds. We're pulling from the incredible archive of  The Horse Magazine , published by Chris Hector of Australia. Thank you, Chris, for permission to draw on your expertise!

In each of these articles, we introduce a Foundation Sire , and we also include links to stallions with his bloodlines who are on  WarmbloodStallionsNA.com .

Click on the following link to read about our most recent Foundation Sires:

Carthago (shown)

and a few of their stallion descendants in North America:

Iron Spring Farm Buys Exciting Young KWPN Stallion Lowlands
I ron Spring Farm is the proud new owner of the exciting Approved KWPN stallion Lowlands, Reserve Champion at the autumn KWPN Stallion Performance Test in Ermelo in 2019. The addition of Lowlands represents a long search for a young stallion with the right mix of athleticism, pedigree, temperament, and soundness for sport and breeding. At his testing, the KWPN praised the black stallion for his reliability, concentration under saddle and willingness to work .

Presentation of Sale Horses
Dressage at Devon to Include Sales Horses
Dressage at Devon already holds the largest open breed show in the world, drawing some of the finest warmblood and sport horse prospects from the US and Canada. Today, most of the competitors in the Breed Show are bred in North America, making it a wonderful showcase of homebred potential. 

Starting in 2020, DaD will facilitate finding buyers for some of that potential by holding a Presentation of Sale Horses .

Wins by Otis Blue, son of Jaguar van Paemel
Offspring Report for Jaguar van Paemel

The proof of any breeding stallion is in his offspring, and Jaguar van Paemel's son Otis Blue is doing his father proud this year. Otis Blue is a 2014 stallion by Jaguar van Paemel who has been competing in Florida, and in 2020 he was the Spy Coast Farm 6-Year-Old Developing Jumper Circuit Champion for the 2020 Winter Equestrian Festival.

Publication for Breeders
New Issue of World Breeding News
The March edition of World Breeding News for Sport Horses  has been posted. It’s a good edition, with broad coverage of breeds from Dutch to Trakehners, and breeders from Poland to New Zealand. Included is a special tribute to Canadian breeder Eve Mainwaring, 95 years old this year.

More Featured Stallions on WarmbloodStallionsNA.com!

Proven stallion with two licensed sons!

Florencio x De Niro

Click here to read more about Fabregas .
Royal Tourmalet

Licensed GOV & ISR/Oldenburg N.A.

Royal Prince x Armin

Read more about Royal Tourmalet - click here .
Rip Tide

The sire of high-performance horses with amateur-friendly minds!

Riverman x Solid Silver

New from Kentucky Equine Research
Stress and Foaling Mares: New Article
Foaling season has begun, and KER has an article about the importance of keeping stressors down for mares near foaling. The article, called "Stressors and Foaling Mares: What Do We Know?" is on the website of Kentucky Equine Research.

Read more here .
Anna Goebel
Warmblood Stallions of North America

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