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MAY, 2017
Keeping Good Records is Good Business
Maintaining good records is important to help meet your tax and legal obligations. The right record keeping system not only helps satisfy these obligations, but it may save you money and time. Here's what to consider for your record-keeping system.

Top New Digital Tools for Small Businesses
Technology has not just shrunk the tools we use, but it has allowed small businesses the power to operate like a big business. These tools can help small businesses get better organized, efficiently manage their finances, or support customer service and win new business.

Small Business Owners Need to Prepare for Retirement Differently
Most small business owners in the country feel optimistic about living comfortably in retirement, yet fewer than a third of them have an ownership transition plan for their business, according to a recent Gallup poll.
Retirement is different for a traditional employee of a major company as opposed to a small business owner. Both can typically retire with a 401k or simple IRA, but for business owners in northeast Florida the futureworth of their business can be a big factor in their ability to retire comfortably.
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