Grace Episcopal Church
Hopkinsville, Kentucky
News for January 23, 2014


Annual Parish Meeting


We hope all are planning to attend the Annual Parish Meeting (and dinner) this Sunday, January 26, at 6:00 pm in All Saints, preceded by the Celtic Eucharist at 5:00 pm in the church sanctuary.  Two main courses will be provided, and attendees are asked to bring various side dishes or salads or desserts.  If you don't have time to put something together, don't let that keep you from coming!  Grace Church has never served a meal without enough food!        

Television cart, anyone?


Our cart for the small television is on its last legs, and, rather than go out and buy another, we thought someone might have one that is not being used and only taking up space.  A microwave cart would probably serve the same purpose.  The smaller, the better.  Call the church office if you have one you would like to donate.  Thanks!  

Grace School Update


Our Board Chair, Tom Schmidt, is working diligently to improve the financial status of our Kindergarten and Pre-School--to bring in enough money to at least be able to cover the salaries of our wonderful teachers.  This is just a reminder that any money that comes in as thanksgiving offerings for birthdays automatically goes into the Kindergarten operating account.  So, please consider a gift the next time your birthday rolls around.         

Load "Em" Up!


Please use your Kroger cards to pay for all your purchases at Kroger--food, gas, pharmacy, gift cards, etc.  We are receiving regular payments from Kroger for the support of Grace Kindergarten and Pre-School, but the latest payment was disappointingly low--especially since it included spending at Kroger over the holidays.  If you have any questions about how this program works, please contact Tom Schmidt.  He will supply you with a card, as will Debbie Motes in the church office.  It's a painless way to support our school!         

ECW Meeting


Episcopal Church Women will meet on Sunday, February 2, at 11:30 am--either in the Gaither Room or All Saints Hall.  This group is open to all women of the church.  If you would like to know more about the functions of this group, come and sit in or talk with Lois White who is the current ECW Chair.           

Vestry Change Time


Many thanks to Eva Akpom, Malcolm Blane, Brenda Jones and Tom Schmidt who are rotating off the Vestry after three years of faithful service.  We will be electing four new Vestry members at the Annual Meeting on January 26.           

Upcoming Meeting Dates


Thursday, January 30--4:30 pm--Membership Group

Sunday, February 2--11:30 am--ECW           

Missions Group


For those who will not be at the Annual Parish Meeting on Sunday evening, we thought you might be interested in reading the report from that group. We have a lot going on! 



The Missions Group had an active year with a number of outreach activities which included:

Tutoring Program - Jim Coursey headed this program and developed all the planning and implementation.  Tutoring kicked off in September with four children initially participating in the program. 

5th Sunday Food Drive - We had three 5th Sunday food drives for the Aaron McNeil House donating over $750 of food supplies for needy families.

Military Welcome Home - Participated in welcome home for deployed soldiers returning from Afghanistan.  This will continue to be an ongoing outreach program.

Kenyan Kids Foundation - The church rose over $2500 to support an education mission in Kenya as identified by Jessica Shepherd.  Future needs will be under consideration for more support.

Western State Hospital - We have several members who actively go to WSH to provide comfort and entertainment to those in need.  A group most recently sang Christmas Carols and was well received by their patients.

Free Little Library - Constructed a small library as an outreach to the local community.  Books will be donated by church members and placement of the library to be in close proximity to cloister entrance.  Hope to be ready to go in February/March timeframe.

Salvation Army Bell Ringers - Several members of Grace participated in our first ever holiday bell ringing in front of JC Penney.  It was noted that at least 90% of those we encountered donated money and shared stories of how Salvation Army helped them in the past.  Very gratifying and will be an annual event for Grace.

Red House - Grace Church was approached to utilize the Red House for a clothing outreach ministry to help needy families.  This is an outgrowth of "Dress for Success" which helps provide work appropriate clothes for those seeking employment.  The program has been so successful it has outgrown its current location and the Red House provides the space to meet this need.  The enterprise will be known as "Grace's Closet".

Wedding Outreach - Upon consultation with the diocese, ideas are being explored to open Grace Church for weddings by non-members, the idea being it would provides a great opportunity to showcase our church for potential members seeking a place of worship and raise funds to support other church initiatives. 

Sanctuary, Inc. - Gave monthly support for a room through Rector's Discretionary Fund.

Respectfully submitted,

Tom Brewer



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